Post Graduation 

I did it. I survived my last finals week, kept my family from killing each other and managed not to trip when I walked across the stage. Yay me!

Now that I’m officially a college graduate, I realize how stressed out I was about the stress I was inevitably going to face post graduation. To be honest… I’m so over it. At this point I’m four days from England and everything else in my future is irrelevant until I come back from my ‘vacation.’ The last three days I’ve spent catching up on the sleep I’ve been deprived of-and playing Dragon Age. (I’m battling the arch demon! 😱)

I’m going to England and Ireland with a class-a journalism class-so it should be fun. I love to write and every day we have to post a story on the campus newspaper website. I will be taking that opportunity to post the stories here on my blog as well! I’ll do my best to document the trip, wifi will be scarce so the posts may not post everyday but I can’t not document the fun things we’ll be doing! Phantom of the Opera, Harry Potter Landmark Tour, Blarney Castle in Ireland and possibly Paris.

Of course a trip to Europe wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Bath in honor of my favorite 19th century romantic author, Jane Austen. Read Northanger Abbey if you haven’t already, it’s fantastic.

So stay tuned for al the fun things involved with traveling abroad. My next post will be the struggle of packing, which I haven’t started doing yet. LOL, remember when I talked about procrastination? Yeah, it’s my middle name.

Get excited WildKats, Kat is taking on the world! 😘


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