4 Days Till Graduation

I know, I know, I’ve been super quiet. But in my defense I was finishing that research paper I procrastinated, lost then procrastinated re-doing. I started re-playing KOTOR as a sith because I’m THAT stressed out.

It’s my last finals week. My last one. Ever. As an Undergrad.

You would think that this would make me happy–but no. I’m actually VERY emotional about the whole thing, on top of having to study for final exams. And it’s not just me, most of my friends have daily crying episodes because we just keep coming back to the realization that we’re all moving on.

We’re only two days in to the week that every college student dreads and I’ve barely slept, drank and entire six pack of red bull, gone through two pints of Blue bell, had two mental breakdowns and been kicked out of the library three times.

I’ve even started having nightmares about EVERYTHING. Seriously… failing my math final to missing graduation. I even had the nightmare where I was walking across stage in my birthday suit. It’s awful.. the stress is eating me alive… still… but I’ve only got four more days to go. I CAN MAKE IT!

I’ll be posting a post on how to cope with finals week (not Kat style because my coping methods ARE not healthy) for all you future college students out there. Last semester I touched on the whole back pack mystery… but have you ever wondered just how exactly we make it through the week?

Till next time! OXOXO



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