Tea, Spotify and Intense Blogging

It’s been a whole eleven days since I last posted! I feel awful, I really do. I’m actually supposed to be posting something like three times a week on My Trending Stories but I find I don’t write well when I’m boggled with stress and running around trying to adult things that I don’t know how to adult.

I had all of these wonderful ideas and just couldn’t find the time to sit and write them. But today… TODAY I WRITE. I have vowed not to leave my apartment for ANY reason. I have tea, biscuits and sixteen hours worth of Spotify music at the ready for today’s epic writing session.

Since I’m not leaving my apartment I had to settle for tea because I cannot make coffee to save my life. Even in the coffee pot; it’s either too strong, not strong enough or it just tastes awful. I’m alone and there for no one to make me coffee because Mulan went back to Thailand and left me here in the states coffee-less.

But fear not WildeKat’s, Kat will endure.

Prepare yourselves. *cue adventurous music*

Here I go. Off to Writingland! (Okay, that was lame but I laughed a little so I’m going to leave it.)




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