The Big Girl Job: Week 3

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I love my job! It’s still not the best job in the world but it’s a hell of a lot better than retail! Also, my coworkers are fantastic and my boss[s] are amazing. They’re so quick to tell me how good of a job I’m doing or when I’m fucking something up which is very much appreciated. Someone is always there to answer a question or help me through a situation, my training was hands on and so involved and because I’m a huge nerd I studied for days and now I feel like I’ve been there forever. Of course there’s limits on what I’m allowed to do and someone double checks all my work but I’m proud to say I’ve made very few mistakes and my supervisor voices her pride in me quite often.

It warms my heart to actually feel like I’m not a failure and to have a superior actually tell me how well I’m doing. When I get introduced to clients my boss always tells them how well I’m doing and that I’ll take great care of them. I’ve never ever had that at a job before. I mean, my old boss loves me and I still help out on weekends and he always tells customers that I’m the one to talk to about certain products but he never told me how good I was doing.

He was always thanking me for filling in on short notice or fixing something but I started to feel like I was only appreciated because I was reliable. I’ve been screwed over plenty of times at my other jobs–having to work doubles because someone didn’t show up or coming in on my day off to help out. I’ve had to sacrifice family gatherings because my request days were over looked or we were short staffed. All things I didn’t mind giving up because I was the reliable one, the one person who was always there. Now, my boss is adamant that I take vacation days earned and get my two days off a week. I offered to cover a shift gap that was over looked today and my boss was like okay, “work this day but take Saturday–it’s not worth the overtime.” And as much as I like money, working overtime takes up a lot of spoons and I get plenty anyways at the end of the month when it’s all hands on deck.

Everyone is so thoughtful and just absolutely lovely. Of course they make fun of me for eating weird food and saying things like “bloody hell” and “lovely” but hey…It’s all just for laughs they don’t mean anything buy it.

Also, going to the World Market tomorrow to restock on my British and Italian food! Maybe I’ll even get some wine…or a teapot! Been looking for one for quite a while.

Have a good weekend WildeKats!




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