Morning Tea and Croissants 

Hello WildeKats!!

I’m so sad I havent been able to blog or write as much as I wanted to. I finally found this adorable cafe with strong free wifi while I wait on some of my friends to climb St. Pauls Cathedral. The spoonie in me said that was a horrible idea so here I sit with free wifi and morning Tea. 

I just absalutly love London. Any one who knows me knows my heart belongs in the city and it was meant for the U.K. I had a full conversation with this fellow on the underground and he said that he would have never known that I was from the states. I have this uncanny ability to mimick the accents of those around me and I’ve watched enough Doctor Who to sound like a true Brit! That five minute convo convinced me that I need to stay here forever. 

Most of the people I’ve met have been absalutley wonderful, especially the police. I have yet to meet a London Bobbie who wasn’t more than happy to help with directions, give information, or reveal their favorite pub. 

As hard as I have tried to integrate myelf into the London society, I broke down and did all the touristy things as well. The London Eye, the Tower of London, Oxford Street, the British Museum, a Harry Potter Tour including a stop at Platform 9 3/4, Borou Market, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, the Shard… I did it all. LOL.  I also saw Phantom of the Opera Live…It was FANTASTIC in case you were wondering. I also went to the supermarket and bought a crap ton of biscuts to take home. hehe

All in all I’ve had a blast. I absalutley love London. I’ll be back in the states on Monday but dont worry London, I’ll be back!


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