24 Days to Graduation

It’s barely 11a.m. and let me just sum up the day so far.

Alarm goes off, I coax myself out of bed. Arrive to class late, get out of class early, have a nice chat with my Juvenile Delinquency professor then decide to skip my 11a.m. because I’m job searching. Alright! I was convinced by my friends to skip because they’re skipping and we’re skip buddies. We’re hiding in their dorm drinking tea and listening to Adventure music on YouTube.

I’m currently contemplating freelance writing gigs because lets face it… I’m not good at much else. I mean-I am-but the idea of writing from home is a very comforting idea because of the #spoonielife. It’s a miracle I make it to class each day, and a job I don’t have to leave home for while I’m getting my Master’s degree sounds kind of amazing right now. I don’t have much professional writing experience, but I get excellent grades on all essays, lit reviews, and papers I submit.. does that count!? I don’t bean to boast about my grades but I’ve been told recently by three professors I have a wonderful writing style and I’m the only person in my Criminology  class that got a A+ on a persuasive paper I spent three days working on.

Its getting to the point where I am just scouring the internet desperately searching for any job that doesn’t require physical labor. As much as I love to throw 40lb bags of dog food around like a shirtless country boy hauling hay, it’s not really working for me anymore because…well…you know.

Are there any freelance writers out there with any advice? Is this something I could, or rather should consider? Any tips? I’m not looking to replace my day job, of course because that would be just down right silly, but I am considering it. I have written a novel that is currently being edited so I can start the query process for a Literary Agent for publishing, but even then I still might not get any bites. I’m just looking for a realistic way to get out into the writing community because I love to write.

I suppose I should post some of the things I’ve written for class… get myself out there. There’s so much I should do, but what full time college student/part time tutor-customer service associate has the time?

Let’s just get through graduation first, hmm? Yes, I think that’s a grand idea. I’ve got Ancient Lit in soon anyways-and a research paper I should get back to.

Until next time WildeKats,




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