Jeggings, Army Green, and Evian Water Spritz

Hello WildeKats. Sorry this post is coming a bit latter in the day than usual, I sort of slept in…big time. But I needed it. See, Anita and I went on a ghost tour that turned into a ghost hunt. That wasn’t the plan–we were told that we would be going to different houses and buildings and getting a tour. I love history and Anita loves stories so we jumped at the opportunity. It was an over night tour, but we still weren’t prepared to be given hunting equipment and dropped off at a ‘haunted’ house with random strangers. We made some good friends, but let me tell you I was scared out of my mind!

I have another post going up on my blog tomorrow. I have some pictures of the places we went to and lots of stories to tell.

But for this post I’ll share my Ghost Hunting outfit and my Mother’s day outfit–since they were both in the same weekend and I didn’t sleep the whole weekend. Not a good idea for a spoonie, but I made sure to drink plenty of water.


The first outfit is what I wore on the ghost hunt that wasn’t supposed to be a hunt. It was cooler that night and I’m always cold so I chose a loose light tan shirt, jeggigns(did I spell this right?) and brown boots with an olive army jacket. Anything revolving around anything scary–I don’t want any exposed skin. I braided my natural hair back out of my face and set off on my surprise adventure.

The second picture is what I wore out with my family on mother’s day. Yes, I wore the same jeggings because when you get home at five A.M. and have to be at church at 10–you take a nap in your clothes, throw on a different shirt and go with it. My white van’s are my new favorite, and look at how dirty they got from walking around in those flowers. I was none to happy. As you can tell I really like neutral colors. My entire closet it mainly black, white, grey, tan, and olive. I don’t wear bright anything–occasionally I’ll wear a multi-color tank or a maroon shirt but I like black and white; simple, chic, goes with everything.

The green tank I got from a boutique in my home town years ago, it’s chiffon so it’s light and weather appropriate. And because I can’t be exposed to the sun, thanks to certain Rheum meds, I chose a cream cardigan I’m pretty sure I got from Khols two Christmases ago. Same makeup, previously braided hair went in a low pony tail, I spritzed some Evian Mineral water spray over my make up, downed a cup of coffee and went on about my day. Here’s a link to the Evian Mineral Spray–it’s one of my spring/summer must haves.

I don’t normally wear makeup two days in a row as it’s very bad for your skin. The Evian spray hydrated my foundation enough so that I wouldn’t have the dreaded cake face while I was out with family. Such makeup hacks are usually reserved for sleepless weekends in Vegas and overnight flights. The Evian Mist is great for pool days, beach days or summer in general. I discovered it during my summer stay in Phoenix. It’s a bit pricey but you can find it online for cheap. I recommend splurging on the 10 oz because the smaller bottles only have 1-2 ounces and you pay at least five bucks for each. I got a 10 oz from for around 15 with shipping and handling but there are cheaper options. I have a good relationship with so that’s my go to if Sephora or Ulta are too pricey.

Have a good week WileKat’s!



Chronically InSyle: We All Have Flaws

Hello my beautiful WildeKats and welcome to the first official post of Chronically InStyle!!

Style is something I believe, even when we feel our worst, is something we should never have to sacrifice. I don’t claim to be a fashion guru but I was taught at a very young age that you should always look your best because you never know who you’re going to run into.

As spoonies we often hate our bodies for hating themselves. Medications cause us to bloat or gain weight, some of us have ports, scars or even wear braces. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t feel confident about our bodies; there is no such thing as perfect and even if they were–perfect is kind of boring in my oh-so-humble opinion. We have character, stories, wisdom and a whole lot of love. Why shouldn’t we take some of that love and love ourselves?

Earlier this week I was feeling bluer than normal. My makeup wasn’t as good as it could have been; my eyeliner was crooked, my contour wasn’t as defined, and I’m pretty sure I used two different colors on my eye lids by mistake. But none the less, I packed up and went to my grandma’s. We had lunch at our favorite spot and when she asked me to pose for a picture I pleasantly declined. But she is a grandma and therefore doesn’t take no for an answer.


At first I hated it. I mean, besides the obvious flaws I wasn’t even ready for the picture. My tank is rolled up, my hair is flat, the wind was blowing in my face, my flannel looks weird, and I’m not even looking at anything. I’m not wearing anything fancy, hell I’m not even sure I matched quite right. But I was comfortable. When I look at this picture I see my pain, my anxiety, and the fact I was leaning against the wall to keep my balance. But my grandma saw me. I urged her to take another but she only smiled and said she just needed this one. I still don’t see what she did, but I do know that we are our worst critiques. My grandma loved it and that was that.

So who cares that is probably the most awkward picture ever? The lighting is pretty boss though. We all have flaws, we all have things about us we don’t like. This picture highlights pretty much everything that I hate about myself, but I’m probably the only one who can see it.

So stop beating yourself up about the silly things. Half the time we’re worrying about nothing anyways. Just be confident, happy–and most of all comfortable.

I’ll catch you next week, my loves. I’m gonna talk about breast lift tape. Yes it’s a thing and it’s amazing.



(American Eagle high wasted destroyed skinny jeans: $44. Olive tank: $2 from Walmart. Aero Black Caged Sports bra: $8. Flannel: $4 from goodwill. White Vans: $45)

Spoonie In Distress

WildeKats, I desperately need your help.

As you know, someone mentioned starting a fashion series for my blog. But as I’ve been working on posts, taking pictures and tossing around names for the series because ‘Spoonie Fashion” is BORING.

What about starting a second blog? I don’t want to neglect Perfectly Wilde but I feel launching a series might steer the blog away from its original purpose.

What are your thoughts? Do you manage multiple blogs? If so, how? Or do you think it would be better to just keep one and do a series?



New Series: Spoonie Fashion

Hello WildeKats!!

I’ve been working on something very exciting. I’ve also been playing video games…but you probably already knew that didn’t you? Still trying to finish Andromeda, but Apollo has been a bit distracting lately…I think he’s jealous of Corvinus. Every time I sit down to play Andromeda, I hear FemShep calling to me from the living room. I finally got a proper desk chair and my new cooling system to work so Apollo has been running like a charm all week. Not sure how long it will last, God’s tend to be a bit on the moody side but I shall enjoy my few days off with him.

Any who, on to my exciting news!!

I’ve been asked to start a fashion segment. I’ve been twirling this idea around in my head for quite sometime. I have a post on my daily beauty regimen and another for tips and tricks but I never considered myself to be, for lack of a better term, fashion forward.

We all like to look our best, and we all have a style. Mine rotates between hipster/boho on my good days to grunge/badass when I’m pissed or not feeling well. I also have sworn off jeans–traditional jeans–that is. I’m a jegging girl all the way.

The only reason I even considered this is because I am a spoonie. Now, for all you fashionista’s that come across this, a spoonie is someone who has a chronic illness. These illnesses include but are not limited to lyme disease, chrons disease, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and even some mental illnesses. I personally battle CFS, fibro, and RA on a daily basis. These illnesses make even the simplest tasks difficult, so fashion isn’t something most of us are concerned about.

As a toddler I was a pagent girl, a dancer in my school years and a cheerleader. I even modeled competitively when I was in JR High. I have been trained to always look my best when I leave the house because you never know who you might run into. Fashion is a coping mechanism for me, if I’m confident in my outfit somehow–even on a flare day–I still feel accomplished and beautiful.

As spoonies, our lives are riddled with pain, constant doctor’s appointments, sleepless nights and rough mornings–but that doesn’t mean we have to look as rough as we feel.

I shall call this series Spoonie Fashion (unless I come up with a better title) and I will share all my tricks to look good despite the pain. Some days you just can’t. But if you’re like me–a spoonie who refuses to let your illnesses get the better of you, check in every once in a while for my comfortable spoonie outfits and must have pieces.

I will apologize in advance though, as my photography skills aren’t the best and I have yet to befriend a true artist. Until that day, ignore the awkward mirror selfies.

First post will be up soon.

What are you’re thoughts? Are you a spoonie with a passion for fashion? What are your tricks to looking your best on flare day? Comment below!

Until next time,



Accept, Embrace, and Share the REAL you. 

Just because something is on the internet doesn’t make it true. I know from experience how easy it is to appear happy. You post pictures on instagram, Facebook and Snapchat for other people to see–so that they’ll see how happy you are. You tweet snarky, funny and mischevious tweets and post on facebook so that specific people will see it. No one wants to broadcast how miserable they are and we’re certain no one wants to see it. Instead we aim to make them jealous by being incrediably happy. Maybe you’re not lying. Maybe you’re really happy and just want everyone to see it. Cool. You do you boo. But what if you’re not. 

I am majorly guilty of this. I have family members in other states whom I don’t want to worry. In the past I’ve been bullied on line and instead of deleting my accounts I pressed on–pretended to be happy in school so that my peers wouldn’t think they had won. Which they hadn’t–but they didn’t need to think they had. 

We also judge people based off of what they post online. In my book there are very fine lines I don’t like to cross. People who do cross them… cool… but I have no desire to read it. I don’t comment or berate, I simply ignore. But it’s so easy to cover up pain with a smile in a picture. Pictures capture one small second of someone’s life, not their entire story.   

It’s so easy just to accept someone’s  seemingly happy life on insta and never press for details. I see this with a lot of celebrities. They post beautiful pictures that make other people wish they were as pretty as said celeb–then later we find out they were fighting for their lives. Either depression, anorexia, suicidal thoughts… whatever. Everyone struggles. EVERYONE. 

For years I pretended to be happy where I was. Even when I first realised I was sick I never said anything to even my parents. This only hurt me in the end. No one believed me because I struggled everyday to make myself look presentable. I covered up the pain, exhaustion and bruises that came from no where. I held back tears and suffered through the pain for so long that when I began telling people I was ill they didn’t believe me. They had seen me pretend to be happy, normal and healthy for so long that they couldn’t comprehend anything else. 

I love who I am but it took me a long time to get here. I wish I knew then what I know now. I wish I knew how beautiful I was, how strong I was when I was a kid. I spent so much time trying to fit in, trying to convince the world I was jus like them but in the end I couldn’t even fool myself. 

Why do we feel the need to lie to the world? Why do we cover up our pain and project a healthy persona on social media? Who are we trying to impress? What do we hope to accomplish? 

I can’t answer any of these questions. But I can tell you that doing this–lying to the world–is dangerous in more ways than one. You’re lying to yourself. You’re trying to create an image, a person that’s not you. It’s fact that if you tell someone their not good enough long enough that person will be begin to believe it. If you keep telling yourself that your not good enough, sooner or later you will begin to believe it. If you keep telling yourself that you’re this person you’ve created, you’ll begin to believe it. Then when you can’t be that person…it’s devistating. Don’t do that to yourself. 

You are perfect the way you are. And that person is who you need to project onto the world. Don’t be ashamed of your pain, your illnesses or any hardships you’ve been having. If you need help, ask for it. You’re not alone. Everyone struggles. 

You’re your worst critic. Love yourself. Always. Originals are always worth more than copies. Don’t cover up who you are, embrace it and share it! 

I love you. 

Sorry for the touchy-feelyness this week. 

No. You know what? I’m not sorry. I love you. And I just needed to tell you that. 

Ok. I’m done now. Gross, sappy feels be gone! 



Pimples Be Gone…

So I’ve been recently obsessed with my skin care routine. I’ve never been a high maintenance girl, I take care of myself but I never wore makeup a lot because I was lazy. With this new job my boss expects me to show up how I showed up for my interview. Well I wore makeup because I had a huge pimple so now I wear makeup EVERYDAY. 

My current skincare routine consists of a series of common house hold products and face wash. I don’t do anything fancy like toner (although I’m ready to try!) or night cream. I just like feeling all sophisticated with a routine, it makes me happy. I use Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Redness Smoothing Cleanser at night then use PONDS Dry Skin Cream. See nothing fancy at all. Every once in a while I’ll do a coconut oil, honey and avocado face mask if I’m in the mood to be pampered but aside from talking off my makeup and cleansing I have never done anything out of the ordinary. If I had a pimple, I had a pimple. 

Well last night, I’m guessing because of all the unnatural makeup wearing, my skin was breaking out so I dabbed some tea tree oil on the problem areas because my regional manager will be in the office today and what have I got to loose? After the oil dried I put my moisturizer on top of it thinking if anything the redness would subside. Well I got up a few moments ago and THERE WERE NO PIMPLES. Okay, so there were a few smaller ones but they’re not even red. The one big one I had is almost completely gone and I’m so blown away I even snap chatted it(this is a big deal, I don’t snap often)! Even the black heads on my nose are less noticeable. I may have let some dribble down my nose after dabbing some on my t-zone. 

I’m going to do this all the time now, every time I have a pimple. Try it out for yourself and tell me how it goes! I’m even thinking of getting some Chapstick tubes and filling them with coconut oil and tea tree oil for easy applications! Oh I’m so excited!! Remember to be mindful of where you apply the tea tree oil. It can burn your eyes if you get it too close to them. Also, I have dry skin so I don’t wash my face in the morning. But if you have oily skin be sure to cleanse both at night and in the morning. Having a routine helps me sleep and makes it easier to get out of bed. 

Have a wonderful rest of the week WildeKats 



Body Image: We’re ALL Human

Wow… So it’s been a while. You already knew how horrible of a blogger I was so I’m not sure what you expected.

Well I made it back from Britain… And to say the least-I didn’t wanna come home. And I sort of hit the ground running as soon as I got off the plane. My boss wants to move me to a store in Boston, I’m applying to grad school and trying to deal with publisher things. My goal is to publish SOMEHOW this summer now that I’m graduated and have a degree under my belt. Also… I started Dragon Age Inquisition 🙈 so that’s what I’ve really been doing for the last two weeks even though I still have thank you letters and application things to do.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. Since I got home to Texas, where its a few degrees shy of Satans kitchen, I’ve had this nagging desire to be SKINNY. It’s bikini season, I just spent the day at a water park and I’ve been to the lake with friends and have more plans that involve bathing suits and super cute outfits. I’m constantly scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter checking up on my fave celebs and telling myself I need to look like them or “that’s a cute outfit. But I need to be smaller to wear that.”


The one thing I’ve been trying to accomplish on this blog is to PROVE its okay to love yourself THE WAY YOU ARE. I’m the QUEEN of self love, I sport my curves and I’m constantly showered with compliments from friends, strangers, and family. But still…in the back of my mind I long to be as skinny as Selena Gomez. Everyone knows I’m obsessed with Ariana… She’s just SO DAMN ADORABLE and I have boards full of Ari inspired looks and hairstyles. Here I am trying to convince the world they’re beautiful and I’m still comparing myself to celebrities.

I won’t lie, I’m not fat. I’m actually four sizes smaller than I was in high school, and even then I wasn’t fat.  I was chunky, especially in the face but I was a baby so that’s normal…right? Now, my recent weight loss wasn’t a healthy weight loss, I’ve been battling an autoimmune disease so it’s mainly due to appetite loss, vomiting and medication. It’s hard for me to be physically active, even though I try to be so naturally I’ve got some junk in my trunk. And by junk I mean cottage cheese.  I’ve also got what my sister calls…porn star boobs. Despite what anyone I went to high school says, they’re all natural and it would look absalutley absurd for anyone Ariana or Selena’s size to have double D’s.

So basically what I’m trying to say is that I’m human. I too struggle everyday with the longing to be bikini ready all year around. But the truth is–I’m not and probably never will be. I’m scarred, forever bloated thanks to CFS and unable to workout without using up ALL the spoons, but it’s okay. I will love my body no matter what. And I have to remind myself this everyday and so should you!

We’re all beautiful, made perfect the way we are. Everybody struggles, even the celebs we [shouldn’t] idolize. Just remember that they’re just people; most diet and rigorously train to look the way they do.

There is a difference in wanting to be healthy and wanting to be skinny. Which one do you want to be?

TTYL WildeKats 😘😘😘


Yours Truly,