Fibromyalgia Hack: The Long Line Bra

Hello my WildeKats, 

Today we’re gonna talk about bra’s. Mostly because I just walked out of Victoria’s Secret with two amazing sports bras. Le sigh. 

As a spoonie and a female, finding the perfect bra is detrimental to every day comfort. But as a spoonie, the bra issue is my most problematic because most days it hurts to wear one. Mostly I go braless if I can get away with it or I wear breast lift tape, which I spoke about in my last post. But sometimes a good bra is a necessity. 

I prefer bralettes now a days but it’s so hard to find good affordable ones. Especially for little Oh 34DD me. I need something with a full coverage cup, adjustable straps but also something comfortable. I know, that’s next to impossible, right? Wrong. With the proper digging you will find the perfect product and you will buy it like it’s going out of style. Victorias Secret, Old Navy and Forever 21 are my not-so-Secret weapons when I’m looking for under garments and active clothing. 

Today, however, I want to discuss the all powerful: Sports Bra. *cue dramatic music*

As someone with Fibromyalgia and RA I feel staying active and healthy is mucho importante. It’s hard, believe me–I know. I’m about to start an elimination diet and I’m silently crying inside. When it comes to sports bras I don’t rely on Nike or Addidas to get me through my yoga class. I only buy from Victoria’s Secret, Old Navy and occasionally Dick’s Sporting Goods if I can find a specific style. 

The style I prefer looks like those weird Equestrian sports bras or crop tops. They’re called long line sports bras, they come in any style you can think of and they’re ah-mazing. I’m pretty chesty, so I prefer a bra that has thick straps to avoid the dreaded shoulder indentations. And because my main problem area is that area along your back where you’re bra connects in the back, I HAVE to have a bra that covers that area completely. 

For me they act as a compression sock for you’re upper body, save the shoulders. They feel great, they’re unbelievably comfortable and you can wear them as a crop top. I strut around my apartment in them all the time, I even went to dinner in one. 

Now of course they make them with normal straps if that’s what you’re into. They even have normal long line bras! For me, I need the thick straps and compression so this is what I buy. I find them more often in Victoria’s Secret but they’re everywhere. You just have to dig. I prefer not to order clothing online but you can definitely find these on Amazon. 

Here’s the two I just bought on sale at VS. I couldn’t believe the hold they have, they more than passed the bounce test in the dressing room. I’m almost excited for tomorrow’s yoga session–almost. Still not looking forward to getting up at 6am though. 

What’s your favourite sports bra? Comment below! 


Kat ❤️


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