Week 2:Breaking Hearts and the Rules

So it’s been a minute… but you’re not surprised are you? You shouldn’t be. I’m the world’s worst blogger.

I have a few new obsessions I’ll discuss in another post but for the most part I’ve been working. This new job is very demanding. It’s a lot to learn but I can go so much farther with this job than I could in anything else I was doing. It’s not exactly what I had in mind for myself but I’m liking it so far. My crew is amazing. The boss man is a bit intimidating but he’s a huge nerd so we get along quite well. We’re always laughing and cutting up, making fun of each other and what not. One coworker meow’s a lot (I call her Kitty, for obvious reasons).

Everyone has been really good to me as far as training and putting up with my nerdieness and clumsiness. They still make fun of me for fending off guys with my video game boyfriends but it gives me character! Someone approached one of my coworkers the other day and asked them if I was single, she said she didn’t know me very well so I’ve had a bit of a secret admirer all week. I broke down and messaged him back–we’ll see if I get brave enough to meet him for a drink (that is what cool adults do, right?)

I don’t think people get how hard it is to date when you’re a complete nerd and have anxiety about EVERYTHING. It’s the second week at this new job and I accidentally ran off with an important set of keys and had nightmares about being fired. Everyone else thought it was funny, but I of course was almost in tears when I realized I had them. The Boss Man is pretty serious about rule breaking–or so he says–so I think my freak out was justified. Though everyone seems to just do their own thing and not worry so much about little rules like “Don’t run off with the bloody keys!”

So take that anxiety and multiply it by ten and you’ll understand how I feel when I go on a blind date. No joke, I’m hopeless. And this guy is VERY persistent which only make me nervous because I’m an aggressive person and that never ends well. Then there’s a guy who works in the office across the street and my coworkers ALWAYS catch him staring at me. I’ve turned him down more than once and he always looks so sad. Why is being cute so exhausting? Like I just wanna live my nerdy life in peace…. I’m not one of those girls who enjoys having guys chase her. Honestly it’s a turn off. I’m confident, aggressive and I know what I want. I have a type (well three types actually) and if you and I don’t hit it off the first time, please stop wasting your time.

Anyways, my second week was great and I’m really liking it in case you were wondering. I’ll stop babbling and try to write something worth reading. Love you guys!




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