Mini Panic Attacks and High School Angst

Who else HATED their high school experience? I know you’re out there so don’t even try to lie.

But maybe you loved high school. Maybe you were one of those people who thrived in high school. Well good for you, I didn’t. Those were the WORST years of my life mostly because high school me was the WORST version of me to ever exist. I’m much happier now surrounded by college kids who are just as stressed, depressed, broke and nerdy as I am.

Why is any of that relevant you ask? Well because I went to the type of high school your whole family goes to, so naturally I still have cousins who still attend this awful small town high school. One of my cousins, I call her Red Herring because she’s a gorgeous red head and stands out among all my other family members (she’s probably my favorite cousin if I had to pick, but they say it’s not nice to play favorites), had a track meet today. I’ve been telling her I was going to come see her run, and I’m glad today was the day. She ran her best time all year today and though she didn’t advance to regionals she is still a winner in my book!

I had a mini panic attack just trying to find somewhere to park. I only escaped this hell hole four years ago in May, so I know quite a few of the teachers and coaches, not to mention the families of kids whom tortured me (I may have been unnecessarily mean to some freshman my senior year as well) that still have kids in school. Even though I’ve changed A LOT, someone was bound to recognize me and I’d have to pretend to be happy to see them because in a small town, one rude gesture will turn into a disrespectful remark by the time it gets back to my grandpa’s ears.

Luckily only one person recognized me and I managed to steer clear of any one with whom a potential altercation might occur. I’m definitely a lot more outspoken since I graduated, I’ve spent too much time around my aunties in the city to let some country bumpkin tell me how I would live my life so me being a little standoffish was probably a good thing. The last thing I needed was for the po-po to get called; that is one phone call from my Dad I’d rather not have(he was a cop in my hometown for nearly ten years, which is the only reason I got out of trouble so often).

I sure hope I’m in some sort of happy relationship by the time my ten year reunion comes around. I know this is bad, but ever since my high school graduation I’ve fantasized about coming back home with a published novel, a fantastic career in a different state with a badge and a gun to prove it. I’ve also added a hubby or a boyfriend to the list because after today there is no way I’m going back alone, but I’m not trying to rush into anything. One thing that always set me apart from every other person I grew up with is that my education/career came first. I wanted out and getting knocked up and married at age 19 wasn’t gonna get me the hell out of Dodge.

And now that my rant is over you can get back to your dinner( I’m having a grilled cheese, and yes, I will most likely regret it later #spoonielife).

We’ve got 17 days till graduation! Almost there…




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