Week One of the Big Girl Job

Having a job is hard…having two jobs is harder. I’ve always had two jobs, one because I liked what I did and the other because I needed the money. I tutored on my college campus for a year before I realized I could get paid for it. I already had a job, but getting paid for doing something I loved was just icing on the cake!

Well, as you know I’m not in college anymore. What do people do after college? Well everything I’ve ever read and heard says that after college you’re supposed to grow up. Get a real job, move out of your parent’s house, start a family. That’s what growing up means, no?

I’m far from what I would consider a grown up even though I’m pretty independent. I may be spoiled rotten, a tad obsessive and a little weird but I get by. Moving on from the only two jobs I’ve ever known was hard, especially since I really loved them both. But there comes a time when one must search for new opportunities, better pay and stable hours. I wouldn’t exactly say that’s what I got but it’s a step up from what I had. I desperately wanted to have one job, have a social life and play video games. And after my first week I can guarantee you that is not what I will get to do with my life.

I’m not saying I don’t like this new job, because I do. Or I’m sure I will when I actually get to start doing productive things and stop shadowing. I am saying that this job is challenging and very stressful at times and I know the first week is the hardest, but I’m so tired when I get home I barely have the energy to shower and binge watch Agents of Shield much less play four hour of Mass Effect.

I haven’t even written anything in what seems like forever. I stare at the blank pages of my word documents, but my fingers are still. Even now, I’m having trouble just thinking. I’ve always been a busy person but my tired little CFS legs just can’t take the pressure.

Oh well… I’m going to sleep. I have tomorrow off. Maybe if I drink enough tea I’ll get some decent writing done. I’ll even turn the internet off so I don’t get distracted by Netflix.

Love you all!



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