Chronically InSyle: We All Have Flaws

Hello my beautiful WildeKats and welcome to the first official post of Chronically InStyle!!

Style is something I believe, even when we feel our worst, is something we should never have to sacrifice. I don’t claim to be a fashion guru but I was taught at a very young age that you should always look your best because you never know who you’re going to run into.

As spoonies we often hate our bodies for hating themselves. Medications cause us to bloat or gain weight, some of us have ports, scars or even wear braces. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t feel confident about our bodies; there is no such thing as perfect and even if they were–perfect is kind of boring in my oh-so-humble opinion. We have character, stories, wisdom and a whole lot of love. Why shouldn’t we take some of that love and love ourselves?

Earlier this week I was feeling bluer than normal. My makeup wasn’t as good as it could have been; my eyeliner was crooked, my contour wasn’t as defined, and I’m pretty sure I used two different colors on my eye lids by mistake. But none the less, I packed up and went to my grandma’s. We had lunch at our favorite spot and when she asked me to pose for a picture I pleasantly declined. But she is a grandma and therefore doesn’t take no for an answer.


At first I hated it. I mean, besides the obvious flaws I wasn’t even ready for the picture. My tank is rolled up, my hair is flat, the wind was blowing in my face, my flannel looks weird, and I’m not even looking at anything. I’m not wearing anything fancy, hell I’m not even sure I matched quite right. But I was comfortable. When I look at this picture I see my pain, my anxiety, and the fact I was leaning against the wall to keep my balance. But my grandma saw me. I urged her to take another but she only smiled and said she just needed this one. I still don’t see what she did, but I do know that we are our worst critiques. My grandma loved it and that was that.

So who cares that is probably the most awkward picture ever? The lighting is pretty boss though. We all have flaws, we all have things about us we don’t like. This picture highlights pretty much everything that I hate about myself, but I’m probably the only one who can see it.

So stop beating yourself up about the silly things. Half the time we’re worrying about nothing anyways. Just be confident, happy–and most of all comfortable.

I’ll catch you next week, my loves. I’m gonna talk about breast lift tape. Yes it’s a thing and it’s amazing.



(American Eagle high wasted destroyed skinny jeans: $44. Olive tank: $2 from Walmart. Aero Black Caged Sports bra: $8. Flannel: $4 from goodwill. White Vans: $45)


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