How NOT to Pack for Trips Abroad

Wanna know how Kat packs for Europe?  Well… first thing you should know is Kat doesn’t pack per se… she just tosses everything she thinks she will need on her bed then tries to see how many outfits she can make out of the pile. Once Kat has successfully created a certain number of outfits she then stuffs them in her giant Italian suitcase and prays it’s less than fifty pounds.

Alright, I’m going to stop talking about myself in third person, I promise.

But seriously, I don’t think I am qualified to offer packing advice because even when I visit friends here in the states, I just throw whatever I think I’ll need into an overnight bag and hop in my car, I can buy whatever else I need when I get there. This is also why I have accumulated so many….things.

I’ve been out of the country before and the whole time I was kicking myself for bringing so much stuff because carrying those two suitcases up four flights of stairs in Palermo was MURDER. But I was also glad I over packed because the weather was so unpredictable and I wasn’t exactly sure what the dress code was for certain events.

I promised to update everyone on my packing progress but lets face it… if this post teaches you anything… DON’T TAKE KAT’S PACKING ADVICE. I’m a huge pack rat and I know it, but I also refuse to change because I am a girl and I need STUFF! So yes, taking two pairs of boots, Vans, Converse, flats and Toms to Britain is necessary. So is the silk robe, fluffy towel, bikini and cocktail dress. You just never know and my dad always said to be prepared for anything. Well, I’m prepared for a nice dinner, any poolside activities, rainy weather, warmish weather and a possible encounter with a certain British spy. (Let’s put those leather jackets to use my friends!)

I will not complain about having to carry the suitcase up stairs should I encounter any. I am a marine’s daughter, I will survive! I’ve developed many muscles from hauling dog food, horse and lamb feed, and carrying shopping bags through Fashion Square. Being a girl can be fun, no?

But I will take a moment to complain about how my custom carry on is broken and I am now forced to take a bag instead of a rolly suitcase on to the plane. *spoiled sobs*

Okay, okay, I’m done complaining. 

Talk to you soon WildeKats! 

Take off is in T-53 hours! 


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