The Surprise Ghost Hunt

It’s no secret that I’m a huge nerd. That means I was a straight A kid in High school, I have a profound love of reading everything and I actually wear the coveted big frame glasses because I need to see. Being a nerd entails just more than book smarts and button ups, I really like to learn–history especially. So when someone offers me a free ghost tour filled with rich history and terrifying local stories I couldn’t resist.

Anita and I were told that there would be multiple locations on this over night tour. Staying up all night isn’t ideal for two spoonies but we like to life life on the edge. We met on the square, and while we were waiting for the bus, we took a side trip into a fancy restaurant to use the bathroom before this over night tour. The very nice–and very cute–valet boys gave us stellar directions to the loo in the very beautiful marble embellished interior.

When the van arrived, we climbed in with six other strangers some of whom were cocoa for cocoa puffs, and set off to a home built in the 1800’s. The home had been used as a girls school, a boys school, a women seminary, a hospital during the civil war, and currently a working injury law office. As we exited the van Anita and I were given flashlights, a temperature gun, an EMF meter and a brief tour of the house that did not involve any history or encounter stories.

Thoroughly confused but fascinated with the beautiful house and its pre civil war crown molding, we went along with it. It was all fun and games until the tour guide turned the lights out and 16 year old Dan began asking the ‘boogers’ to leave him alone during an EVP session. Yeah, this stuff was for real and when the lights go out my anxiety kicks in because my vision is impaired and if something is going to attack me, I’d very much like to see it coming.

We did however go to a second location, a warehouse that served as a bar where a manikin supposedly moved during a tour earlier that night. Upon entering the warehouse, there was an archway that immediately made me feel uneasy. Don’t know why, don’t care. I took a lot of pictures, didn’t catch anything interesting but I’ll post them anyways. I could go on for hours about that night–but just know lots of creepy things happened that I cannot explain and nor do I want to try. Let’s just call it an experience and leave it at that. Anita spouted tons of scientific facts on the way home about your brain being deprived of stimulation and yadi-yadi-yada. But like I know what I heard and I know what I saw.

There’s certain equipment I’m not sure are entirely accurate but that rush of adrenaline when the hair on the back of your neck stand up is both exhilarating and terrifying.


As I said, not much to see, and I wish I had taken more pictures before the lights went out. Maybe I’ll get to go back one day–and I’ll be prepared this time. Ha! I definitely had fun, but I don’t think I’ll be doing any ghost hunting in the near future.




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