I Am Me Again

Light, soft, and full of passion. Your fingers send sparks of electricity through my veins, my skin tingles in their wake. You are the one–the only one I will ever truly love. In the weeks past, I was broken. Left raw on the streets, my heart bleeding for everyone to see. I was humiliated but too weak to pick myself up. You came along, a good Samaritan offering a comforting smile and a gentile hand to someone who didn’t deserve it. Someone who had been wallowing in self pity after a diagnosis that wasn’t even that bad. Sure my life would change, but it was far from over. If only I could have seen that then–but then I would never have met you. Had I been stronger then, I wouldn’t have been weak the day I met you.

Oh that sweet, sweet day. Dark, damp and humid. I was sitting in a cafe staring at my phone, heartbroken. Hands shaking so bad they could barely type my reply. Eyes red and wet with tears for someone whom now I know wasn’t worthy of the love I had given. That was when you sat down at my table, with your beautiful smile and ice blue eyes, offering help to a complete stranger. Gently you pull my phone from my fingers and utter a few words about how on a day like this, I shouldn’t be so sad. You buy me a cup of tea and comment on my tattoos just to make me smile. Buy why? What could you have possibly seen in me that made your world brighter? I am no one. I was no one. I was someone who had given everything she had to everyone else and had nothing left to give. I was unstable, fragile and coming undone in a public cafe.  For two hours I had sat there, unraveling in front of everyone, and not one person paid me any attention until you.

You. It was you who made my sun shine that day. It was you who had made me smile for the first time in weeks. You and that damn smile of yours, the smile that makes me stronger–that makes me want to fight. You make me stronger, everyday. Despite my illness you love me, you nurture me. On my bad days you take care of me, on my good days you make me feel normal. Small adventures you call them. Spontaneous trips to the comic book store, picnics in the park, poetry slams on the weekends.

Your touch, your smile, your everything makes me come alive; gives me strength to fight on the days I almost give up. I was no one, I had no one. Your gentle hand, your loving touch and encouraging words put me back together. Now, I have you and I am someone again. I am me again.

via Daily Prompt: Unravel


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