I have a new obsession.


You’re probably like what the hell is an Oonagh? Well historically speaking Oonagh is an Irish legend. She’s described as the most beautiful of the Goddesses, the Fairy Queen and Goddess of nature, love and relationships. I’ve done my fair share of research and there’s not a whole lot to be found other than folk lore. But I’m not talking about a Fairy Queen here, I’m talking about Senta-Sofia Delliponti.

After my adventures in Ireland I found a love for Irish/Celtic music and went searching the internet for anything with an Irish twist. I found a newer song by Celtic Woman with this random chick who had a beautiful voice but wasn’t part of the normal group. With some skillful searching, I found Sofia and found that she had her own album and sings in Sindarin (Elvish)! Sofia is German, so she sings most of the songs in German and some of the chorus’s in Sindarin. The music its self has Celtic and folklore vibes and it’s very enchanting–which is sort of the point. She’s got two albums out I think, with another on the way this month. I’m in love with her self titled album, Oonagh.

Senta-Sofia stated that by singing in Tolken’s Elvish her music invokes a state of fantasy for her listeners, helps them dive into another world. She’s absautley charming, beautiful and I love her voice. I’m a nerd so anything with any ties to Elvish and LOTR is gonna catch my eye. I’ve downloaded every song and even restarted learning German so I could translate some of the lyrics. Sindarin is very difficult to learn, dedicated nerds out there buy the Silmirilion and teach it to themselves. Me, I know enough to get around Mordor if I have to but that’s about it.

Sofia sings song’s about Elven legends created by Tolkien himself and also Celtic legends. I haven’t translated all the songs yet but I’m getting there. Some things don’t translate but the language isn’t what’s important. I personally think that the music would loose something if it was in English so I’m okay with not fully understanding all the lyrics just yet. I’m really pumped for her new album, Märchen Enden Gut, which roughly translates into Fairytales end well. Don’t quote me on that now because my German is awful. I have this bad habit of committing to a language for a month or so then get distracted with another. So far I’m in the middle of learning German, Gaelic, Italian and Spanish. And let’s not forget my spat with Klingon and Vulcan either.

So here’s a link, go check her out.  She’s amazing and I just love her. Follow her on social media too! There’s translators that work fairly well so don’t flip cause everything is in German. TBH German isn’t that hard to learn (speaking it can be tho), so maybe you’ll decide to better yourself and learn this beautiful language as well!




You may have to use a VPN to mask your browser GPS, some sites are restricted based on location, though her entire album is avalable on youtube via other users and you can buy her music on Itunes and Amazon.

Enjoy WildeKats! 😉


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