Pimples Be Gone…

So I’ve been recently obsessed with my skin care routine. I’ve never been a high maintenance girl, I take care of myself but I never wore makeup a lot because I was lazy. With this new job my boss expects me to show up how I showed up for my interview. Well I wore makeup because I had a huge pimple so now I wear makeup EVERYDAY. 

My current skincare routine consists of a series of common house hold products and face wash. I don’t do anything fancy like toner (although I’m ready to try!) or night cream. I just like feeling all sophisticated with a routine, it makes me happy. I use Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Redness Smoothing Cleanser at night then use PONDS Dry Skin Cream. See nothing fancy at all. Every once in a while I’ll do a coconut oil, honey and avocado face mask if I’m in the mood to be pampered but aside from talking off my makeup and cleansing I have never done anything out of the ordinary. If I had a pimple, I had a pimple. 

Well last night, I’m guessing because of all the unnatural makeup wearing, my skin was breaking out so I dabbed some tea tree oil on the problem areas because my regional manager will be in the office today and what have I got to loose? After the oil dried I put my moisturizer on top of it thinking if anything the redness would subside. Well I got up a few moments ago and THERE WERE NO PIMPLES. Okay, so there were a few smaller ones but they’re not even red. The one big one I had is almost completely gone and I’m so blown away I even snap chatted it(this is a big deal, I don’t snap often)! Even the black heads on my nose are less noticeable. I may have let some dribble down my nose after dabbing some on my t-zone. 

I’m going to do this all the time now, every time I have a pimple. Try it out for yourself and tell me how it goes! I’m even thinking of getting some Chapstick tubes and filling them with coconut oil and tea tree oil for easy applications! Oh I’m so excited!! Remember to be mindful of where you apply the tea tree oil. It can burn your eyes if you get it too close to them. Also, I have dry skin so I don’t wash my face in the morning. But if you have oily skin be sure to cleanse both at night and in the morning. Having a routine helps me sleep and makes it easier to get out of bed. 

Have a wonderful rest of the week WildeKats 




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