Midnight Tea Induced Rambling

Alright… so remember all of those promises I made about being a better blogger? Well take all of those and flush them down the toilet. Seriously… because I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those daily bloggers who blows up your inbox with all of their adorable, humorous, helpful posts (like Sincerely Reine).

Nope. As much as I would like to be able to sit and write everyday–I just can’t. I mean, I could… but my posts would be horribly boring and mostly filled with lots of video game talk because lately that’s ALL I’ve managed to do. Seriously… since graduation and my return from the British Isles I’ve replayed DA:O, DA: Inquisition, KOTOR I and II and I’m currently playing DA:II with every intention of playing the Mass Effect Trilogy BEFORE Andromeda comes out. I have this ridiculous addiction to BIOWARE and I really hope someone from their team reads this because they deserve ALL the muffin baskets. I’m not sure what they feed their writers and programmers at that place but damn can they make video games. I’m currently Queen of Thedas, married to Cullen Rutherford, and rivalmancing a broody lyrium tattooed elf. I seriously need to write a post about my BIOWARE heartbreaks too… Blackwall…Isabelle…Carth…Bastilla…FUCKING SOLAS…

Enough about video games, you all want to hear something interesting don’t you? Well too bad because the only interesting thing that’s happened to me is the fact I FINALLY received my working bluetooth  Original Series replica Star Trek communicator in the mail. At least my cosplay costume is complete! All I need now is a phase pistol and I’ll have that Star Trek Cosplay contest in the BAG! Yup. I am a nerd.

Just wanted to see who was all up at this hour trolling through WordPress. Obviously I am–I’m drinking peppermint tea and researching freelancing gigs. Still not sure if I should give that whole bid a go. I love to write; it would be nice to get paid for it, no? But fear not; I have several posts coming. I’ve decided to post some of my creative writing pieces as well as reviews of some new albums, books, games and the communicator. I may also post a snippet or two of my up coming novel 😉

See ya later WildeKats!




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