Summer Holiday and Wedding Looks

Hello Loves! 

It’s been a long week, but a good one I guess. First the Fourth of July then a wedding and today is my Papa’s birthday so I was up early ready to head to my hometown. 

I thought I would share some of my outfits from this week as an introduction to the post about my ‘Spoonie Emergency Kit’ that gets me through these hot(and cold) Southern days. 

I live in Texas unfortunately, so it’s pretty hot here–and humid. Having to be outside in the sun and the heat is awful in and of its self, add having a few chronic illnesses and you’re practically living a nightmare. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve, and a wardrobe that gets the job done. 

For the Fourth I opted for a crop top, shorts and a flannel. I knew I’d be outside most of the day and unable to lay down anywhere so I wore a crop top that doubles as a bra. Less layers, less sweat. I added a flannel so I’d have something to sit on if I needed to or something to cover my shoulders so I wouldn’t burn. I of course was lathered in baby sunscreen but the sun is brutal. As for my hair, well I’ll let you see for yourself. Enjoy this picture of me and Jar Jar Binks.  

Messy double buns with a red bandana. Oh, and my Star Wars Vans. I kept my makeup minimal, I used BB cream instead of foundation and neutral eyes with water proof mascara. The sun would give my cheeks a nice red tint so I skipped the blush and contoured my cheeks with bronze BB cream instead of my normal contour powder palate. 

After the Fourth it was time to head to San Antonio for Anita’s sisters’ wedding. We were invited to the bachelorette party which was at a gay bar where we enjoyed a drag show and some Karaoke. That night I was a little extra, I don’t get the opportunity to go out much mostly because I prefer to stay in and play video games on a Friday night. 

I will admit the leather skirt was not the best choice as I was sweating my non existent balls off, but damn did I feel fierce. I also wasn’t expecting the bar to be an outside bar. The shirt was a simple chiffon material that I got from a boutique some where, the same place the skirt was purchased. I wore my most comfortable (and my favourite) heels, did my full coverage makeup routine and added some touseled waves then hit the town! I didn’t wear any jewelry because after getting into that skirt and doing a full face of makeup I was lazy. But sometimes no jewelry can look classy too. Look at those roots, someone needs to get back to the beauty salon and get a touch up!! LOL. 

The wedding outfit was my favourite. I don’t usually wear bohemian style clothing, but it was the perfect style for an outdoor summer wedding. 

The skirt I purchased at that same boutique. It’s my absolute favourite! Or it was before it closed down, moved then got renamed. It still has some good pieces but it got a little too country chique for my tastes. The top was another gift I recently acquired, I was originally planning to wear it with some Levi cut offs but it ended up being a nice contrast to the skirt. I wore some nice jewelled sandals to complete the look, my hair was natural and pulled back into a half up fishtail braid and I went for a single gold choker necklace to complete the look. This coral dip hem skirt is one of my favourite pieces, I can style it so many different ways! I usually wear a loose white graphic tee with it to give it an edgy look, or a crop top for a casual summer look. I don’t do lace very often but I’m glad I did this weekend. 

On Wednesday I’ll put up the post about my ‘Spoonie Emergency Kit’ along with some ideas about how to choose what sort of things you should put in yours. 

I hope all of my US readers had a wonderful holiday and that my UK (and everywhere else) babes are enjoying their summers. I hear it’s pretty warm in England–stay cool and drink lots of water!! 




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