Adults Have Nightmares Too Right?

Here lately I have been hard at work. I won’t lie, I have two day jobs on top of being a terrible blogger and an aspiring author. Sadly, my two day jobs often take precedence as they are highly demanding and utterly stressful. Often when I get home at night I can’t do much more than sit in my tub and binge watch Netflix. It’s even hard to play video games now-a-days because I get too involved and stressed out while playing. Especially when I loose three beloved crew mates in one single quest (Mass Effect 2–BIOWARE I am on to you!).

When I was little I would have these nightmares where I would sleep walk and ‘search’ for my parents. I always had the same dream, it was so intense that now–20 years later–I can remember it like I had it last night. The world had been taken over by dinosaurs and I was lost, searching for my parents and running from dinosaurs.

Now, due to stress I suppose, I’m having nightmares again. They’re getting so bad my dad(who recently moved in with me)  has to wake me up like he used to when I was five. It’s quite ironic actually, usually I’m the one waking him up in the middle of the night. He sometimes has these PTSD nightmares or vivid dreams about a case he worked.

Luckily for me, my old roommate is a psych major with a concentration in dream stuff (there’s an official name but it has escaped me, mostly because I don’t really care). She finds it highly entertaining to hear about my dreams, they’re usually very imaginative and bizarre to say the least. Most of my writing is inspired by a dream I had at some point or another. My recent dreams however have been very frightening and she was kind enough to interpret them for me.

Mostly I dream of loosing one or both of my jobs, or that an agent tears up my manuscript and calls me names (childish I know). But I’ve had several about my mother dying or someone else I love–but never my dad. I’ve also had terrifying apocalyptic dreams that I shall not even begin to describe. I’m not scared of much but waking up alone in my dark cave alone is awful. I’m an adult, I shouldn’t be scared of a dream, right? WRONG, I’m terrified. Even broke out my old sleeping companion Simba seeing as my usual cuddle buddies went back to their native countries (I miss you Mulan!) or back to school. But who knows, maybe one of these dreams will inspire a whole new horror series. But for now I’ll stick to Discovering Sam 😉

What’s your most common nightmare? Ever use one to inspire a frightening piece?

Till next time,




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