Procrastination and Exploding Kitchen Appliances

Alright-I made it through the weekend. But because of the trauma from Friday I decided not to even look at my calendar or do any homework till today. BAD IDEA. Although I feel very much refreshed (as refreshed as a spoonie can ever feel) from a weekend of romancing Alistair and killing darkspawn, I should have at least looked at my to do list, because preparing yourself for the imminent doom of irresponsible procrastination stress is a tad better than unprepared spontaneous and well deserved procrastination stress.  A math assignment due today at 10am, two essays, two tests, an outline and four chapters of the Confessions of St. Augustine to read before Wednesday and also that stupid research paper I have to start over on.

To make matters worse the garbage disposal exploded and is now leaking through the motor. Who knows how that happened.

“I have never seen water leak through the motor before,” says my super.

I laugh because at this point there’s nothing that could happen that would surprise me. “Really? Well I guess there’s a first time for everything. There is no telling what happened to it, I have three younger sisters whom sometimes clean the kitchen for me.”Enough said.

For all we know the girls could have let a plastic spoon get ground up and then stuffed it with macaroni and cheese. You should have been here the day the cereal bowl “magically” exploded. I’m STILL picking cocoa pebbles off the walls. Or it could have been something I did… or L… or even my 46 year old father who has a habit of melting plastic on the electric gridle. There is just no telling…

I’m most likely going to be late to work, but Eskimo is covering for me because he is literally ‘the Grace of God’ at this point. Seriously, I just don’t know how I will survive post undergrad life without his amazing bear hugs.

We’re putting in a new unit and I should be off to work soon so I can beat myself up about my procrastination over the weekend where there’s plenty of people to witness my potential manic episode. But I will hold it together… 18 days and counting. Though to be honest I don’t even know what I’m counting down too. Because like I said on day 30, I have no idea what I’m doing with my life.

oxoxoxo WildeKats!

Kat :-*


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