Jet Lag, Blarney and Radio shows

Hellllooooooo from Ireland! 

We landed in Dublin on Monday and immediately after deboarding the plane were taken on a walking tour of Dublin. Ten jet lagged, starving and grumpy American young adults aren’t the most pleasant group to take on a walking tour of Dublin but we survived!! We started at Trinity College and ended at the Dublin Castle before we hopped on the coach that took us to the hotel in GreyStones. I have taken the liberty of giving nicknames to everyone accompanying me on this trip, as per usual. 

Ireland is beautiful. The journey to Blarney castle was the most unpleasant trip I’ve ever been on but the scenery made it somewhat enjoyable. Not to mention Blarney it’s self was just fascinating. And yes, I did kiss the Blarney Stone and no I didn’t slip on the stairs. The motor coach to Blarney was just awful tho, we left early in the morning and spent four hours getting there because…traffic…, the seats were uncomfortable and we weren’t even allowed to eat or drink. Mullet Man kept making animal noises and remained quite upbeat about the ride, so it wasn’t a completely horrible drive but I guess we’re just so American we get grumpy when things don’t go our way. 

It’s a lot colder than I had anticipated but I came prepared. The wind is what gets to you so if your planning on visiting Ireland bring a beanie or something to keep your ears warm-especially if your staying by the sea. The coffee and tea is just amazing and there’s this cute little Vegitarian restaurant called the Happy Pear that is a MUST. A few of the students jumped off the pier into the ocean because the hostess at our hotel said that it was the only way to get the full GreyStones experience. I stayed happily dry up on the rocks, I refuse to risk pneumonia. 

This morning I was interviewed by a radio station about my college experience and spent the day exploring the town. I even bought rich tea biscuits and a mug from Blarney Castle so I could sit by the window and feel… Well…British. I’ve yet to meet a rude person, save the security personnel at DFW, and the food is amazing. We’ve only just begun our adventure here in Ireland and have a completely free day tomorrow-SHOPPING!-and with only two days left in this beautiful country it’s going to be a bittersweet goodbye. 

In case I don’t get to blog again, the wifi here is pretty spotty, it’s off to England next. And I will be posting pictures as soon as I can. 

I love you all! 




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