Motivation: Keep Fighting. Never Give In

Happy World Poetry Day my Loves!

I don’t write poetry, I don’t even enjoy reading it that much so I will not be posting any haiku’s or riveting stanzas today. But I will be posting at least one creative piece. I have several so I just have to decide which one I hate the least–just kidding I love them all. Not really… some are just plain awful but I won’t post those.

Any who, I’ve been seeing a lot of different posts on my twitter feed about motivation and what spoonies–or anyone really–do to stay motivated. Jem from Imagination Within asked about music, another blog asked about motivational quotes. I even think the Forbe’s one word topic for today was “motivation”. For some people their motivation is their loved ones, for some it’s their job. My favorite quote is this: “Don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter twenty”–unknown. As a writer I feel this one hit it’s mark.

Me, I write when I’m motivated but what keeps me motivated? I had to stop and think about this one. When I was answering Jem’s question for her podcast I talked about my love for soft-Indie and classical music. Laurel is currently my favorite. I’ll add a link at the bottom for her spotify page–she’s absolutely fantastic. I’ve ranted about music before, or rather raved about it, but is music what really keepss me motivated to keep fighting?

I like to think I’m just stubborn. My father raised me to fight for what I wanted, to never settle. To be strong and independent. On the day I fight my hardest just to breathe I always find myself thinking something along the lines of ‘I will not be broken’ mainly out of spite. This illness took nearly everything from me. It’s put a halt on my dreams, severed friendships and has made me second guess every choice I’ve ever made about my future. But then I remember what my father taught me. I’ve been a daddy’s girl since I could walk. I wouldn’t say he’s my motivation, but every time I feel like giving in I remember he taught me to fight, so I fight. I had dreams, I want to save the world–I can’t do that from my bedroom. So amidst all the pain, nausea, side effects and sleepless nights I’m striving to continue my education so I can get a job in my field. It wont be the job I wanted, but it will still make a difference.

Music defintley fuels my fire though. I find comfort in many genre’s, jazz, rock, classical–even Irish and German music. It just depends on my mood that day. When I need major motivation or a pick me up I turn to my favorite rock artists, Black Veil Brides, Disturbed, Juliet Simms, Adelitas Way, Nothing More, Gemini Syndrome and the like. I’ve found rock music–though it can be a little much at times–holds more comfort in the way of lyrics.

“Take joy in who you are, we know our wings are flawed!”–BVB, Fallen Angels.

“Sometimes darkness can show you the light.”–Disturbed, The Light

“It’s no mistake, you are perfect, you are perfect in my mind…”–Gemini Sydrome, Stardust

I could go on all day.

Then there’s days where I just need to feel…heroic, epic, enlightened… so classical comes to save the day. I love soundtrack music–Hanz Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, James Newton Howard, John Williams. Then there’s the classics–Shostakovitch, Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn.

And then of course I love Ariana, Selena, Ruelle, Flurie, Laurel, Lindsey…some days I just need my girls, ya know?

Music is a great way to keep yourself calm, motivated and even distracted. I listen to spotify in the store to keep me from having an anxiety attack. I have music going in the background at home for the same reason. Music I guess keeps me calm, it helps me think clearly and most of all it helps me write.

What about you? Any particular artist keep you grounded? Do you do something specific to keep yourself calm and motivated to fight?

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Laurel’s spotify :

Her Youtube:



I have a new obsession.


You’re probably like what the hell is an Oonagh? Well historically speaking Oonagh is an Irish legend. She’s described as the most beautiful of the Goddesses, the Fairy Queen and Goddess of nature, love and relationships. I’ve done my fair share of research and there’s not a whole lot to be found other than folk lore. But I’m not talking about a Fairy Queen here, I’m talking about Senta-Sofia Delliponti.

After my adventures in Ireland I found a love for Irish/Celtic music and went searching the internet for anything with an Irish twist. I found a newer song by Celtic Woman with this random chick who had a beautiful voice but wasn’t part of the normal group. With some skillful searching, I found Sofia and found that she had her own album and sings in Sindarin (Elvish)! Sofia is German, so she sings most of the songs in German and some of the chorus’s in Sindarin. The music its self has Celtic and folklore vibes and it’s very enchanting–which is sort of the point. She’s got two albums out I think, with another on the way this month. I’m in love with her self titled album, Oonagh.

Senta-Sofia stated that by singing in Tolken’s Elvish her music invokes a state of fantasy for her listeners, helps them dive into another world. She’s absautley charming, beautiful and I love her voice. I’m a nerd so anything with any ties to Elvish and LOTR is gonna catch my eye. I’ve downloaded every song and even restarted learning German so I could translate some of the lyrics. Sindarin is very difficult to learn, dedicated nerds out there buy the Silmirilion and teach it to themselves. Me, I know enough to get around Mordor if I have to but that’s about it.

Sofia sings song’s about Elven legends created by Tolkien himself and also Celtic legends. I haven’t translated all the songs yet but I’m getting there. Some things don’t translate but the language isn’t what’s important. I personally think that the music would loose something if it was in English so I’m okay with not fully understanding all the lyrics just yet. I’m really pumped for her new album, Märchen Enden Gut, which roughly translates into Fairytales end well. Don’t quote me on that now because my German is awful. I have this bad habit of committing to a language for a month or so then get distracted with another. So far I’m in the middle of learning German, Gaelic, Italian and Spanish. And let’s not forget my spat with Klingon and Vulcan either.

So here’s a link, go check her out.  She’s amazing and I just love her. Follow her on social media too! There’s translators that work fairly well so don’t flip cause everything is in German. TBH German isn’t that hard to learn (speaking it can be tho), so maybe you’ll decide to better yourself and learn this beautiful language as well!

You may have to use a VPN to mask your browser GPS, some sites are restricted based on location, though her entire album is avalable on youtube via other users and you can buy her music on Itunes and Amazon.

Enjoy WildeKats! 😉

I Literally Have Nothing to Say

Sorry I’ve been MIA… but were you that surprised, really? I started my first big girl job and as you all know I’m a spoonie so I’ve had my fair share of issues with that these past few weeks as well.

I’m very blessed to have such mild symptoms most of the time. With my high pain tolerance I hardly notice most of my pain anymore until it escalates, like when I use all of my spoons at work four days in a row. I’m not on medication as of right now (personal choice) so I manage my symptoms as naturally as possible. But some days all you can do is lay in bed with your blankie, some lemon ginger tea and watch Netflix.

I’m better now, obviously, so on to the blogging. I have some scheduled posts ready but it’s not much. I’ve come down with an awful case of writers block. So bad that I’ve ended up staring at a blank page three days in a row for over an hour. I’ve done all my usual block fixes: played video games, read a new book, listened to my classical inspiration playlist, took a walk, took a bath… and NOTHING. I have nothing…

Playing video games or listening to music is usually all the inspiration I need. And I feel like I come up with loads of idea’s at work but buy the time I get home I don’t like the idea any more. ARG!

Any helpful tips, WildeKats? I need to cure this writers block PRONTO.. I have deadlines.

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A Father’s Hands


Hands that hold, hands that protect.

Hands worn, torn and sunburned from months spent in the deserts of the Middle East yet still so gentle.

Cuticles caked with permanent grime. Nails cracked and stained with the blood of his fellow soldiers, never even bothering to fiddle with gloves; hands that possessed a certain delicacy as they plunged into broken, bleeding, dying bodies in a desperate attempt to save a life.

This delicacy, this tenderness, is found only in hands that often hold the little hands of a child—a father’s hands. Of course, such gentle hands went unnoticed in such a horrid place as was war, but it was this tender touch that often gave dying soldiers one last piece of comfort as they closed their eyes and finally found peace.

Despite the horror these hands had touched, they were never harsh. For hands that had known so much death, they couldn’t stand to be anything but loving when holding the little hands of children.

Strong, kind hands forever tattooed with the horrors of war never allowed such things to impede their ability to love. Hands that never shook outwardly with fear; hands that had been taught to fight yet never razed a loved one’s cheek. Uncontrolling, careful, encouraging hands seeking only to guide—to love.

Hands that tell a story of fear, despair, loss and bloodshed yet still a story of unconditional love. The story of a father’s hands. The story of my father’s hands.


This is a small piece I wrote for my school’s newspaper inspired by an in class conversation about hands. Hands are one of the first thing I look at when I meet people, they say a lot about who they belong to. My own father has really rough skin, but gentle hands. He has five girls and despite having been a cop and in the military for forty years he is the most gentle person I know. He even braids hair! (I may have mentioned this before, but don’t tell him I told any of you this!)

This is just the first of many small creative pieces I have for you!



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Brave Enough: Review

Lindsey Stirling’s new album came out last week, something I’ve been anticipating for months! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this girl live, I’ve bought every album and have loads of merch. I’m no where near as big of a fan as Phelba but I’d say I’m pretty close. I’ve been following her on youtube since she she made her channel–I was a little baby middle schooler then (oh how time flies!).

I’ve loved everything thing she’s done, from the video game covers to her Decemberist’s cover.  So imagine my excitement for the new album.

It’s sort of bittersweet knowing that most of this album was inspired by Gavi and how difficult things must have been for the dubstep violinist. But she took that anger, that hurt and turned it into something beautiful.

I won’t lie, I was a bit disappointed with Brave Enough. As much as I like the collaborations,  I was hoping for more instrumental songs–or songs without lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a beast at writing meaningful lyrics–we shall never forget ‘Shatter Me’–but I do miss her signature dubstep pieces. I’m not a fan of change, which I’m sure if you follow my blog you are well aware of this fact, and I can’t help but feel that she’s changing too fast. I will never stop spreading the Lindsey Love but I will say I miss her video game covers and her quirky songs. Artists need to evolve I know and her new album is fantastic–it just wasn’t what I was expecting. The album has a strong message, it’s vulnerable and powerful at the same time and pulls of a certain cohesion that tugs at the edges of your heart. Can we just take a moment to appreciate track number nine? Mirage is definitely my favorite.

While I’m discussing the new album, I wanna talk about her new music video! The Arena is an original song inspired by a quote from Teddy Roosevelt I believe. The song itself has  a powerful sound and feel. The video is definitely more…risque… than anything else she’s ever done and I absolutely adore it! Lindsey walks in to this arena with a hunky-dunky piece of arm candy dressed in post apocalyptic inspired steam punk costumes ready to dance for their lives–or so it seems. The story behind the song is sort of revealed in the quote displayed at the beginning. Towards the end everyone who competes in this arena notices that the only people they can see in the stands is themselves.

This made me smile. I’m all about self love and self empowerment. I love, love, love how Lindsey embeds these deep meanings in her music that are completely obvious to anyone who is willing to listen.

Lindsey has always been an inspiration to me and I’m so excited to see what she has in store for us next!

I Survived Warped Tour ’15 !

I know this is WAY late, but I finally decided to write about my experience at Warped Tour ’15. The good thing about Warped Tour is there’s something for everyone. Most people assume its all rock bands, and I guess it sort of is, but this time Family Force Five was a part of this party, as well as Never Shout Never and This Wild Life, all who are not rock bands.

The Vans Warped Tour is the largest touring music festival in the United States, it started out in 1995 which also makes it the longest touring music festival in North America. It may have started out as a skate punk and third-wave tour but since 1995  it has grown into something so much more! So many bands and independent singers are apart of this festival now, and this festival means so much to so many people! This is how many bands like Black Veil Brides (my favorite band of all time!), Fall out Boy, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance and Bless the Fall made a name for them selves. Singers like Juliet Simms, Katy Perry and Will I Am also got their start on a Warped Tour. Also, many members of bands and people who perform give music lessons to people who come to the tour! There are signings, merch tents, workshops and other opportunities to meet any one who inspires you! Warped Tour attracts a wide variety of people of every shape, form, hair color, musical taste and age-this is what makes it so special.

My Warped experience started out pretty normal. L and I got our tickets months in advance, told everyone we knew we were going and even planned our outfits. We looked up pictures from past tours, survival guides, ways to get in the venue early and I even plotted our route to the venue.

When L and her BF (we shall call him A) arrived in Phoenix I was beyond excited!

We arrived at the venue over an hour before they open the gates, brought canned food for the canned food drive and plenty of snacks and water. We were drenched in a mixture of sweat and sunscreen before they even opened the gates, but this in no way impeded our ability to enjoy every second. I was on a mission to vlog the entire day, L, was giving out free hugs and A was so pumped to see This Wild Life I’m pretty sure he wet his pants a little. Of course the main band L and I wanted to see was BVB, but we watched Juiliet Simms, Set It Off, Memphis May Fire, Pierce The Veil and even Escape the Fate play that day!

The Monster truck gave out FREE drinks all day, there was plenty of food, merch and other things to do the three of us didn’t know what to do with our selves! Word of advice, if you plan on going to Warped ’16 (which I do) BRING PLENTY OF SPENDING MONEY! I can’t tell you how hard it was to budget for that Juliet t-shirt and poster, the Van’s hat and t-shirt and then FOOD. Also, pay attention to the Instagram accounts associated with booths that will be there, most of them give out free prizes to people with the ‘magic word of the day’ (Journeys). The only thing I didn’t like about Warped was the crowd surfing. I’ve been to PLENTY of rock concerts in my life, but never have I ever been so ticked off by the crowd surfing. I mean, who starts at the back and plans to be carried to the front? Not only is this HIGHLY dangerous, it’s SO RUDE! I can’t tell you how many times L, A, and I got kicked in the head because we couldn’t see the retard surfing towards the stage. You’re not gonna make it to the stage, so why even try? Your supposed to start from the front and work your way to the back.

Warped Tour is not for the feint hearted, there is a LOT of cussing, screaming and people wandering around in very questionable outfits. When it gets closer to Warped ’16 I will post a survival guide with everything you need to know about getting through the day! L and I plan on going to Chicago this year! But if all else fails there will be one in Dallas that we can teeter on over to if need be.

Despite the unbearable temperature of the Arizona desert and the awful crowd surfing, the tour was just amazing. I fell in love with bands I had never even heard of, met some of the most amazing people ever, got to see my favorite band play on their favorite tour and share a great memory with one of my best friends! When everyone was finally kicked out we made our way to Chili’s for some much needed iced beverages and non-festival food before heading back to my villa for the night, but our adventure was far from over. Next it was off to L.A. to see what kind of trouble we could get ourselves into.

All in all, the sunburns, hearing loss and temporary dehydration was worth it! I cannot wait till Warped ’16. They should be announcing the line up soon. If your interested in going, here’s a link to the Warped Tour official site.