Legion of Keepers: Part 1

Inspired by The Daily Post’s one word prompt of the day.

“Eclipse?” Anna asked her friend who was reading the newspaper aloud to her from across the table. “Is that tonight?”

Dan nodded slightly and continued to read. “This year a total of seven eclipses are predicted to occur, five of those expected to be solar eclipses.”

This is just perfect. Anna thought to herself while she sipped her coffee quietly.

To most people, the word eclipse means little more than the sun or the moon going black for a while. Some find it fascinating, others could care less.

To Anna however, an eclipse meant that the wards protecting this world from all the others would weaken which could potentially lead to the end of the world as we know it. Or at least that’s what the Keepers had been telling her since she was nine. Nothing ever that drastic had happened since the Salem Witch hunts in the 1600’s. All that hullabaloo about the world ending on a solar eclipse was nothing more than a bedtime story meant to inflict fear in the special children chosen to protect this world from the demonic, monstrous creatures that may or may not exist in other dimensions.

Anna was one of those children, but Dan didn’t know that. No one did, not even her own father. Secretly, Anna was trained by an order known as The Legion of Keepers to help prevent magic—and creatures—from leaking into this dimension.

Anna was also a bit annoyed that her plans tonight were now canceled because of this supposed eclipse. She had really been looking forward to watching Dan’s band play their first official gig. Maybe she could pop in just for a second? It’s not like anyone would know, and Biggley’s was on her normal patrol route.

“Anna?” Dan repeated for the third time. He had been trying to get her attention to ask her about his gig tonight while she was trying to figure out how to do her job and be there for her only friend.


“Are you alright?”

“Of course,” Anna gave the artsy brunette a smile and sipped her coffee casually.

Dan gave the blonde a curious look then continued. “Do you think you could come to my flat around five and help us with our look? Nate said to go for a causal bad ass look, but Jamie wants to try a punk theme. I fear only you can talk them into showing up looking normal.”

Nate and Jamie, Dan’s band mates, often fought over the band’s look–even though Anna thought their different styles complimented the bands personality. Their original music varied so why shouldn’t their wardrobe choices? Her mom was a renown local fashion guru so naturally Dan’s band took her word on fashion as gospel. Anna’s fashion sense was pretty much the only thing Anna could thank her mother for.

Anna chuckled. “Sure, just as long as you leave the red cowboy boots in your closet where they belong.”

“Hey!” Dan snapped sarcastically, “I pull those off and you know it!”

Anna merely rolled her eyes, “Whatever helps you sleep at night babe.”

Anna’s apple watch began to flash letting her know someone was trying to call her. The blonde gave Dan an apologetic look and got to her feet. She took her phone call outside in the crisp autumn air.

“Speak to me,” she said rebelliously knowing that such words would drive her caller bananas.

“Honestly, Anna,” said Fredderick, a serious but kind Keeper, “I’m your handler not your companion.”

“You know that hurts my feelings, Fred. Why do you hate me so?” Anna could hear the Keeper’s eyes roll and she smirked in triumph.

“The Legion is gathering. There has been a…change in protocol.”

“A change in protocol?” Anna echoed. Those were three words the blonde never thought she’d hear, ever. The legion was very strict and has been following the same rules set forth by the original keepers since the dark ages.

“That’s what I said. You really must be present. Missing another meeting will not look good to the assembly and between you and me your mother isn’t in a good mood today.”

Anna peered in at Dan through the coffee shop window, a sad looking falling over her eyes. “Alright, fine,” she said. “I’ll be there in twenty, but I have plans at five and I do not intend to cancel.”

“My mom is throwing a major tantrum over a missing dress design.” Anna told Dan as she reentered the coffee shop, rolling her eyes for dramatic effect.

“Have fun,” Dan mused, his eyes still on his morning paper.

Anna shook her head at her friend and called, “See you at five!” over her shoulder just before she shoved the coffee shop door open and ran across the street to her car.



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