I’ve Lost my Niche: A Quarter Life Crisis

Yesterday was Monday. For many people, yesterday was their first day of class for the semester. It was not my first day of class. As happy as I was to graduate, it feels almost wrong not to be starting school. I’ve been hovering over that fine line of adulthood and adolescence for a long time now, refusing to adult unless absolutely necessary. I’m good at certain adult-y things, but not all of them.

You remember me telling you about the stress nightmares? Apparently dreaming your mother died is symbolic for feeling you’ve lost the ability to make good life choices. Considering I don’t have a job in my degree field, my novel is still unpublished, I hate the new job I just took and I spent the majority of the ‘summer’ playing video games instead of editing said novel and looking for a better job–I’d say that prediction is well on point.

On another note, now that my college career is over (pending graduate school acceptances) another important question presents it’s self. *cue ominous music* WHAT WILL I BLOG ABOUT?

I know my blogging is sparse at best, but I’ve always used my classes, interactions, activities and travel opportunities to fuel what few posts I’ve actually posted (I tend to write many potential blog posts then never post them because I hate them). Now that that part of my life is over I find myself at a loss. I could always write reviews, I love to watch movies but I’m no critic. I could write about music but I only know about the artists I like. You all know I play video games so threes the potential for fan fics, reviews and even update posts but that could get old. I suck at poetry, I’m a decent creative writer but lack inspiration more often than I care to admit.

I have lost my niche, WildeKats!

My life can be very comical at times (I crack myself up all the time) as I am extremely clumsy, my friends are nuts, and I’m a magnet for adventure. I’m horrible at adulting too–I screw up everything. I don’t even make coffee right (or so says my coffee addict of a father). So, I guess this is me apologizing in advance about future posts about how bad at adulting I am. Maybe they’ll be ridiculously funny, maybe they will be so lame wordpress has to kick me off their site. If there’s anything video gaming has taught me, it’s that anything is possible.

Oh and in case your wondering, a quarter life crisis is a real thing. Look it up. Don’t believe me? Enjoy the following coming about a Dalek going through a Quarter life crisis.

What sort of topics do you enjoy surfing blogs about?

TTYL WildeKats,




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