Passing on the Love: Fashion and Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

Here lately a plethora of people have asked me why I always look so darn fantastic and what my secret is. I always get asked if I go out after class or have a reason to dress up and my answer is always the same. I shake my head, smile politely and answer, “No, I just figured I have all of these nice clothes, so I might as well wear them!” Any one who knows me knows I dress according to my mood, one day I’ll be dressed in all black and the next I’ll rock that 90’s grunge trend, you just never know!

The secret is-there is no secret! Everyone is beautiful in their own way, you just have to learn to flaunt it correctly, and with today internet every one has access to all the tools they need to create a whole new look, it just takes practice! So I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks in case that inner fashionista gets stuck. Most of these I learned from spending time in Las Vegas with super successful and gorgeous aunt. Some I had to figure out the hard way but there’s no reason you should have to do the same.

Okay, here we go:

  1. Always dress your best. You never know who you might run into.
  2. Be unpredictable! Don’t commit to one style, keep them guessing. It’s more memorable anyways.
  3. Wear sunscreen and drink lots of water. No one expects you to look perfect every day of the week. Taking care of your skin will help you look fabulous after all-nighters and rushed mornings.
  4. Cut back on the sodas, that’s probably why your so out of breath just climbing the stairs.
  5. Wear heels as much as you can, if you can. Heels shape your legs and strengthen your ankles. The right pair of heels can help a girl conquer the world.
  6. If you wear knee high socks and sit cross legged get over the knee socks to avoid that painful skin irritation.
  7. Never sleep in your makeup-ever. Seriously…just don’t do it.
  8. Don’t wash your hair everyday. The natural oils in your hair need to work their way to the roots. Shampooing too often can dry out your hair and make it unmanageable.
  9. Two words: Baby Powder. I mix it with my tinted mattifying powder, use it as dry shampoo and to keep things dry down there. Its fantastic stuff and has so many uses. If you don’t have any-get some.
  10. Stretch everyday! Muscles get tight just from sitting in class, stretching also helps relieve stress. Do it, it’s good for you.
  11. EXFOLIATE EVERYWHERE. Not too much, but just enough to remove the dead skin on the surface of your skin. Exfoliate before shaving/waxing to prevent shave bumps and ingrown hairs and use your tooth brush to exfoliate your lips to keep them soft.
  12. Don’t forget about your eyebrows, they define your face and deserve special attention at least once a week.
  13. If you cleanse, moisturize. Most cleansers have some sort of sulfate in them which can dry your skin out. Always replace the moisture with a good body/facial lotion after washing. It also helps prevent premature wrinkles. Baby soap and lotion are good/cheap alternatives for people with sensitive skin.
  14. You wear your clothes, they do not wear you. Same goes for your makeup. Experiment but don’t let one statement piece over power your over all look.
  15. Never wear a statement necklace with a statement bracelet or earrings. Choose one or the other.
  16. If you stack necklaces make sure they’re all in the same metallic hue (silver, gold, etc…)
  17. Don’t compete with other women. Life isn’t a competition and convincing yourself that other girl has longer legs than you or who has the flattest tummy drains your energy, dampens your mood and leaves you feeling ugly on the inside. You are perfect and never ever forget it. If you love you then everyone else will to!
  18. Curl those eyelashes baby! It helps to open up your eyes so that everyone can see your beautiful irises.
  19. Be aware of your posture, sit up straight and walk like you’re on a runway in New York.
  20. Smile and always be polite (I grew up in the south, this is VERY important if you want to be respectful).
  21. Always check the weather before you make any wardrobe decisions.
  22. Out of setting spray? Your shape wear riding up? Need your nail polish to dry faster? Hairy spray my friends, hairspray. It will keep both your hair and make up in place, keeps pantyhose from ripping more than they already have, keep shape wear from chaffing and riding up and can help dry nail polish. Hair spray is magic.
  23. Swipe translucent powder under your eyes in case your eyeliner or mascara runs so you can easily wipe away any smudges.
  24. Dryer sheets will get rid of static electricity when that day your hair decides to stand straight up rolls around.
  25. Cold spoons will help with under eye circles.
  26. Spritz a bit of sea salt spray in your hair on those rainy days. If your hair gets wet it will add some texture and give you a nice beachy look.
  27. Straighteners make awesome last minute irons for those pesky hem lines and collars that just wont stay flat.
  28. Your shoes can make or break an outfit. Whoever told you that no one will care what shoes you wear lied and should be hung for treason.
  29. Never ever dress up for boys! Dress up for you and only you. Wear things that make you feel confident and beautiful. If that’s Nike shorts and flip flops, wear Nike shorts and flip flops. You don’t need to strut in heels every day just because your boyfriend/significant other said he liked you in them.
  30. If your dying for a new look: hats, belts, jackets and vintage T-shirts are the easiest and cheapest way to add flare to your every day style without changing your look entirely.

These are, of course, just the tip of the ice burg and I most likely will add to them over time because I probably forgot something and I’m sure I’ll learn new tricks. So be sure and check back here for updates.

What are some of your beauty tricks? Anything you feel I should add to the list?
Go be beautiful WildeKats!



P.S. Go check out Olivia Somerlyn‘s youtube chanel! Her single OXO is my favorite song of the week!


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