Spoonie In Distress

WildeKats, I desperately need your help.

As you know, someone mentioned starting a fashion series for my blog. But as I’ve been working on posts, taking pictures and tossing around names for the series because ‘Spoonie Fashion” is BORING.

What about starting a second blog? I don’t want to neglect Perfectly Wilde but I feel launching a series might steer the blog away from its original purpose.

What are your thoughts? Do you manage multiple blogs? If so, how? Or do you think it would be better to just keep one and do a series?




3 thoughts on “Spoonie In Distress

  1. Hi, I manage two blogs. One is the main blog which focuses on self improvement and more serious topics and than I have another blog which talks about beauty and fashion. I decided to create another one because the topics are way too different. Let me know if it helped. I really like the name of your blog 😀❤️
    If you want to see the difference the second blog is http://www.beautyonfocus.com


    • I decided to stick with one blog because the style blog is chronic illness related. Also, I don’t wanna risk neglecting one bc both topics (self empowerment and fashion) are very important to me. Thanks so much for your reply ! I will definitely take a loot at both your blogs! 😘😘

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