Big Girl Jobs and Celebratory Thrift Store Hauls

Hey WildeKats!!

It’s official, Kat got a big girl job! No more retail for me!! Well, it’s sort of retail… its a sales job but good news: no more facing, cleaning, or stocking for Kat! It’s a full time job and the hours aren’t terrible so hopefully I’ll get a routine going soon so I can blog more.

I get to wear suits–power suits–and I bought my first pair of loafers today and I’m totes obsessed with them. I may have been born in Texas, but Lord knows my fashion sense came from the valley. I don’t do just normal slacks and button downs so I went out thrift shopping for some things to tweak and boy did I bring in quite the haul today! Aside form the adorable brand new loafers I snagged today, I scored two blazers, a pencil skirt and two pairs of straight legged slacks. With a little razzle and dazzle I know have the partial wardrobe of a powerhouse woman from wall street. Give me two months, a trip to the North Park Mall and another pair of bad ass loafers and I’ll be the best dressed employee they’ve ever had.

I love, love, love thrift store shopping. It’s very relaxing, hell… shopping period is relaxing. I’ve been on the hunt for an antique tea pot so I hit up all the thrift stores within a fifty mile radius of my apartment. I haven’t allowed myself to buy any furniture yet though, I’m collecting tea cups and saucers for a very adult un-birthday tea party/bridal shower. Back in Phoenix there were two or three vintage shops down town I would frequent, as long as it’s gently used I have no problem wearing someone else’s clothes. Where else are you going to find those soft t-shirts that fit just right or those perfectly broke in combat boots you’ve practically walked through? Not in a brand store, that’s for sure! Don’t get me wrong, buying brand new clothes is just as exciting but I like my clothing to have character. I once bought this old Deff Leappard tank top that the lady said had been on her rack for five years, before that it came form another store. The shirt is from their Pyromania tour back in ’82! Imagine the stories this shirt has, the places it’s seen! Its exciting!

Alright, enough about my obsessions with thrifting, I’ll let you get back to trolling through other people’s blogs. Love you guys!





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