I Bought A Tea Pot!!

You all know how obsessed with tea I am, and since I returned to the states from England my obsession has grown! Oh how I miss my college mates in York… I never thought I would find a place I loved more than Seattle and Scottsdale. I always knew I didn’t belong in Texas, but I think the problem is that I don’t belong in the states! #LondonerForever

Any who, the entire time I was in London I searched, and searched, and searched for a damn tea pot and couldn’t find one I liked. I’m really not picky, but I knew what I wanted and after searching every well known antique shop, Harrods, Debenhams and a few shabby tea shops all I found were floral, Chinese or wacky ones. I just wanted a plain colored tea pot that would fit in nicely with the mixed matched tea cup collection I had back home. True, I was really on the look out for the whole set, but I learned quickly that when one says ‘tea set’ they get steered to the children’s section at Hamley’s.

So I of course settled for the toys I found in the seven story toy store, hopped on the tube and called it a day. After that we went to Phantom of the Opera and BBC studios so my tea pot woes were long forgotten. It was only when I returned home that I realized I forgot to buy the one thing I had set aside almost a hundred pounds for!

I trolled the internet for hours, went antique shopping here in the states, even called my grandma in Scottsdale to keep an eye out at the estate sales she loves to attend. Why are there so many cooky tea pots to be found!? Polka dots, ones with Alien heads on the handle, weird blue and green floral designs on china, it was endless! Then one day L took me to The World Market. HOW HAD I NEVER HEARD OF THIS PLACE BEFORE?

They had everything, tea, tea pots, even Jammie Dodgers! (Well, they’re currently out of stock so I’ve been forced to request a care package from my mates in York, but they do carry them!) I finally found a plain white tea pot that has a little tea infuser on the inside for loose leaf tea. I bought a big box of Barry’s tea and some loose leaf Earl Grey and quickly headed over to the canned section for those British beans I fell in love with then rushed to the check out before I found something else I ‘just had to have’. I am so happy with my haul and my tea collection now feels complete. I had a little tea party with my sisters in their new house to celebrate! They love tea just as much as I do and I have plans to buy them their own stash if I decide not to move in with them. (Oh, by the way, my mom offered to let me move in with them so I could save money. Weird, huh?)

I will now be making weekly trips to this wonderland of authentic British food for scone mix and biscuits because I go through them like wild fire! I take them to work and have them with my tea on my breaks. I know, I’m absolutely hopeless but I just can’t help it! Someone gave me a cook book of British and Irish recipes with a home made Jammie Dodger recipe inside and I WILL try it. Any one know how long these things last? Because I bet I could make enough to hold me over until my care package arrives.

Stay tuned for all the evident disasters that are in the not so distant future as I try to bake Jammie Dogers, Shepard’s Pie, various pasties, and other delightful recipes found in the British cookbook. I’ll post pictures of the tea pot when my fancy-schmancy serving tray arrives 🙂

Till next time, my loves.




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