What’s in the Backpack?

Ever wonder what’s in someone’s bag? I don’t mean a woman’s purse, I mean that huge backpack the kid walking to class ten feet in front of you is lugging around. You would think that it’s full of books, spirals and other college-y things, right? Guess again—I mean that’s probably true for some people, freshman tend to fit in this category, but probably not for that second semester senior who’s had just about enough of heavy book lugging and upper back pain.

I took the liberty of asking some fellow kids on my campus to dig deep into the pockets of their bags to see what they found. Most students pretty much carried the same basic stash of college necessities: hand sanitizer, pens, paper, electronics…etc. But you’d be surprised what some were able to pull from the depths of their bags.

I wouldn’t exactly call this ‘research’—more like a nosy blogger comparing the trinkets in her bottomless black hole disguised as a sparkly Victoria Secret knapsack. Most people answered truthfully and were happy to open their bags so Nosy Kat could see what was inside—there was no sleuth-y snooping—I take privacy very seriously—so don’t worry, your backpacks are safe.

Some were a little dramatic, like the nerdy English majors I’ve recently been privileged to befriend. They’ve each decided on a code name, for several reasons but mostly because code names are cool (or so they tell me)—heads up, they all chose Disney characters.

“A bottle of fairy dust, a tincture for warts made from Eye of Newt, and a garter I made from that chick that looked at me funny yesterday,” Mulan mused as she rummaged through her pack dramatically, “oh and Belle’s mom, why do you ask?”

“Research,” I replied casually sipping coffee from a paper cup eyeing our friend Belle.

Belle hugged her grey, withered back pack protectively, “I told you I didn’t steal your coffee mug. It was Elsa!”

Elsa looks up at Belle incredulously, “I don’t even drink coffee!”

Belle looks away hiding a smirk and Elsa continues, still eyeing Belle out of the corner of her eye. “Because you asked so nicely, I will tell you what resides in my amazing Harry Potter shoulder bag. That’s right, Mulan, be jealous.”

All kidding aside, here’s what I found:

First Aid kit

Vitamins (Multi-vites and Hair Skin and Nails included)

Caffeine pills—because it’s finals week

Kurieg K-Cups—always be prepared

Chap Stick (Most people had those EOS eggs, myself included)

Lots and lots of colored pens

A can opener (LOL)

A blanket—I guess coats just aren’t cutting it any more


Socks (the guy swore they were clean)

Math majors are seriously attached to their expensive graphing calculators, so naturally I found quite a few of those.

Expo markers

An Edward figurine missing his left foot???

Star Wars stickers

American Flag Duct Tape

Foreign money left over from a travel study

A Chuckie Cheese token

A single twist tie

An audio adapter

A VERY specific piece of knotted rope

A stuffed tiger

Wireless gaming mouse

10ft IPhone charging cable (available on Amazon)

The Analytical Chemistry major had gas tight syringes

A shoe. Seriously, one left shoe… Not even going to ask.

Gummy Bears



Mary Kay Pamplet


A Bucky’s keychain

Food Coloring

I even came across someone who carried toilet paper in a plastic baggy, not sure why and I couldn’t bring myself to ask.

Pocket knives were also a common find; along with various charger cords and loose jewelry that person had been missing for at least a week.

At the end of the day, the Edward Cullen figureine and the random left shoe are tied for the weird backpack content award.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever kept in your backpack?

XOXOXO  WildeKat’s





Today, I am Thankful.

Hello my WildeKat’s!

The Holiday season has officially begun and you know what that means? Star Wars Christmas trees, exploding turkeys and lots and lots of cough drops! Oh boy!

No, seriously—my tree is Star Wars themed, my thanksgiving turkey exploded and I may or may not be nursing an upper respiratory infection. Don’t worry; I will NOT let any anything get in the way of my holiday cheer!

Thanksgiving passed us by last week and I thought I would take a moment to say what I’m thankful for.

Besides the obvious things, like a home, clothes and food, there are things—people—in my life that without, I would not be here. And I mean that very literally.

My family is the stereotype of a redneck family; devout back row Baptists who consider everyone they meet to be a part of the family. A part from this being a demeaning stereotype, we take this family business very literally. For example, a few boys came to our home town and befriended my cousin; they were attending the local community college for the sports. When the recession hit, they lost their jobs, were unable to reenroll in school and were living with a friend. Soon, the friend also lost his job and they lost the house, instead of helping them find another place, my family opened their doors to them and now they are something like little brothers to me. Though they haven’t been living with us long, they mow the lawn, fix our cars and help my mamaw with the heavy lifting. They get into their fair share of trouble (remind me to tell you of our Halloween adventure one day), but I am very thankful these boys came into not just my life, but my family’s. They are quite the hoot, if you get what I mean, and always keep the mood light.

Then there’s my three sisters, whom shall be known to you as J, K and M. Depending on the setting, you would think they were my children by the way I shuffle them around in a line and call them my ‘little ducklings’. But they are the highlight of my life, and the only reason I went to the college I did. I wanted to go to a big university in Colorado or Massachusetts, ANYWHERE but Texas. But M looked me in the eye and said, “No, Kat, you cannot leave us here with Mom! Who will take me to get pedicures? Who will punch boys in the face for me? Who will I call at three in the morning because I’m scared?” She was only seven when she told me this, so naturally I sort of lost it. Those big brown eyes staring at me, begging me to stay, who could say no to that? I certainly couldn’t. So here I am, living in an old apartment built in the seventies attending the only actual college in my neighborhood and let me tell you, it was the best decision I ever made. I love my campus, I love the friends I’ve made here, and I love my professors and how they know my name, even three semesters after I’ve taken their class. Because of M, I stayed close to home and if I hadn’t, I would have missed some pretty amusing events. Like the first time K punched someone in the face, oh, I was so proud! No, I don’t encourage it, but she used to get bullied and she had finally stood up for herself! J’s sweet sixteen party and M’s first set of ‘big girl’ nails. These three are spoiled rotten and it’s all my fault, but I’m not sorry one bit!

But family isn’t just blood, you see. I consider my best friend and her beautiful little family my family as well. She and I have been thick as blood since birth, so it’s kind of hard not to say she’s family. But my Dad has sort of adopted my roommate, and my Papa recently said he couldn’t give thanks on Thanksgiving unless she was there. My roommate, hereby known as L, is possibly the weirdest person I have ever met and it only makes me love her more. True, a lot of things she does drives me nuts and her boyfriend may possibly think she’s secretly a lesbian because of how we act around each other (I’m not by the way, and neither is she—not that there’s anything wrong with that of course), but I am truly thankful she shoved her way into my life.

I haven’t always been this happy of a person; in fact, I used to be the biggest bitch you’d ever met in your life. In high school I was depressed, had mild anger issues and a severe lack of self-esteem. Yes, I was a cheerleader, president of our FFA chapter, stage manager of OAP and held the record for most AR points in 2012; but I was teased, bullied and picked on for reasons still unknown to me. But none of that matters anymore; because of the people in my life, I finally learned what true happiness was like and what it meant to not only be loved, but to love. These are the things I am thankful for, the people I am thankful for. I’m also thankful for everyone who read’s this post, because I have hope for you! And, I love you! No matter who you are, where you are, or what you look like, I love you and I guarantee I’m not the only one.

I write this blog to share love, the power of self-respect, and hope. Not everyone has the support system I’ve been blessed with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be great. I’m pretty independent, despite how I was raised, I do most things on my own and I take great pride in that. But that is also my greatest fault—I don’t always ask for help when I need it.

So take a moment to count not just your blessings, but your accomplishments; the things that make you you and just think about the person you could be, or maybe it’s the person you used to be, the person you want to be again. Everything you’ve done up to this point had a purpose. That lady who smiled at you in the grocery store, the driver who flipped you off on the freeway, even the random person who moved into the apartment next door with a four year old and a cuckoo clock—they all had a purpose. Find it. Remember it. Be thankful for it. You are blessed, even if you don’t know it.

Until next time, WildeKat’s