The PAX South Adventure

Hello, my friends!

My New Years resolution for this year was/is to be more tentative to the blog. I was doing really well for a while then I started cosplaying and well…. it basically took over my life.

I have loads of new outfits to post pictures of once I get a decent backdrop for them. My apartment is so messy and the lighting sucks I usually only take pictures out doors and with it being unseasonably cold in East Texas, Kat doesn’t go outside often anymore.

I also started live streaming on Twitch! Facing the same lighting/messy apartment issue so I don’t use a webcam but I do stream when I can. You know me, I’m horrible at keeping to a schedule. Things get done when they get done.

But you didn’t come here to listen to me justify my spotty posting habbits and beg for forgiveness. You want to hear about PAX South don’t you?

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. We had a rough start and ended up skipping Friday but Saturday and Sunday were amazing. PAX is so different from any other convention I’ve ever been to. They have areas for tabletop games, an arena, booths where you can demo games, try out new chairs and gear, panels and even a Bring Your Own Computer area so you don’t have to wait in line. There was so much to see and I definitely didn’t even come close to doing everything humanly possible but it was still fun.

Anita and I attended some panels Sunday, but mostly we wandered around, getting swept away and swooning with nerdy bliss at just about every booth. There were so many things to take pics of but too many people so I didn’t get as many as I’d like. But you can always search the PAXSouth hashtag on insta and see everyone’s posts!

Several indie games and clothing boots were just everywhere, Filthy Casual included and I wanted to buy it all! You wouldn’t believe how many dice rollers and wooden display boxes I came close to buying. Over half the exhibition hall for table top games was Magic: the Gathering stuff, I only recently began playing and therefore didn’t know the value of half the stuff I passed over. Don’t worry, a few friends lectured me big time for this and I wore my shame proudly.

In the end I made out with three shirts and a new Astro Headset with money left to spare. But can we just take a minute to melt into little puddles over how cute these little BIOWARE plushies are??? You can find them here at I will be buying several in the VERY near future.

I did however meet the coolest cosplayer EVERRRR. Jay Justice is a fellow spoonie warrior and seriously one of the most inspiring people I know. She’ll be the guest of honor at Havencon so you should definitely go give her some love. She makes the cutest little draw string bags too. I may have bought one, for a froend of course.

And to top it off, she and dressed in the same fandoms on the same days! Saturday we wore Dragon Age ans Sundaw we wore Mass Effect. It wasnt planned I swear. She adopted me as her sister and we are now linked across fandoms for ever more.

I attended her cosplay panel Sunday and she flew in on her scooter in full N7 armor making a grand entrance worthy of her rank. Talk about life goals people 👍🏻

So, aside from thr amazing shopping and people that I met, there were loads of other fun things too. The entire second floor was littered with beanie bags for lounging with your hand held devices. There was even a console room and a vintage arcade! Oh, and lets not forget the jam space ans dance stage. All in all, it was an experience and I will be better prepared for next year.

I didn’t do a costest with my Lavellan before so some things didn’t work out or look as planned. But I will know better next time!

Ive had a week to recover and its back to the real world now. Anita and I are finally moving into an apartment, so there are many, many things in the works. Possible a vlog channel where I will broadcast my cosplay mishaps and build processes along with more game streams and cosplay sets.

I’ll be doing a review post on my A-10’s by Astro here soon so, be on the lookout. You guys know how attached I am to my SkullCandy’s so this is kind of a big deal.

I’ll see you guys on the flip side.




No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk

Ok, we were laughing not crying. Well, I was crying–but only because it hurt to laugh as hard as we did.

As you (may or may not) know, I’m a barista and I FUCKING love it. Completely tossed my degree out the window for chocolate covered happiness for the time being. No, I’m serious. I’m always covered in chocolate.

As horrible as today was, all we could do was laugh. K spilled milk every where, twice, we ran out of milk (not because K spilled it though) and I had a screaming match with our chocolate pump. And coincidentally it did scream back, or more like exploded back.

Let me explain.

For several days now, the nozzle on our chocolate jug has been spurting or not spurting at all. It doesn’t just come out like it’s comrades, Caramel, White Chocolate and Pumpkin Spice. Sugar Free Mocha doesn’t come out hardly at all, but no one uses him so no one cares what he does or does not do. No, Dark Chocolate had to rip its little rubber piece and begin to squirt his contents out like a clogged water hose. You know how it comes out two ways, and goes everywhere but where it shouldn’t? Yeah, he’s been doing that for days. But today, Dark Chocolate decided to spurt three ways then cease to spurt at all despite the fact that he had just been refilled. Dark Chocolate also has a tendency to hoard Chocolate around the top half of the jug instead of falling to the bottom like any other chocolate hug would do. I tried to blame the cold weather, but I think he just has an attitude problem.

Dirty words in Klingon were said.

So K and I replaced his pump. Mind you, we forgot the spring so there was no was no spurting for a good twenty minutes while we pondered what we forgot. But once we put the spring in, he began to spurt like normal for all of ten minutes. Yay us.

By this time I had refilled him again so naturally, being the queen of messes (among other things) I was covered in chocolate–again.

Then the mid day rush hits.

We run out of milk. I tell a manager. I get yelled to. So I run away and start giving skinny lattes to everyone. (America could stand to loose an extra pound or two, no?) I’m wearing my trusty N7 pin on my apron–I GOT THIS!

That is until K knocks over our LAST cup of fat free milk and douses my super cute grey suede boots.

This is where the laughing till we cry part happens. I wish I had a picture of K’s sad, sad face as he watched our last cup of milk spread across the tiled floor.

It’s insanely busy. We’re out of milk, I’m covered in chocolate and now fat free milk and K is wearing an inappropriate deer bow tie. (Two deers humping each other under Xmas trees. Icing on the fucking cake right there my friends.)

We switch to half n half. Who doesn’t love extra creamy Hot Chocolates?

My wet hands dive into the espresso bag in a desperate attempt to pull four shots at once. Now there are espresso grinds every where. I spill bits of hot coffee on my fingers. Run out of red sprinkles for our Unicorn Special and make all the little children cry. (Not really.)

Then a steam pitcher jumps from K’s hand, does a nose dive to the floor and douses my boots–yet again–in dairy products.

So much for vegan shoes.

We laugh more. A manager comes over to see what the commotion is about. More laughing happens as K begins to frantically mop up his spilled milk so that B can’t see the seven health code violations behind the counter. (Having spray sanitiser solution on the counter is a violation btw, but were rebels.)

We then spend the next hour sliding through the cafe, entertaining our guests as they order coffee and receive a free comedy show.

Never ever a dull moment at work these days, especially when K and I are on the same shift.

Happy Boxing Day everyone. May next year be calmer.

Jk. If my life was calm I’d be in a coma.



The Cosplay Whip

As some of you may know, I’ve recently begun to cosplay seriously. My next major con is PAX south and the cosplay crunch has begun. What’s worse… the Christmas Crunch has begun as well. I still have my day jobs because I’m a workaholic and am deathly loyal to my companies. Quitting is not an option. I need help.

It’s been a whirlwind since my sewing machine broke, the holiday hours began and not to mention Anita and I are still apartment hunting. One day, ONE DAY, we will find the perfect complex with a bottom floor, two bedroom, two bath suite that is kitty friendly. One day I tell you!

Moving on.

I still have several posts about Fan Days to post, but I haven’t received all the pictures I requested back or permission to feature some people in the post. You know me, miss pre law has to do things the right way. Also, did I mention the Cosplay crunch?

Some changes have been made to the PAX line up since the sewing machine fiasco. It’s stopped picking up the bottom thread, and the top thread tangles up and it’s just one big mess. I have one more place to take it for repairs before I toss it and invest in a new one. Who needs finger tips anyways? #handsewing

One thing I did want to talk about was why I began cosplaying. I guess I’ve always been doing it to a point. I was in Theater in both middle and high school working on sets and in the costume department. I learned makeup techniques and how to sew 30 BUSTLES IN ONE WEEK. Lots of blood and tears went into Tom

Jones, let me tell you. I was that kid in the Ewok suit with a stuffed Ton-Ton at every Star Wars premier, I was alive for, my Halloween costumes were always pop culture related and I lived in my pink power ranger suit for three years. But once I got to high school and people began to tease me for it, I let that part of my life slip away. Until I got to college that is. Being an adult means no one can tell you not to spend your entire pay check on con tickets or a Wookiee onesie. And being a college student means certainly no one will judge you for wearing said onesie to study sessions in the library.

I’ve had some set backs with my RA and Lupus recently that resulted in me being unable to work for two months, and during those two months Anita refused to let me sit around.

I found that crafting helped me keep my mind focused but was also relaxing and even helped keep my hands limber and loose. Sometimes is extremely hard, but that feeling when you finish something–even if it’s not what you imagined–is a great feeling.

I modelled some costumes for a few friends, reconnected with my old Theater teacher and even helped my sisters Theater group make some last minute costumes for a production. The more time I spent doing something I loved and seeing how positively people reacted to my work was exhilarating. It made me realise that I had been compromising for the last two years, picking a profession I was good at and that paid well, but wasn’t exciting enough for me.

Cosplay can (and will) take me back to the UK, back to my home town for a con and even to Japan and Bangkok to see Mulan! (Remember my friends who picked princess code names? Well M went home last summer and invited me to her home for a week! There’s an anime gathering in the area around the same time too! (Anyone wanna teach me Thai?) If it happens at all.

I’ve made so many new friends in just the last few months that I know will be long lasting friendships for life! I’m planning on doing a group cosplay with three other cosplayers next year for Akon (keep your fingers crossed) and even flying back to London for a Doctor Who gathering! None of this would have been possible if I didn’t believe in my self, my skills and commit to something I loved. I love to talk to people, make friends, make costumes and travel.

I’ve even received offers for game sponsorships on my twitch page (which has three followers at the moment) from some friends I made at a RPG shop. I’m even the official DM for a D&D campaign that meets in my cafe.

All the things I got teased in high school for loving are going to take me everywhere I’ve ever wanted to go. It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be painful, but I’m in for the long haul.

Since making this decision even my doctors have noticed I’m different. They were able to cut back on my methotrexate (which was making me incredibly nauseous and I was loosing too much weight) and I’m happy to say I’m stable and eating two squares a day. I tend to skip breakfast (mostly because I over sleep) but being able to keep my family’s cooking down for the holidays will certainly be a good thing, no?

I’ve rattled on long enough. I just wanted you all to know I’m the opposite of dead. I am very much alive and even though I spend a lot of time crying, I’m sleep deprived and over caffeinated (I’m a barista, what do you expect?), I’m happy, stable and on the road to healthy. Even made a friend who’s a physical trainer and he designed me a bar workout regimen to get my abs back and maybe even get me dancing again!

The morale of this story is: do. what you love. Make friends and make it happen for yourself. You deserve to be happy. Having a chronic illness doesn’t make you any less of a person, in fact I believe this makes you more of a person. You are a warrior. Fight for yourself. And fight for your life.

As always



Cosplay and Car Shopping

Hey my loves! I’ve been super quiet on just about all social media except for Insta because well… it’s insta.

But I have some VERY exciting news!! I went to Fan Days (and yes I’ll put up a Fan Days Post) and met some of the most amazing people EVER! It was a crunch to finish Anita’s costumes intime but we did it!

As spoonies, it took us considerably longer than it should have, but that’s just because we kept having to take breaks. Also, my sewing machine is in storage in preparation for the big move so we hand sewed EVERY THING.

I did a lot of fun things in preparation for Fan Days, like a photo shoot for a Fairy Tail Cosplay, and marketed with some friends boots for exposure. But I cannot tell you how excited I am that I made these new friends!

I met several people from The Dark Empire and The Rogue Gambit Squad, and even a few Troopers from the 501st! Basically, once I finish a few costumes, I’ll officially be apart of the Dark Empire Cosplay Group! You should totes go check them out. They do volunteer appearances at all sorts of places and instead of payment they encourage donations to charity!

All my Jedi’s from KOTOR and every Star Wars game I’ve played are grey, and Bastila may have went dark side each time. I’ve been working on a few Jedi projects and now I’m even more motivated to finish them!

I also met some people who make armor from different kinds of foam and they are willing to help me create N7 armor that is Spoonie approved!! I also am trying to create Inquisition armor for my DA:O characters.

I had planned on going to Wizard World but unfortunately I can no longer afford to go because…. I BOUGHT A CAR!

That’s right, Kat finally ditched Ollie for Amelia, her brand new Hyndai Accent Hatchback. Ollie was handed down to K (my sister) and I now have a car and insurance payment to make on my measly part time salary. Which is totes ok with me because as soon as I get to officially move, I’ll have a much better paying job where I can sit behind a desk and write to my hearts content.

As much as I wanted to be at Wizard World it’s just not possible. I’m fighting a nasty inner ear infection and with the weather changing my joints are very unhappy right now. There is also some scheduling conflicts. I’m hosting a few D&D events at a local bookstore in November and I already ditched one for Fan Days.

I think the biggest thing for me right now is finding time and energy to write. It’s so much easier to game or to sew/paint than it is to write well. The logic of that evades me but that’s just how it is. When I get home from work, which every job (I have many), I’m so utterly exhausted I collapse on the living room floor and either boot up Nero (the PS3) or pull out a project and start painting or sewing. I’ve made some serious ME pistols from nerf guns lately. They’re amazeballs and I’m I’m very proud of myself.

I’d like to start selling projects on patreon or etsy soon, it’s become a hobby and I just have boxes of things I made or painted that I’m never going to actually use. Also, I’ve been thinking about starting a patreon once my cosplay portfolio is finished. What do you think?

I don’t have a personal domain just yet, but I’ve been thinking about it. And all these other cosplayers have a patreon to help fun costumes. I think it would be fun!

I’ve got several fun costumes planned for Christmas Time and for PAX South in January. So I guess time will tell!!

I love you guys, even though I neglect my blog a lot. You can always catch me on insta! And feel free to DM me any time to chat about costumes, prints, games or whatever! @perfectly_wilde

As always,



All The Things!

So, a little info about the last few months.

I got a clean bill if health from my Rheum and not a week later I caught this stomach virus from one of my sisters and I was sicker than a dog. In and out of the hospital for a little over a week and it took nearly two weeks to recover.

Then I started a new job and I absolutely love it. I love it so much I hang out there even when I’m off the clock. It’s a book store, and I’m a barista so it’s the perfect place to blog but I always end up reading instead.

On top of all of that, Fan Days is fast approaching and started working on three cosplays. Re-vamped my Star Trek cosplay, and started on two Fairy Tail cosplays because I fell down the rabbit hole and I was consumed by Anime feels. I mean… can we just talk about the music for a second? It’s like rock meets Irish step dance with fire and swords. I can’t even half the time. Just this morning I was re watching the Grand Magic Games arc and well… THAT NEW THEME IS JUST SO AMAZING. Someone deserves a muffin basket for all their hard work.

So, I got with some buddies who make weapons, was sent an Erza sword and it BROKE with no time to repair before Fan Days! So moved on to plan B and I’m gender bending my Favourite character, any guesses as to who it is??? Hint: it’s not Natsu or Grey.

Which all is well because I can’t make the first day of Fan Days anyways. *sigh*

But I will officially be at the Dallas Fan Days hanging around a couple of booths, live streaming and MUCH more. So come see me if you’re in Dallas on the 21st or 22nd!

Speaking of live streaming… APOLLO LIIIVVVEEESSS! He got his C drive wiped, a fresh operating system and a few upgrades including a new raid card in preparation for the AMD vega(when the price drops to a reasonable price). Also, I’ve been told by several people that I should stream on Twitch, so I officially have a twitch account! It’s the same as my insta but I’ll be sure to link it down below!

For those of you who don’t know what Twitch is, it’s basically social media for the nerds where we live stream all sorts of things like gaming, music and all other artsy things. I’m in the process of packing and moving so I don’t have my webcam set up yet but after a few days of tweaking OBS, I have all the kinks worked out and a fresh new play through of ME3 ready to go! I don’t really have tips or tricks, just super hilarious commentary. Eventually I want to game with other people as well but I’m not into mine craft or League of Legends so maybe I’ll wait for Anthem before I figure out how to play nice with others.

I got kicked out of my fleet on Star Trek online because friendly fire isn’t always friendly. In the words of dear Dorian “friendly fire doesn’t always mean what you think it means.” But in my Defense my comrades weren’t following the plan and being dumb… I prefer BIOWARE games anyways.

I’ll stream the Witcher and Andromeda to so have no fear, I do play other games, I just have my favourites. I may not be as famous as some other cosplayers and Twitch streamers but I think I’m funny, maybe you will to.

I promise to blog more, I have tons of spoonie outfit hacks to post I just haven’t gotten around to it. I have a bit more free time now that things are slowing down for the holidays so I’ll get back into the swing of things, I promise!

I love you all so so much. Never ever change and love who you are!


Kat ❤️

Here’s my Twitch!

The Flare Up Blues

So, I’ve been absent–but I’ve always been spotty about blogging. Seriously, I’m the worst blogger ever. And I own it. 

But it’s been different lately, and not in a good way. For a while I was happy, in a good mood, not in too much pain, I even went back to work! But I’ve been having this month long flare and it just keeps getting worse. I don’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t even game. I’ve been at work sitting in pain or at home lying in pain. 

I’m not one to complain but I’m scared and confused. First off, I don’t know when I should call a doctor, I don’t even know which doctor to go to! Internist? Rheumatologist? Physical Therapist? Neurologist? I have so many and I don’t even know if they can help me.  I’ve been dying to go back on infusions but I don’t wanna be dependent on them. I’ve been exircising, walking, stretching, going to pool therapy and water aerobics (in moderation of course) but it’s not getting any better. We even doubled all my meds and nothing. If anything it’s worse. 

I’m still in a good mood of course, that’s in my nature when I’m around friends and family but I’m tired.

I’m well aware this is common and a million Spoonie’s every where deal with this… but it’s fucking hard! I’ve put a hold on everything for now because I just can’t do it. I still have to work so it’s gonna be a long couple of weeks. Plus with the hurricane bringing rain in I doubt I’ll have any relief. Had to have help getting dressed this morning. It’s a big kick in the but when you have trouble doing even the littlest things. 

I’ll be ok. I’m always ok. I always have a smile and I’ll never give up. Just promise me you’ll never give up, ok? Well fight for us together. (That was totally a Skillet quote.) 

I love you all 



Courage, Water Aerobics and Victory Treats 

So, it’s been a minute. But I’ve had a lot on my mind and a lot to do so blogging hasn’t been something I could focus on lately. I’ve been apartment hunting with Anita, working, and trying out some new pain management routines. 

I’ve sort of hit rock bottom when it comes to RA. I’m not on any pain meds for RA or fibro and my entire body is just so exhausted and in pain no matter what I do. I’ve been trying to walk, stretch, do yoga at home and just be active but my legs and hips are just like… nope. My back has always been a problem so I’m used to it but when everything hurts all at once it just flat out sucks. 

I had a very exciting week though. Anita and I may have found an apartment, I house sat my friends kitties, went to a conference for work and then journied to see Queenie so that we could attempt Macaroons once more. It is my goal to have tea parties with Anita on Sundays and Macaroons are a MUST for tea parties. They didn’t turn out quite like we had hoped but they’re way better than our first attempt. 

I’ll be posting a blog post about that next week. 

But today I just wanted to brag on myself a little. I finally got up and out to the Life Center and signed up for the water aerobics classes! It’s only 5 dollars a class and I don’t have to pay for the gym membership! I’m super happy about that.

 I’ve been having some anxiety because my pain levels have sky rocketed in the last few weeks and I can’t commit to a gym membership because I can’t work out every week. Even if I could, using gym machines is painful. I’ve tried. Yoga is hard enough. My doctor says water aerobics is a good alternative and it’s soothing for joints and muscles. So hopefully this will be a good step for me. I’m also looking into massage therapy for my back and shoulders. 

I also have anxiety about going into new places because I always get lost and don’t know anyone or where anything is. So this being a gym plus a new place really freaked me out. But I managed and I’m very proud of myself! I’m not ashamed of my anxiety because when I pluck up the courage to do something that makes me anxious I always feel very…powerful afterwords. Overcoming a fear or anxiety no matter how small is a big thing for anyone. 

It’s important to recognise even the smallest of triumphs especially when living with a chronic illness. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called lazy or been given a weird look when I get excited about getting out of bed on time, wearing a bra for a full eight hour work day, or not passing out in the shower(or on a walk). But these are big things for spoonies, so I always smile and pat myself on the back when I accomplish anything. It’s all part of my self care routine. Sometimes I have to bribe myself, but I try extra hard to not push myself or be to hard on myself. This morning I told myself I could have one of my Almond Milk protein boxes as a treat if I got up and filled out the paper work at the Life Center. Last week I bough powdered donuts because I successfully cleaned my whole apartment instead of playing video games. Spoonies gotta do what a Spoonie’s gotta do. Bribery works, sometimes…. 

As Anita and I move I’ll have to find new doctors and facilities, but knowing that I’ve overcome the fear once helps me overcome it again. I actually have to break the news to my rheumatologist in two weeks–that will definitely be blog post worthy. 

Enjoy your weekend WileKats! Be spontaneous, be safe and most of all be Wild!