Toilet Paper Laughs

We all know I’m a big clutz, and if you didn’t…well now ya know.

So if anyone was going to having something traumatic happen to them in the bathroom it would be me, hands down. So, I take a bathroom break at work and do my business as normal. No excitement there. Then, as I go for the toilet paper the entire TP holder thingy comes off the stall wall into my bare lap. I let out a shriek, jerk back and hit the flush bar and the TP rolls go rolling away leaving me horrified and toilet paper-less.

The lady in the stall next to me cracks up and her little girl grabs a toilet paper roll and sticks her head under the stall. I smile back, not wanting to be rude and take the toilet paper roll from her, finish my business and haul ass out of the bathroom back to work. I go on about my day and as soon as I clock out from work I speed home to shower then of course blog about my awful experience in the bathroom stall because—let’s face it—it was pretty hilarious.

I swear I didn’t pull that hard on the toilet paper, the thing just popped open then came off the wall!

But it gave me something to blog about. I hope you had a good laugh, I know my sister did when I told her.

Love you, WildeKats! Have a good week!




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