10 Days Till Graduation 

So, I had plans to write this inspiring post about working hard and perservering but today has been absolutely awful. Not only is graduation slapping me in the face the stress is eating me alive. Also, my phone broke today and I had to pay $140 just to fix it. 

I received a 100 on a math test and learned that no matter what I make on the test today and on the final I will have a B. Math is something I’ve always struggled with so I was so extremely pumped and ready to preach about how if you work hard enough you can achieve anything!


I’m hiding in my bathtub with my blankie, IPad and a tub of strawberries. No shame. 

I’m not in denial anymore… I’m graduating… can we just get it over with already!?

I have now passed into a vast wasteland of anger and depression in which the only solution is to hide in my bathroom. 

I will have to emerge eventually to go pick up my phone from the repair shop, but I can get pizza on the way home.

I’ll be sure to keep you apprised of any further developments should they arise… But I doubt it. 


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