I Survived Warped Tour ’15 !

I know this is WAY late, but I finally decided to write about my experience at Warped Tour ’15. The good thing about Warped Tour is there’s something for everyone. Most people assume its all rock bands, and I guess it sort of is, but this time Family Force Five was a part of this party, as well as Never Shout Never and This Wild Life, all who are not rock bands.

The Vans Warped Tour is the largest touring music festival in the United States, it started out in 1995 which also makes it the longest touring music festival in North America. It may have started out as a skate punk and third-wave tour but since 1995  it has grown into something so much more! So many bands and independent singers are apart of this festival now, and this festival means so much to so many people! This is how many bands like Black Veil Brides (my favorite band of all time!), Fall out Boy, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance and Bless the Fall made a name for them selves. Singers like Juliet Simms, Katy Perry and Will I Am also got their start on a Warped Tour. Also, many members of bands and people who perform give music lessons to people who come to the tour! There are signings, merch tents, workshops and other opportunities to meet any one who inspires you! Warped Tour attracts a wide variety of people of every shape, form, hair color, musical taste and age-this is what makes it so special.

My Warped experience started out pretty normal. L and I got our tickets months in advance, told everyone we knew we were going and even planned our outfits. We looked up pictures from past tours, survival guides, ways to get in the venue early and I even plotted our route to the venue.

When L and her BF (we shall call him A) arrived in Phoenix I was beyond excited!

We arrived at the venue over an hour before they open the gates, brought canned food for the canned food drive and plenty of snacks and water. We were drenched in a mixture of sweat and sunscreen before they even opened the gates, but this in no way impeded our ability to enjoy every second. I was on a mission to vlog the entire day, L, was giving out free hugs and A was so pumped to see This Wild Life I’m pretty sure he wet his pants a little. Of course the main band L and I wanted to see was BVB, but we watched Juiliet Simms, Set It Off, Memphis May Fire, Pierce The Veil and even Escape the Fate play that day!

The Monster truck gave out FREE drinks all day, there was plenty of food, merch and other things to do the three of us didn’t know what to do with our selves! Word of advice, if you plan on going to Warped ’16 (which I do) BRING PLENTY OF SPENDING MONEY! I can’t tell you how hard it was to budget for that Juliet t-shirt and poster, the Van’s hat and t-shirt and then FOOD. Also, pay attention to the Instagram accounts associated with booths that will be there, most of them give out free prizes to people with the ‘magic word of the day’ (Journeys). The only thing I didn’t like about Warped was the crowd surfing. I’ve been to PLENTY of rock concerts in my life, but never have I ever been so ticked off by the crowd surfing. I mean, who starts at the back and plans to be carried to the front? Not only is this HIGHLY dangerous, it’s SO RUDE! I can’t tell you how many times L, A, and I got kicked in the head because we couldn’t see the retard surfing towards the stage. You’re not gonna make it to the stage, so why even try? Your supposed to start from the front and work your way to the back.

Warped Tour is not for the feint hearted, there is a LOT of cussing, screaming and people wandering around in very questionable outfits. When it gets closer to Warped ’16 I will post a survival guide with everything you need to know about getting through the day! L and I plan on going to Chicago this year! But if all else fails there will be one in Dallas that we can teeter on over to if need be.

Despite the unbearable temperature of the Arizona desert and the awful crowd surfing, the tour was just amazing. I fell in love with bands I had never even heard of, met some of the most amazing people ever, got to see my favorite band play on their favorite tour and share a great memory with one of my best friends! When everyone was finally kicked out we made our way to Chili’s for some much needed iced beverages and non-festival food before heading back to my villa for the night, but our adventure was far from over. Next it was off to L.A. to see what kind of trouble we could get ourselves into.

All in all, the sunburns, hearing loss and temporary dehydration was worth it! I cannot wait till Warped ’16. They should be announcing the line up soon. If your interested in going, here’s a link to the Warped Tour official site.


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