Fibromyalgia Hack: The Long Line Bra

Hello my WildeKats, 

Today we’re gonna talk about bra’s. Mostly because I just walked out of Victoria’s Secret with two amazing sports bras. Le sigh. 

As a spoonie and a female, finding the perfect bra is detrimental to every day comfort. But as a spoonie, the bra issue is my most problematic because most days it hurts to wear one. Mostly I go braless if I can get away with it or I wear breast lift tape, which I spoke about in my last post. But sometimes a good bra is a necessity. 

I prefer bralettes now a days but it’s so hard to find good affordable ones. Especially for little Oh 34DD me. I need something with a full coverage cup, adjustable straps but also something comfortable. I know, that’s next to impossible, right? Wrong. With the proper digging you will find the perfect product and you will buy it like it’s going out of style. Victorias Secret, Old Navy and Forever 21 are my not-so-Secret weapons when I’m looking for under garments and active clothing. 

Today, however, I want to discuss the all powerful: Sports Bra. *cue dramatic music*

As someone with Fibromyalgia and RA I feel staying active and healthy is mucho importante. It’s hard, believe me–I know. I’m about to start an elimination diet and I’m silently crying inside. When it comes to sports bras I don’t rely on Nike or Addidas to get me through my yoga class. I only buy from Victoria’s Secret, Old Navy and occasionally Dick’s Sporting Goods if I can find a specific style. 

The style I prefer looks like those weird Equestrian sports bras or crop tops. They’re called long line sports bras, they come in any style you can think of and they’re ah-mazing. I’m pretty chesty, so I prefer a bra that has thick straps to avoid the dreaded shoulder indentations. And because my main problem area is that area along your back where you’re bra connects in the back, I HAVE to have a bra that covers that area completely. 

For me they act as a compression sock for you’re upper body, save the shoulders. They feel great, they’re unbelievably comfortable and you can wear them as a crop top. I strut around my apartment in them all the time, I even went to dinner in one. 

Now of course they make them with normal straps if that’s what you’re into. They even have normal long line bras! For me, I need the thick straps and compression so this is what I buy. I find them more often in Victoria’s Secret but they’re everywhere. You just have to dig. I prefer not to order clothing online but you can definitely find these on Amazon. 

Here’s the two I just bought on sale at VS. I couldn’t believe the hold they have, they more than passed the bounce test in the dressing room. I’m almost excited for tomorrow’s yoga session–almost. Still not looking forward to getting up at 6am though. 

What’s your favourite sports bra? Comment below! 


Kat ❤️

Better Late Than Never 

I just realised that it’s Thursday and I didn’t post on Monday. I apologise. A lot has happened this week, I had some job interviews, an article I wrote was published in a local newspaper, my best friend came into town.  Needless to say, I’ve been a little busy. Also Fibrofog has hit me hard this week. But I looked fabulous so who cares right?? 

I found a million reasons to hate the way I looked in this picture. I guess that’s one of the reasons I wasn’t hurrying to write this post. I’ve been forced to do a lot of soul searching this month. Figuring out who I am, what kind of career I want, and most importantly–am I going to let my illness get the better of me. 

I’ve been using my lack of employment and my illness[s] as an excuse not to make up my mind on a lot of things. I’ve enjoyed my impromptu vacation of sorts but I’m bored. And I lack the motivation to do something about it. I kept telling myself that I’m not physically capable of doing what I want. But that is a lie. I may not be right now but I will be. 

The outfit above was purchased in my favourite city: London. Just last year I was prancing down Oxford Street without a care in the world. So much has changed but I am determined to make it back to the UK. 

Everything was bought at H&M in London. Except my bag. I got that in the states recently. I don’t normally carry purses. In light of recent events, I have made some changes to my fashion go-to’s bc medications don’t fit in my collection of small hip bags. 

Have a wonderful weekend my loves. And remember, love who you are ❤️ 



Spoonie Hacks: Breast Lift Tape

Hello WildeKats!

This week has been a tad crazy. I was out of town apartment hunting for Anita and I’s big move. I did some fun things with some friends, but didn’t find the time to snap a picture of my outfits. Since I’ve been back, I haven’t left my couch and we’ve been having a pajama party at Kat’s apartment. But there is a specific beauty product I’ve been dying to talk about.

Breast Lift Tape.

You heard right. Tape that lifts the boobs.

I love this product so much because as someone who struggles with Fibromyalgia, I have days where even a t-shirt hurts. But because I am female and cursed with a large chest–I have to wear a bra, right? WRONG. It took me a while but I finally gave up on the bra franchise. I’m not completely bra free, but I have found ways around the big boob-nip issue.

The brand Hollywood Fashion Secrets offers a series of products from bra extenders, double sided fashion tape, to nipple covers. They have pasties, reusable silicone covers and best of all breast lift tape. I came across the brand while in Vegas. My aunt had bought me a killer dress for a concert but it was backless. Not to mention that after the previous day of shopping, walking the strip and a four hour high stakes poker game I was beyond exhausted and in pain everywhere. My aunt has Hashimotos so she understood some what. She encouraged me to just ditch the bra and be free as a bird. But as self conscious as I was back then I just couldn’t do it. The dress was a halter dress so I went to the store to buy gaffers tape and just tape my boobs like a Kardashian. I thank God everyday for the employee who stopped me and steered me towards the beauty section that day because taping your boobs sucks. I had done it several times before for galas, proms, dances and formal conferences. Add allodynia to the mix and peeling the tape off afterwards is torture.

Now, having discovered this fashion secret, if I’m wearing an outfit that requires a bra but I’m not in the mood(or the physical condition) to wear one, breast lift tape is there to save the day. CAUTION: this tape is VERY sticky. It took me a few uses to get the hang of it but it’s worth the money you pay for them. I buy them in bulk from Amazon because a package at your local drugstore is $10 for 4 pairs. You can buy them at $7 a package with free shipping on orders over $25.

If you play your cards right one pair may even last you two or three days. Most days I can’t stand in the shower, so I bathe. The tape isn’t exactly water proof but as long as your not soaking in the bath they will stick. I wore a pair for almost a week once. I was incredibly sick, but still had class and honestly I was so used to just going braless I forgot I had them on. I don’t recommend wearing them for that long because taking them off can be awful.

Here’s a link to the tape on amazon and here’s a link to a video showing you how to use them.

I’m a 34D, so unless I become rich and get a reduction I will never be able to join the totally braless band wagon–but there are ways around every problem. This is the perfect–and safest–way to get a comfortable lifted look without the discomfort of a bra. I know girls who bind or tape their boobs every day. That is incredibly unhealthy and painful.

I hope you all have a fabulous week!



Jeggings, Army Green, and Evian Water Spritz

Hello WildeKats. Sorry this post is coming a bit latter in the day than usual, I sort of slept in…big time. But I needed it. See, Anita and I went on a ghost tour that turned into a ghost hunt. That wasn’t the plan–we were told that we would be going to different houses and buildings and getting a tour. I love history and Anita loves stories so we jumped at the opportunity. It was an over night tour, but we still weren’t prepared to be given hunting equipment and dropped off at a ‘haunted’ house with random strangers. We made some good friends, but let me tell you I was scared out of my mind!

I have another post going up on my blog tomorrow. I have some pictures of the places we went to and lots of stories to tell.

But for this post I’ll share my Ghost Hunting outfit and my Mother’s day outfit–since they were both in the same weekend and I didn’t sleep the whole weekend. Not a good idea for a spoonie, but I made sure to drink plenty of water.


The first outfit is what I wore on the ghost hunt that wasn’t supposed to be a hunt. It was cooler that night and I’m always cold so I chose a loose light tan shirt, jeggigns(did I spell this right?) and brown boots with an olive army jacket. Anything revolving around anything scary–I don’t want any exposed skin. I braided my natural hair back out of my face and set off on my surprise adventure.

The second picture is what I wore out with my family on mother’s day. Yes, I wore the same jeggings because when you get home at five A.M. and have to be at church at 10–you take a nap in your clothes, throw on a different shirt and go with it. My white van’s are my new favorite, and look at how dirty they got from walking around in those flowers. I was none to happy. As you can tell I really like neutral colors. My entire closet it mainly black, white, grey, tan, and olive. I don’t wear bright anything–occasionally I’ll wear a multi-color tank or a maroon shirt but I like black and white; simple, chic, goes with everything.

The green tank I got from a boutique in my home town years ago, it’s chiffon so it’s light and weather appropriate. And because I can’t be exposed to the sun, thanks to certain Rheum meds, I chose a cream cardigan I’m pretty sure I got from Khols two Christmases ago. Same makeup, previously braided hair went in a low pony tail, I spritzed some Evian Mineral water spray over my make up, downed a cup of coffee and went on about my day. Here’s a link to the Evian Mineral Spray–it’s one of my spring/summer must haves.

I don’t normally wear makeup two days in a row as it’s very bad for your skin. The Evian spray hydrated my foundation enough so that I wouldn’t have the dreaded cake face while I was out with family. Such makeup hacks are usually reserved for sleepless weekends in Vegas and overnight flights. The Evian Mist is great for pool days, beach days or summer in general. I discovered it during my summer stay in Phoenix. It’s a bit pricey but you can find it online for cheap. I recommend splurging on the 10 oz because the smaller bottles only have 1-2 ounces and you pay at least five bucks for each. I got a 10 oz from for around 15 with shipping and handling but there are cheaper options. I have a good relationship with so that’s my go to if Sephora or Ulta are too pricey.

Have a good week WileKat’s!


Chronically InSyle: We All Have Flaws

Hello my beautiful WildeKats and welcome to the first official post of Chronically InStyle!!

Style is something I believe, even when we feel our worst, is something we should never have to sacrifice. I don’t claim to be a fashion guru but I was taught at a very young age that you should always look your best because you never know who you’re going to run into.

As spoonies we often hate our bodies for hating themselves. Medications cause us to bloat or gain weight, some of us have ports, scars or even wear braces. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t feel confident about our bodies; there is no such thing as perfect and even if they were–perfect is kind of boring in my oh-so-humble opinion. We have character, stories, wisdom and a whole lot of love. Why shouldn’t we take some of that love and love ourselves?

Earlier this week I was feeling bluer than normal. My makeup wasn’t as good as it could have been; my eyeliner was crooked, my contour wasn’t as defined, and I’m pretty sure I used two different colors on my eye lids by mistake. But none the less, I packed up and went to my grandma’s. We had lunch at our favorite spot and when she asked me to pose for a picture I pleasantly declined. But she is a grandma and therefore doesn’t take no for an answer.


At first I hated it. I mean, besides the obvious flaws I wasn’t even ready for the picture. My tank is rolled up, my hair is flat, the wind was blowing in my face, my flannel looks weird, and I’m not even looking at anything. I’m not wearing anything fancy, hell I’m not even sure I matched quite right. But I was comfortable. When I look at this picture I see my pain, my anxiety, and the fact I was leaning against the wall to keep my balance. But my grandma saw me. I urged her to take another but she only smiled and said she just needed this one. I still don’t see what she did, but I do know that we are our worst critiques. My grandma loved it and that was that.

So who cares that is probably the most awkward picture ever? The lighting is pretty boss though. We all have flaws, we all have things about us we don’t like. This picture highlights pretty much everything that I hate about myself, but I’m probably the only one who can see it.

So stop beating yourself up about the silly things. Half the time we’re worrying about nothing anyways. Just be confident, happy–and most of all comfortable.

I’ll catch you next week, my loves. I’m gonna talk about breast lift tape. Yes it’s a thing and it’s amazing.



(American Eagle high wasted destroyed skinny jeans: $44. Olive tank: $2 from Walmart. Aero Black Caged Sports bra: $8. Flannel: $4 from goodwill. White Vans: $45)

Spoonie In Distress

WildeKats, I desperately need your help.

As you know, someone mentioned starting a fashion series for my blog. But as I’ve been working on posts, taking pictures and tossing around names for the series because ‘Spoonie Fashion” is BORING.

What about starting a second blog? I don’t want to neglect Perfectly Wilde but I feel launching a series might steer the blog away from its original purpose.

What are your thoughts? Do you manage multiple blogs? If so, how? Or do you think it would be better to just keep one and do a series?



Big Girl Jobs and Celebratory Thrift Store Hauls

Hey WildeKats!!

It’s official, Kat got a big girl job! No more retail for me!! Well, it’s sort of retail… its a sales job but good news: no more facing, cleaning, or stocking for Kat! It’s a full time job and the hours aren’t terrible so hopefully I’ll get a routine going soon so I can blog more.

I get to wear suits–power suits–and I bought my first pair of loafers today and I’m totes obsessed with them. I may have been born in Texas, but Lord knows my fashion sense came from the valley. I don’t do just normal slacks and button downs so I went out thrift shopping for some things to tweak and boy did I bring in quite the haul today! Aside form the adorable brand new loafers I snagged today, I scored two blazers, a pencil skirt and two pairs of straight legged slacks. With a little razzle and dazzle I know have the partial wardrobe of a powerhouse woman from wall street. Give me two months, a trip to the North Park Mall and another pair of bad ass loafers and I’ll be the best dressed employee they’ve ever had.

I love, love, love thrift store shopping. It’s very relaxing, hell… shopping period is relaxing. I’ve been on the hunt for an antique tea pot so I hit up all the thrift stores within a fifty mile radius of my apartment. I haven’t allowed myself to buy any furniture yet though, I’m collecting tea cups and saucers for a very adult un-birthday tea party/bridal shower. Back in Phoenix there were two or three vintage shops down town I would frequent, as long as it’s gently used I have no problem wearing someone else’s clothes. Where else are you going to find those soft t-shirts that fit just right or those perfectly broke in combat boots you’ve practically walked through? Not in a brand store, that’s for sure! Don’t get me wrong, buying brand new clothes is just as exciting but I like my clothing to have character. I once bought this old Deff Leappard tank top that the lady said had been on her rack for five years, before that it came form another store. The shirt is from their Pyromania tour back in ’82! Imagine the stories this shirt has, the places it’s seen! Its exciting!

Alright, enough about my obsessions with thrifting, I’ll let you get back to trolling through other people’s blogs. Love you guys!