When Did I Grow Up? 

My youngest sister prank called me today. And it wasn’t anything major she just kept saying “I love you!” 

But she didn’t sound the same on the phone and I was at work so I kept asking for a name. When she finally told me who she was I told her prank calls weren’t cool. 

How lame could I be? 

It wasn’t that long ago that I was in HS and making prank calls with C at 11 at night. We had one lady going for hours about how we were two British sisters in the states for school but we were trying to phone home for our Aunt Petunia. To this day I will never know if she caught on and played along or if we really had convinced her. 

It didn’t take me long to figure out who was calling me and why–but I still asked her if she needed anything because I am that lame. I could have played along–I used to when I was in college. People would prank call me and I’d put on an accent and run circles around them. 

Now I’m asking myself: when the hell did I become an adult? 

I’m not an adult. I suck at adulting. I’m really just this lucky 23 year old who’s running around the states bumping into people, making friends and getting herself into precarious and sometimes amazing situations. I can’t even remember how old I am sometimes. Seriously, someone asked me my age last week and I literally had to do the math…on my phone… Also, I forget that I can go into the liquor store and buy my own liquor. I’m constantly trying to con my older friends to buy me stuff and they’re always like “Kat, your 23. Go buy it yourself!” And when I do, I still feel like I’m breaking the law or something. 

I’m pretty hopeless as an adult. I just tell myself I know what I’m doing. But I don’t. Anita and I have a plan, and so far it’s working but there’s still plenty of time for the Dallas ship to capsize and leave us in the dusty East Texas waters. 

But seriously. Where do you draw the line between bumbling college kid to responsible adult? Now that I think about it, even with all this chronic illness crap I’m still pretty independent. But I’ve always been that way so I don’t think that makes me anymore or less an adult than I was in high school. 

Just yesterday I was talking with a girl I went to HS with and it’s been over five years since we graduated! Where the frack did the time go!?  I ran into her while I was taking care of adultish things in my home town. I look so different now I’m surprised she even recognised me. I’ve seen loads of people I knew in HS and they never recognise me untill I tell them my name. Now some of these people were ugly as all get out to me in those days. But Ash wasn’t like that. And towards the end of senior year I’m pretty sure I was the borderline bully as I was so fed up with how those people treated me. 

But it’s all water under the bridge now. I probably won’t go to my reunion, or maybe I will, but I still can’t believe how time flies.  

Maybe there’s isn’t a definite point in your life that you cross that defines you as an adult. 

I can be a fully functioning adult who plays a lot of video games, cosplays and has cool toys right? Ok. Well it’s what I’m telling myself.

Have a good weekend my loves 




2 thoughts on “When Did I Grow Up? 

  1. It’s so weird how adulthood just isn’t any different. We’re just thrown in this world where we’re expected to know everything and really we just flounder to survive.
    Also, don’t go to the reunion. High school kids are a**holes.

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