30 Days till Graduation 

So I’ve decided to do a count down of sorts till my graduation date. It’s no secret that I’m a senior in college and I know I should have started this blog BEFORE senioritis hit me like a freight train but…procrastination is my middle name. 

Any who–graduation is a BIG deal, or so I’ve been told. When you start college, Graduation is the only thing that motivates you to keep hanging on to whatever GPA you worked so hard to achieve. That diploma is the ONLY reason for living, am I right? But what happens after graduation? 

We all have future plans: grad school, a kick ass job, start a cute little family to make all your friends drown in jealously over your seemingly perfect life.  But, just for funzies, let’s be realistic for a moment shall we? 

Grad school is a BIG decision and an even BIGGER commitment. I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted. The thought of going to school for another year and a half makes me wanna crawl under my fluffy duvet and sleep for a year. But again–you want that diploma. You need that masters. YOU MUST SUCCEED! But how are you going to pay for it? Oh gosh, I don’t even wanna think about that right now. 

Then there’s the question of a job. I have one, but I don’t wanna keep it. I want a better job. Better pay, better work hours, better everything. Sad thing is, I don’t have a resume, I can’t find a listing I like near where I live and I refuse to move out of the apartment I currently have. 

To tell the truth, most college seniors live in denial for the last semester of their undergrad experience. Clinging to their dorm life by the skin of their teeth. And I am proudly one of them. 

I’ve bought my cap and gown, approved my name on the Commencement program, sent out invitations, taken pictures and even made the decision of where I will be getting my masters. The second I peeked out of my bubble of denial and realized just how close the future was, I became very emotional and dove so deep into my bubble I’m not even sure which way is up anymore. And I’m not alone, several of my friends have spent the last two weeks binge playing Dragon Age and watching thunder cats on Amazon Prime, neglecting every paper and exam because they just can’t deal. If you even mention graduation they plug their ears and begin to hum frantically like a lunatic or become overly emotional and break down in the middle of the quad. As excited as we are to leave, it’s a touchy subject because in reality we don’t want to adult for the rest of our lives. 

It’s a depressing thought. 

Also most of us have a GPA that hinges on that research paper and math exam we’ve been conveniently forgetting about. Not to mention the honor projects, presentations, organization events and anything else we’ve taken on in attempt to make the most out of what’s left of our college experience. 

So here I am thirty days till graduation and I’m in complete denial. Where will I be in a week? Who knows. I’ll keep you updated. 

As always, 





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