Conversations at a Chineese Restaurant

L was craving Chinese food after her Mary Kay party today (She’s a consultant) and because I’m an awesome bestie I of course tagged along. After we eat, the two of us are just chatting about different accents in the states. L is from Michigan, I unfortunately have an East Texas accent still. The conversation went a little like this…

L: When I first came here I kept saying Brookshire’s (the last part as in shire like LOTR, people in the south tend to say it like Brook-sure’s)

Me: I honestly had no idea what you were talking about. I was like “What’s Brookshires? You want me to take you to the shire, get Frodo and take a trip to Mordor or something?”

L obviously starts laughing hysterically and replies, “Road Trip!”

Everyone else in the Chinese joint is just looking at these two white girls dying in a booth by the window over a nerdy reference while drinking hot Chinese Tea. It was quite comical if you ask me, but it may have been one of those ‘you just had to be there’ times.



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