Rogue Characters and Spaghetti Noodles

So, we all know how it is when you’re writing a story and you characters just start doing things and have gone completely out of control and there is absolutely nothing in the world you can do about it, right? Well, that’s me right now. I really want to pummel the sarcastic, mildly violent, red head that is my heroine but that may actually reserve me a padded room in the nearest insane asylum so I’m just ignoring her at the moment.

I take the time to eat a little something while I fume at my characters and a spaghetti noodle jumps from my bowl and onto my carpet. Literally, it jumped… that is legit the only way I can describe what happened.

So here I am, eating spaghetti in bed (I pushed the white duvet to the end of the bed don’t worry) and this noodle flees for it’s life and I find myself staring at it.

Should I pick it up? Sam isn’t exactly being cooperative so I could…but that would require movement. How the hell did it even end up on the floor–noodles don’t just jump from the bowl. Or do they?

And of course I had to put this thought process in the group chat meanwhile Sam is doing stupid crap and not confronting her feelings and I’m just staring at this spaghetti noodle on the floor. I also blogged about it–obviously. It’s still on the floor, I have not moved.

I should really pick up that spaghetti noodle before I step on it…




I Bought A Tea Pot!!

You all know how obsessed with tea I am, and since I returned to the states from England my obsession has grown! Oh how I miss my college mates in York… I never thought I would find a place I loved more than Seattle and Scottsdale. I always knew I didn’t belong in Texas, but I think the problem is that I don’t belong in the states! #LondonerForever

Any who, the entire time I was in London I searched, and searched, and searched for a damn tea pot and couldn’t find one I liked. I’m really not picky, but I knew what I wanted and after searching every well known antique shop, Harrods, Debenhams and a few shabby tea shops all I found were floral, Chinese or wacky ones. I just wanted a plain colored tea pot that would fit in nicely with the mixed matched tea cup collection I had back home. True, I was really on the look out for the whole set, but I learned quickly that when one says ‘tea set’ they get steered to the children’s section at Hamley’s.

So I of course settled for the toys I found in the seven story toy store, hopped on the tube and called it a day. After that we went to Phantom of the Opera and BBC studios so my tea pot woes were long forgotten. It was only when I returned home that I realized I forgot to buy the one thing I had set aside almost a hundred pounds for!

I trolled the internet for hours, went antique shopping here in the states, even called my grandma in Scottsdale to keep an eye out at the estate sales she loves to attend. Why are there so many cooky tea pots to be found!? Polka dots, ones with Alien heads on the handle, weird blue and green floral designs on china, it was endless! Then one day L took me to The World Market. HOW HAD I NEVER HEARD OF THIS PLACE BEFORE?

They had everything, tea, tea pots, even Jammie Dodgers! (Well, they’re currently out of stock so I’ve been forced to request a care package from my mates in York, but they do carry them!) I finally found a plain white tea pot that has a little tea infuser on the inside for loose leaf tea. I bought a big box of Barry’s tea and some loose leaf Earl Grey and quickly headed over to the canned section for those British beans I fell in love with then rushed to the check out before I found something else I ‘just had to have’. I am so happy with my haul and my tea collection now feels complete. I had a little tea party with my sisters in their new house to celebrate! They love tea just as much as I do and I have plans to buy them their own stash if I decide not to move in with them. (Oh, by the way, my mom offered to let me move in with them so I could save money. Weird, huh?)

I will now be making weekly trips to this wonderland of authentic British food for scone mix and biscuits because I go through them like wild fire! I take them to work and have them with my tea on my breaks. I know, I’m absolutely hopeless but I just can’t help it! Someone gave me a cook book of British and Irish recipes with a home made Jammie Dodger recipe inside and I WILL try it. Any one know how long these things last? Because I bet I could make enough to hold me over until my care package arrives.

Stay tuned for all the evident disasters that are in the not so distant future as I try to bake Jammie Dogers, Shepard’s Pie, various pasties, and other delightful recipes found in the British cookbook. I’ll post pictures of the tea pot when my fancy-schmancy serving tray arrives 🙂

Till next time, my loves.



The Big Girl Job: Week 3

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I love my job! It’s still not the best job in the world but it’s a hell of a lot better than retail! Also, my coworkers are fantastic and my boss[s] are amazing. They’re so quick to tell me how good of a job I’m doing or when I’m fucking something up which is very much appreciated. Someone is always there to answer a question or help me through a situation, my training was hands on and so involved and because I’m a huge nerd I studied for days and now I feel like I’ve been there forever. Of course there’s limits on what I’m allowed to do and someone double checks all my work but I’m proud to say I’ve made very few mistakes and my supervisor voices her pride in me quite often.

It warms my heart to actually feel like I’m not a failure and to have a superior actually tell me how well I’m doing. When I get introduced to clients my boss always tells them how well I’m doing and that I’ll take great care of them. I’ve never ever had that at a job before. I mean, my old boss loves me and I still help out on weekends and he always tells customers that I’m the one to talk to about certain products but he never told me how good I was doing.

He was always thanking me for filling in on short notice or fixing something but I started to feel like I was only appreciated because I was reliable. I’ve been screwed over plenty of times at my other jobs–having to work doubles because someone didn’t show up or coming in on my day off to help out. I’ve had to sacrifice family gatherings because my request days were over looked or we were short staffed. All things I didn’t mind giving up because I was the reliable one, the one person who was always there. Now, my boss is adamant that I take vacation days earned and get my two days off a week. I offered to cover a shift gap that was over looked today and my boss was like okay, “work this day but take Saturday–it’s not worth the overtime.” And as much as I like money, working overtime takes up a lot of spoons and I get plenty anyways at the end of the month when it’s all hands on deck.

Everyone is so thoughtful and just absolutely lovely. Of course they make fun of me for eating weird food and saying things like “bloody hell” and “lovely” but hey…It’s all just for laughs they don’t mean anything buy it.

Also, going to the World Market tomorrow to restock on my British and Italian food! Maybe I’ll even get some wine…or a teapot! Been looking for one for quite a while.

Have a good weekend WildeKats!



Pimples Be Gone…

So I’ve been recently obsessed with my skin care routine. I’ve never been a high maintenance girl, I take care of myself but I never wore makeup a lot because I was lazy. With this new job my boss expects me to show up how I showed up for my interview. Well I wore makeup because I had a huge pimple so now I wear makeup EVERYDAY. 

My current skincare routine consists of a series of common house hold products and face wash. I don’t do anything fancy like toner (although I’m ready to try!) or night cream. I just like feeling all sophisticated with a routine, it makes me happy. I use Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Redness Smoothing Cleanser at night then use PONDS Dry Skin Cream. See nothing fancy at all. Every once in a while I’ll do a coconut oil, honey and avocado face mask if I’m in the mood to be pampered but aside from talking off my makeup and cleansing I have never done anything out of the ordinary. If I had a pimple, I had a pimple. 

Well last night, I’m guessing because of all the unnatural makeup wearing, my skin was breaking out so I dabbed some tea tree oil on the problem areas because my regional manager will be in the office today and what have I got to loose? After the oil dried I put my moisturizer on top of it thinking if anything the redness would subside. Well I got up a few moments ago and THERE WERE NO PIMPLES. Okay, so there were a few smaller ones but they’re not even red. The one big one I had is almost completely gone and I’m so blown away I even snap chatted it(this is a big deal, I don’t snap often)! Even the black heads on my nose are less noticeable. I may have let some dribble down my nose after dabbing some on my t-zone. 

I’m going to do this all the time now, every time I have a pimple. Try it out for yourself and tell me how it goes! I’m even thinking of getting some Chapstick tubes and filling them with coconut oil and tea tree oil for easy applications! Oh I’m so excited!! Remember to be mindful of where you apply the tea tree oil. It can burn your eyes if you get it too close to them. Also, I have dry skin so I don’t wash my face in the morning. But if you have oily skin be sure to cleanse both at night and in the morning. Having a routine helps me sleep and makes it easier to get out of bed. 

Have a wonderful rest of the week WildeKats 



Nerd or Geek?

I feel like this is a very important topic. I myself am a nerd, but I’ve been called a geek meant in the derogatory sense and honestly I did feel like it was an insult–but not for the reason’s it was meant to be.

According to Sparknotes, there are four main differences between nerds and geeks, all of which are very stereotypical. Academics vs interests, dress, school activities and so forth. It’s almost insulting but true at the same time.

As a self proclaimed nerd–I think the most important difference is what YOU proclaim to be. From personal experience geek’s tend to be more into anime and comic books. They like one thing and are experts on that one thing and make everyone know it, whether that’s Star Wars, music in general or whatever else your passionate about. Nerds tend to be very academic as well as enjoying reading, Star Wars, Star Trek and so forth. Video games are for everyone so I don’t think that there is a huge line between nerd and geek.

There’s a scientist who researched this very social issue and found some interesting results. Settles says “…geeky words are ‘more about stuff, while nerdy words are more about ideas….Geeks are fans, and fans collect stuff; nerds are practitioners, and practitioners play with ideas.” Not sure how I feel about these findings but they are pretty accurate. There’s a whole chart if your interested but he also said that there’s too many similarities to fully draw a line as different variations of words and subjects fell on different sides. For example ‘e-books’ fell on the geek side where as ‘books’ fell on the nerd end. Intelligent is more geeky and intellectual and education are more nerdy.


I myself enjoyed science and English in school as well as music, comic books, video games and of course Star Wars and Star Trek. I read a lot of 19th century British books as well as modern science fiction and fantasy novels. My sister will swear until the day she dies that she is a geek, not a nerd. The poor girl is so smart and talented but could careless about her grades. All she want’s to do is draw, listen to music and watch her anime. So for us, I’d say the stereotypes describe us to a tee. But with my group of friends it doesn’t, we’re a bit of both actually. I like band/graphic tee’s with girly pieces like skirts and cardigans while Mulan dresses very girly, Elsa dresses like a color blind gym rat and Belle just wears whatever she can get her hands on. I think we all look absolutely beautiful, especially when we’re together so stereotypes just don’t fit us.

You can be both, if you want to be. Or you could go totally hipster and refuse to conform to either stereotype. Just do you, Love and you’ll be grand.

Love you all!



Sunday Funday My Ass…

I don’t know where the saying came from, it’s honestly one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard and not just because I’m in a terrible mood.

Sundays were always about church, family and food when I was a kid. Not once did I look forward to Sunday’s unless I knew I was going to my grandmothers to play video games and even then I had to fight my cousins for the console. They never were really bad days but not necessarily good ones either. Since high school I’ve generally had to work Sundays so there is no fun to be had unless it’s football season and I make it home in time to watch Denver whoop ass.

But this post isn’t about Sunday’s… it’s about a particular Sunday… This one. Yesterday was a flare day and I had to work, so naturally when I came home I had to have help just to get out of the bath (thank god for best friends and sisters). Today I felt much better, but still had trouble getting over to the couch. A friend went with me to Game Exchange to grab a controller for my PC so I could game from my spot on the couch, not only did we have to exchange the one we bought, but Inquisition refuses to work right. The save I started last Sunday is completely gone and as I tried to start a new character it kicks me off before I can save it. Angrily, I gave up and hobbled into my bedroom to watch Mulan and blog angrily.

My dad is trying to fix the problem, my muddled brain just can’t handle the hours of tinkering at the moment.

Mostly I blame the flare for the perpetual crumminess that replaced my rest day. I haven’t had one this bad in months. I’ve been doing pain management naturally, being slightly active and only taking pain meds when needed. But since I started my new job I’ve noticed that even though I’m in a better mood I don’t sleep well and I hurt more–and it doesn’t help that I spent the better part of my Saturday helping out at the old job instead of resting. I also made the decision to seek out a new doctor, one that isn’t convinced I’m nuts. She can’t honestly think I’m seeking medication because I refuse most of them due to side effects and I haven’t had a transfusion since May. I think it’s time to move on and start driving more than 45 mins–the hour and a half drive may be worth it it.

Thanks for listening to me complain, I’ll quit now and maybe take a nap. Oh…wait… Dad fixed the issue. Let’s see if I can go back to gaming now…

Till next time,




I have a new obsession.


You’re probably like what the hell is an Oonagh? Well historically speaking Oonagh is an Irish legend. She’s described as the most beautiful of the Goddesses, the Fairy Queen and Goddess of nature, love and relationships. I’ve done my fair share of research and there’s not a whole lot to be found other than folk lore. But I’m not talking about a Fairy Queen here, I’m talking about Senta-Sofia Delliponti.

After my adventures in Ireland I found a love for Irish/Celtic music and went searching the internet for anything with an Irish twist. I found a newer song by Celtic Woman with this random chick who had a beautiful voice but wasn’t part of the normal group. With some skillful searching, I found Sofia and found that she had her own album and sings in Sindarin (Elvish)! Sofia is German, so she sings most of the songs in German and some of the chorus’s in Sindarin. The music its self has Celtic and folklore vibes and it’s very enchanting–which is sort of the point. She’s got two albums out I think, with another on the way this month. I’m in love with her self titled album, Oonagh.

Senta-Sofia stated that by singing in Tolken’s Elvish her music invokes a state of fantasy for her listeners, helps them dive into another world. She’s absautley charming, beautiful and I love her voice. I’m a nerd so anything with any ties to Elvish and LOTR is gonna catch my eye. I’ve downloaded every song and even restarted learning German so I could translate some of the lyrics. Sindarin is very difficult to learn, dedicated nerds out there buy the Silmirilion and teach it to themselves. Me, I know enough to get around Mordor if I have to but that’s about it.

Sofia sings song’s about Elven legends created by Tolkien himself and also Celtic legends. I haven’t translated all the songs yet but I’m getting there. Some things don’t translate but the language isn’t what’s important. I personally think that the music would loose something if it was in English so I’m okay with not fully understanding all the lyrics just yet. I’m really pumped for her new album, Märchen Enden Gut, which roughly translates into Fairytales end well. Don’t quote me on that now because my German is awful. I have this bad habit of committing to a language for a month or so then get distracted with another. So far I’m in the middle of learning German, Gaelic, Italian and Spanish. And let’s not forget my spat with Klingon and Vulcan either.

So here’s a link, go check her out.  She’s amazing and I just love her. Follow her on social media too! There’s translators that work fairly well so don’t flip cause everything is in German. TBH German isn’t that hard to learn (speaking it can be tho), so maybe you’ll decide to better yourself and learn this beautiful language as well!

You may have to use a VPN to mask your browser GPS, some sites are restricted based on location, though her entire album is avalable on youtube via other users and you can buy her music on Itunes and Amazon.

Enjoy WildeKats! 😉