Sunday Afternoon in Hyde Park 

Today I spent the majority of the day in the park. I started at speakers corner to listen to some classmates give speeches then wandered over to the grassy area to enjoy the sunshine. 

Writers block hit me hard just before I left the states so instead of enjoying the London air I’ve been doing touristy things trying to take my mind off of all the catching up I’ll have to do when I get home. 

But sitting in the park was just amazing. I watched a family play freeze tag, a group of friends play football and I even whitnessed an engagement. I guess the wind blew away whatever thoughts had been taking over my mind because all of a sudden I was overcome with this sense of joy and peace. I finally knew how I was going to finish my novel and I also had some random inspiration for a collective work I’ve been working on with some friends. 

It’s my last day here, and I just wanted to enjoy it. I’m glad I took the time to sit and bask in the sun while it was out. There’s just something about listening to good music in the park with a cup of tea that makes life feel great. I’m awfully sad I’m going home tomorrow. But fear not London, I shall return! 

I do feel awful though, I’ve been getting so wrapped up in whatever else I’ve been doing I haven’t been contacting home. I got a nasty message from my father last night. I don’t think he realizes that I’m exactly like him. He gets so busy, driving from state to state I often have to send him a short text just to make sure he’s alive. I’m extremely independent and already feel like I belong here, so I just sort of forgot I wasn’t at home. I’m not the type to get homesick–I like being out on my own. So I do apologize for not communicating well, even with all of you. I use the lack of wifi as an excuse but I have found myself just sitting in the hotel lobby at night drinking peppermint tea just watching out the window when I could have been writing or phoning home. 


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