The Traumatizing Disappearing Act of my Research Paper

Remember that 15 page research paper I kept procrastinating on? Well, I started it, almost finished it then I lost it. I have no idea where it went, one minute my computer was on and running fine, the next it wasn’t. My computer is set to auto save every three minutes, so I wasn’t too worried about my laptop’s sudden crash at the time. But when I boot the damned thing back up, my research paper is no where to be found.

My dad is somewhat of a computer genius and I’m not too far behind him when it comes to programming and computer code, so I know my way around a few things. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find my paper! I tried every back door, secret hidden file release and code I could think of to recover that document, but nope.

Funny thing is, it wasn’t just my research paper that went missing. Anything I saved to my C drive within the last three days is just GONE. My Dracula paper, my ropes course assignment worksheet, my Dragon Age save files, all of it… gone.

All of that happened at 9am this morning.

And instead of emailing the professor like any normal college student would do, I run to his office and have a melt down. I love writing papers, especially when I’m writing a kick ass research paper on Athenian Law in relation to the Oresteia and have all these bad ass sources such as Aristotle and Speeches from early court trials from the Council of Arepogus.  I needed him to know that this wasn’t me looking for an extension. I needed him to see the exhausted look of misery in my eyes.  All the English professors were around at the time, most importantly my favorite professor (We’ll call him Dr. Jones because he LOVES Indiana Jones), to witness my mental break down-but I didn’t care. He had to know this was really happening and it wasn’t my fault.

So, there I am wailing in my Ancient Lit professors office because my computer dumped my C drive or something and my paper is just gone. It’s due TODAY at 5 and because I had other things to do like class and work was no way in hell I could recreate that paper by the time it was due. If I had all day to sit and work on it, sure, I could spit out a half assed paper still worthy of a B. And because my professor had a heart (we call him the grammar Nazi, so this is sort of shocking) he gives me all the time I need to finish it because I basically have to start from scratch. This could also be because Dr. Jones looked just as upset as I was about this whole ordeal and Elsa was there giving him this look that said “Have mercy on her soul!” And because I’m a suck up/teachers pet/good student/ and insufferable know it all at times, I told him he would have the paper by the end of the day Tuesday.

Any who, whilst I’m sobbing, Dr. Jones, the grammar Nazi and my wonderful friend Elsa are stuffing me full of peanut butter cookies. Then my good friend whom we shall call Eskimo gave me a much needed bear hug after my research paper’s disappearing act.

So I guess today wasn’t terrible. I mean, I did my taxes, had this ceremony thing where I had to wear a dress and stand in the Texas heat for an hour and I finally got that Mommy hug I’ve been desperately needing for two weeks. And I had a ton of cookies… a TON of cookies. Seriously… I haven’t slept in like three days and in those three days I haven’t had anything but coffee, peanut butter, cereal and cookies. You should have seen me in the library last night  surrounded by huge tomes filled with Athenian Laws and Modern Judiciary practices. Just imagine a small, over caffeinated nerd in a plaid shirt running from white board to white board making time lines and organizing ideas. It got to the point where Eskimo had to sit me down and threaten to break into my apartment and overdose me on Benadryl if I didn’t sleep for at least five hours.

Welcome to college life. You think it’s bad now? Wait till finals week.

Only 21 days left… 21 DAYS. I can make it. I hope.

Wish me luck!




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