Spoonies on Twitter

Hello loves, how has your week been going? Small update: Internist called, they didn’t find anything out of the ordinary in any of my screens (go figure) so she is now getting me in with the Rheumatologist, which we already agreed on. We will see how that goes. In my entire journey with this whole chronic pain, illness mess I have yet to see a specialist. I was in college you see, so I was relying on the clinic and mobile doc to get me through the semester. Now I’m moving on to the big leagues.

Something that seems so weird to me is that my symptoms appeared to quickly. I’ve said it before but it’s crazy how you’re in perfect health for years then BHAM, you’re never well again. In college they could come and go, I would have weeks where I was symptom free and now I’m never symptom free. Everyday its something, today specifically I’m shaky, dizzy and achy. I’m attributing that to the fact that yesterday I couldn’t eat much due to nausea.

Anyways, enough complaining. You don’t read this blog to hear me complain about my sudden on set terminal illness no one can seem to agree on. (One doctor is convinced it’s fibro/CFS/Lupus, the other thinks is Rheumatoid Arthritis and a Thyroid condition) I wanted to share something with you.

I’ve noticed my mental health has been declining since Thanksgiving, so I’ve been reaching out on twitter. There’s loads of hashtags and groups for spoonies because after all we’re the only ones who really understand what it’s like. I had been on the look out for other spoonie blogs and instead stumbled across a pod caster known as Imagination Within. She’s absolutely adorable and British. Her voice reminds me of Jenny from Doctor Who. If you’re reading this Jem, I’m a total anglophile–I went to London, fell in love and wish I could live there–so I’m sorry.

She asked the twitter spoonie community if they could try anything, what would it be? I said hot yoga because it’s warming and relaxing. I’ve talked about the fibro massages before, the same lady does the hot yoga, only I have yet to attend a class because they’re in the mornings and I hate getting out of bed. But she mentioned my personal twitter in one of her pod casts, so I thought it only fair to return the favor.

But Jem talks about something very important in her pod casts. When I started this blog it was to spread love, well… now I’m spreading the spoonie love and so is she. She does what she does so other spoonies won’t feel alone. I enjoy listing to her pod casts in the mornings and she always makes me smile. I keep up with a lot of spoonies on social media commenting on tweets, pictures, and what not on my personal domains and I plan on sharing a few others with you as well. I don’t know if any fellow spoonies read this, but if you do–you are  not alone. Its okay to have low days, and it’s okay to take a day to just cry. Things don’t happen over night, this is a long journey and it sucks but we do have each other.

I love you all,




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