I Literally Have Nothing to Say

Sorry I’ve been MIA… but were you that surprised, really? I started my first big girl job and as you all know I’m a spoonie so I’ve had my fair share of issues with that these past few weeks as well.

I’m very blessed to have such mild symptoms most of the time. With my high pain tolerance I hardly notice most of my pain anymore until it escalates, like when I use all of my spoons at work four days in a row. I’m not on medication as of right now (personal choice) so I manage my symptoms as naturally as possible. But some days all you can do is lay in bed with your blankie, some lemon ginger tea and watch Netflix.

I’m better now, obviously, so on to the blogging. I have some scheduled posts ready but it’s not much. I’ve come down with an awful case of writers block. So bad that I’ve ended up staring at a blank page three days in a row for over an hour. I’ve done all my usual block fixes: played video games, read a new book, listened to my classical inspiration playlist, took a walk, took a bath… and NOTHING. I have nothing…

Playing video games or listening to music is usually all the inspiration I need. And I feel like I come up with loads of idea’s at work but buy the time I get home I don’t like the idea any more. ARG!

Any helpful tips, WildeKats? I need to cure this writers block PRONTO.. I have deadlines.

As always,




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