29 Days till Graduation 

So, my dad called and managed to coax me out of my dark cave of denial. We discussed his theories about The Force Awakens and he tried to talk me into going to my mamaws for the day and eat real food. Peanut butter is real food Dad! It obviously didn’t work because I am his child and I’m extremely stubborn, but he did convince me to brew a cup of Pikes Place. I was already up so I decided to conquer the day.

Bad idea.

I turn on Spotify, Escape the Fate asks “Are you ready?”

“Let’s do this,” I say.

I did two loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, sorted through the bills, took out the trash made tea and even showered. Okay I took a two hour bath and watched Supernatural on my iPad. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?

Any who, in the short time I emerged from the cave that is my bedroom (I’ve got eclipse curtains and a snack drawer), I noticed something very odd. I HAVE NEW BLINDS. What!? When did this happen? And instead of being thankful that my super noticed my blinds hanging on for dear life by two pony tail holders, I have a panic attack because my super saw the pig sty my apartment has turned into.

We’re talking week old dishes in the sink, pizza boxes on the stove, laundry on the couch, coffee cups EVERYWHERE, and a random empty tampon box on the floor. Sure, I’m sure he’s seen worse, but I AM A CLEAN PERSON I SWEAR! The only thing I can think about now is: what does my super think of me now?

This in short is a pretty irrational thing to obsess over but here I am blogging frantically while I wait for my noodles to cook and Dragon Age to download on my PC.

And Dragon Age is ready to play. Bye WileKats… I’m off to hibernate in my cave of sweet, sweet denial. And no, I will not be finishing that math assignment or starting my research paper. YOU CANNOT MAKE ME! Alistair needs me.


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