Sunday Funday My Ass…

I don’t know where the saying came from, it’s honestly one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard and not just because I’m in a terrible mood.

Sundays were always about church, family and food when I was a kid. Not once did I look forward to Sunday’s unless I knew I was going to my grandmothers to play video games and even then I had to fight my cousins for the console. They never were really bad days but not necessarily good ones either. Since high school I’ve generally had to work Sundays so there is no fun to be had unless it’s football season and I make it home in time to watch Denver whoop ass.

But this post isn’t about Sunday’s… it’s about a particular Sunday… This one. Yesterday was a flare day and I had to work, so naturally when I came home I had to have help just to get out of the bath (thank god for best friends and sisters). Today I felt much better, but still had trouble getting over to the couch. A friend went with me to Game Exchange to grab a controller for my PC so I could game from my spot on the couch, not only did we have to exchange the one we bought, but Inquisition refuses to work right. The save I started last Sunday is completely gone and as I tried to start a new character it kicks me off before I can save it. Angrily, I gave up and hobbled into my bedroom to watch Mulan and blog angrily.

My dad is trying to fix the problem, my muddled brain just can’t handle the hours of tinkering at the moment.

Mostly I blame the flare for the perpetual crumminess that replaced my rest day. I haven’t had one this bad in months. I’ve been doing pain management naturally, being slightly active and only taking pain meds when needed. But since I started my new job I’ve noticed that even though I’m in a better mood I don’t sleep well and I hurt more–and it doesn’t help that I spent the better part of my Saturday helping out at the old job instead of resting. I also made the decision to seek out a new doctor, one that isn’t convinced I’m nuts. She can’t honestly think I’m seeking medication because I refuse most of them due to side effects and I haven’t had a transfusion since May. I think it’s time to move on and start driving more than 45 mins–the hour and a half drive may be worth it it.

Thanks for listening to me complain, I’ll quit now and maybe take a nap. Oh…wait… Dad fixed the issue. Let’s see if I can go back to gaming now…

Till next time,




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