All The Things!

So, a little info about the last few months.

I got a clean bill if health from my Rheum and not a week later I caught this stomach virus from one of my sisters and I was sicker than a dog. In and out of the hospital for a little over a week and it took nearly two weeks to recover.

Then I started a new job and I absolutely love it. I love it so much I hang out there even when I’m off the clock. It’s a book store, and I’m a barista so it’s the perfect place to blog but I always end up reading instead.

On top of all of that, Fan Days is fast approaching and started working on three cosplays. Re-vamped my Star Trek cosplay, and started on two Fairy Tail cosplays because I fell down the rabbit hole and I was consumed by Anime feels. I mean… can we just talk about the music for a second? It’s like rock meets Irish step dance with fire and swords. I can’t even half the time. Just this morning I was re watching the Grand Magic Games arc and well… THAT NEW THEME IS JUST SO AMAZING. Someone deserves a muffin basket for all their hard work.

So, I got with some buddies who make weapons, was sent an Erza sword and it BROKE with no time to repair before Fan Days! So moved on to plan B and I’m gender bending my Favourite character, any guesses as to who it is??? Hint: it’s not Natsu or Grey.

Which all is well because I can’t make the first day of Fan Days anyways. *sigh*

But I will officially be at the Dallas Fan Days hanging around a couple of booths, live streaming and MUCH more. So come see me if you’re in Dallas on the 21st or 22nd!

Speaking of live streaming… APOLLO LIIIVVVEEESSS! He got his C drive wiped, a fresh operating system and a few upgrades including a new raid card in preparation for the AMD vega(when the price drops to a reasonable price). Also, I’ve been told by several people that I should stream on Twitch, so I officially have a twitch account! It’s the same as my insta but I’ll be sure to link it down below!

For those of you who don’t know what Twitch is, it’s basically social media for the nerds where we live stream all sorts of things like gaming, music and all other artsy things. I’m in the process of packing and moving so I don’t have my webcam set up yet but after a few days of tweaking OBS, I have all the kinks worked out and a fresh new play through of ME3 ready to go! I don’t really have tips or tricks, just super hilarious commentary. Eventually I want to game with other people as well but I’m not into mine craft or League of Legends so maybe I’ll wait for Anthem before I figure out how to play nice with others.

I got kicked out of my fleet on Star Trek online because friendly fire isn’t always friendly. In the words of dear Dorian “friendly fire doesn’t always mean what you think it means.” But in my Defense my comrades weren’t following the plan and being dumb… I prefer BIOWARE games anyways.

I’ll stream the Witcher and Andromeda to so have no fear, I do play other games, I just have my favourites. I may not be as famous as some other cosplayers and Twitch streamers but I think I’m funny, maybe you will to.

I promise to blog more, I have tons of spoonie outfit hacks to post I just haven’t gotten around to it. I have a bit more free time now that things are slowing down for the holidays so I’ll get back into the swing of things, I promise!

I love you all so so much. Never ever change and love who you are!


Kat ❤️

Here’s my Twitch!


The Flare Up Blues

So, I’ve been absent–but I’ve always been spotty about blogging. Seriously, I’m the worst blogger ever. And I own it. 

But it’s been different lately, and not in a good way. For a while I was happy, in a good mood, not in too much pain, I even went back to work! But I’ve been having this month long flare and it just keeps getting worse. I don’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t even game. I’ve been at work sitting in pain or at home lying in pain. 

I’m not one to complain but I’m scared and confused. First off, I don’t know when I should call a doctor, I don’t even know which doctor to go to! Internist? Rheumatologist? Physical Therapist? Neurologist? I have so many and I don’t even know if they can help me.  I’ve been dying to go back on infusions but I don’t wanna be dependent on them. I’ve been exircising, walking, stretching, going to pool therapy and water aerobics (in moderation of course) but it’s not getting any better. We even doubled all my meds and nothing. If anything it’s worse. 

I’m still in a good mood of course, that’s in my nature when I’m around friends and family but I’m tired.

I’m well aware this is common and a million Spoonie’s every where deal with this… but it’s fucking hard! I’ve put a hold on everything for now because I just can’t do it. I still have to work so it’s gonna be a long couple of weeks. Plus with the hurricane bringing rain in I doubt I’ll have any relief. Had to have help getting dressed this morning. It’s a big kick in the but when you have trouble doing even the littlest things. 

I’ll be ok. I’m always ok. I always have a smile and I’ll never give up. Just promise me you’ll never give up, ok? Well fight for us together. (That was totally a Skillet quote.) 

I love you all 



Courage, Water Aerobics and Victory Treats 

So, it’s been a minute. But I’ve had a lot on my mind and a lot to do so blogging hasn’t been something I could focus on lately. I’ve been apartment hunting with Anita, working, and trying out some new pain management routines. 

I’ve sort of hit rock bottom when it comes to RA. I’m not on any pain meds for RA or fibro and my entire body is just so exhausted and in pain no matter what I do. I’ve been trying to walk, stretch, do yoga at home and just be active but my legs and hips are just like… nope. My back has always been a problem so I’m used to it but when everything hurts all at once it just flat out sucks. 

I had a very exciting week though. Anita and I may have found an apartment, I house sat my friends kitties, went to a conference for work and then journied to see Queenie so that we could attempt Macaroons once more. It is my goal to have tea parties with Anita on Sundays and Macaroons are a MUST for tea parties. They didn’t turn out quite like we had hoped but they’re way better than our first attempt. 

I’ll be posting a blog post about that next week. 

But today I just wanted to brag on myself a little. I finally got up and out to the Life Center and signed up for the water aerobics classes! It’s only 5 dollars a class and I don’t have to pay for the gym membership! I’m super happy about that.

 I’ve been having some anxiety because my pain levels have sky rocketed in the last few weeks and I can’t commit to a gym membership because I can’t work out every week. Even if I could, using gym machines is painful. I’ve tried. Yoga is hard enough. My doctor says water aerobics is a good alternative and it’s soothing for joints and muscles. So hopefully this will be a good step for me. I’m also looking into massage therapy for my back and shoulders. 

I also have anxiety about going into new places because I always get lost and don’t know anyone or where anything is. So this being a gym plus a new place really freaked me out. But I managed and I’m very proud of myself! I’m not ashamed of my anxiety because when I pluck up the courage to do something that makes me anxious I always feel very…powerful afterwords. Overcoming a fear or anxiety no matter how small is a big thing for anyone. 

It’s important to recognise even the smallest of triumphs especially when living with a chronic illness. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called lazy or been given a weird look when I get excited about getting out of bed on time, wearing a bra for a full eight hour work day, or not passing out in the shower(or on a walk). But these are big things for spoonies, so I always smile and pat myself on the back when I accomplish anything. It’s all part of my self care routine. Sometimes I have to bribe myself, but I try extra hard to not push myself or be to hard on myself. This morning I told myself I could have one of my Almond Milk protein boxes as a treat if I got up and filled out the paper work at the Life Center. Last week I bough powdered donuts because I successfully cleaned my whole apartment instead of playing video games. Spoonies gotta do what a Spoonie’s gotta do. Bribery works, sometimes…. 

As Anita and I move I’ll have to find new doctors and facilities, but knowing that I’ve overcome the fear once helps me overcome it again. I actually have to break the news to my rheumatologist in two weeks–that will definitely be blog post worthy. 

Enjoy your weekend WileKats! Be spontaneous, be safe and most of all be Wild! 



My Chronic Emergency Kit

If you have a chronic illness then you know what it’s like to be out and about, at a family gathering, or be at work and then BAHM your doubling over, writhing in pain or dizzy AF.  I’ve been there. I live a busy life that I refuse to give up. I’m constantly at cons, conventions, weddings, out with friends or with family. Im hardly ever at home, and when I am I’m usually binge watching or playing video games. The symptoms can be a real pain sometimes, not to mention a huge inconvience. When a flare hits out of no where I keep a few things on me to help me cope until I get home. 

Since its summer time and the next few weeks are going to be pretty busy I thought this was an appropriate topic. 

I don’t keep everything in a fancy hello kitty bag like my friend Gem does, but the bag doesn’t matter it’s what’s inside that counts. I keep an array of things in my emergency kit, and when I list them all you’ll probably be thinking ‘Kat, is all of that necessary? Carrying that much stuff is mental!” But yes, it is necessary. I never know where I’m going to be or what sort of symptoms I’ll have. Lupus is called the imitator disease, fibro is more than just a pain disorder and with RA comes fatigue. I have skin issues sometimes, dietary issues, random pain, I get dizzy, shaky, nauseous, and brain fog is my worst enemy. The things I carry are helpful medical wise but also comforting. I’m that girl who carries a small stuffed animal at all times when I’m by myself because I get panic attacks and I need something to cuddle. Everything you carry should be tailored to what helps you physically and mentally. 

For starters I carry bottles water, the small ones in case I need to swallow an emergency pill or something. I also keep fruit snacks in my purse, or crackers depending on where I’m going. Having a snack on hand can help blood sugar issues or keep you from being nauseous if you have to take meds that require being taken with food. I also keep benedryl, OTC pain, nausea and motion sickness meds in a small plastic baggy. Aside from basic spoonie essentials here’s a list of other items I keep on hand. 

  • Lavender oil- calming essential oil 
  • Peppermint oil- energizing and good for headaches/migraines
  • Small toothbrush and toothpaste in case of unplanned vomiting
  • Cocoa or shea butter
  • Sunscreen
  • Perfume
  • Sunglasses
  • Chapstick (or Vaseline. Vaseline has MANY uses) 
  • Wipes
  • Makeup wipes
  • Banana bag Oral Solution packets(here’s the link, these things are a LIFE SAVER) 
  • Gum (peppermint always)
  • One dose of each medicine in case I have to stay overnight unexpectedly in the hospital, a family member or a friends house. 
  • Extra hair ties
  • Humbled extracts pain butter? It may be calssified as a cream. Who knows. Their amazing, but icy hot or Bengay works too
  • Icy hot roller stick with lidocaine. 
  • Deodorant 
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Small stuffed turtle/hippo (I change them out. But their basically beanie babies incase of panic attacks)

There’s probably more to that list that I’m forgetting, I told you, I carry A LOT of stuff. But I have too. I even keep a change of comfy clothes in my car. I just know how unpredictable life is, and how unpredictable my body is. I hate having to rely on others so I come prepared to EVERYTHING for any situation. I’ve always been the girl to have bobby pins, safety pins, double sided fashion tape, or extra everything because when I was in high school I would always forget something when I went on a trip. Now, I bring loads of small things so that I’m prepared for anything. 

I keep it all in a small clear plastic airline toiletries bag, most of what I carry is travel sized so it fits just fine. It’s a bit snug but better safe than sorry right?? I’m usually wearing my psi bands, but if I’m not then I toss them in my purse/bag; the same goes for all my braces. I have one for both knees and both wrists. On particularly hot days I swap my water out for pedialyte or Gatorade. 

You may not need all of this, maybe you’ll just benefit from emergency meds, an extra dose of every day meds, gum, and a snack. Or maybe you carry something I don’t! I’d love to hear what all my spoonie buddies keep on them in case of emergency flare ups!! But whatever you carry, it should be based on your needs and your preferences. Anita only carries meds and snacks where Elsa keeps her daily meds and a notebook on her. Everyone is different, everyone’s illness is different. I will say that carrying an emergency/survival kit no matter what your illness is a smart move. Even just keeping a slip of paper in your pocket or I’m a medical bracelet/necklace to let them know you have an illness, allergies or are on specific meds is a good idea in case of the worst case scenario. You never know what will happen and I feel less anxious leaving my house every day knowing I’m prepared and have contingency plans upon contingency plans. 

If you have any ideas, suggestions or carry something bizarre coment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Have a great weekend my WildeKats! 



The Blue Sky Tag

Happy Hump-day Wildekats!!

Shout out to Sydney Rose for tagging me! Please, please, please go check out her blog!

I’ve never done a tag before, so this will be interesting to say the least. I have a lot of fun things planned for the next two weeks, a wedding, some exciting new blog topics, and my crytpicon adventure! I’ve never gone out of state for a convention before, I was living in Arizona when I went to the Phoenix Comic Con and I always get nominated for things in state so I don’t have to travel very far from my small Texas town. Crypticon is quite smaller than other cons but I’m so excited to participate. I also haven’t done my Black Canary Cosplay since High School *shudders from horrible memories* so it will be fun to revamp an old costume, especially since I’m blonde now!

But back to the tag. I’m not sure how these things go, I’m sure I need to tag other bloggers as well which I will do at the bottom. Sydney gave me ten questions to answer and I will answer them with complete honesty.

  1. What’s your favorite food and why?

    • My favorite food of all time is macaroons! I eat a million other things daily that I couldn’t live without, like tea, biscuits and cereal, but Macaroons steal the top spot all day everyday. When I was in London, I met a guy at borough market who made them from scratch with natural flavors. After a nice chat he conned me into trying this bizarre blue cake thing (I had never had a macaroon before) and it was amaze-balls. I cried it was so good then proceeded to buy two of every flavor. Since then, my mom bought me my own macaroon kit and I make them with Queenie every time we get together. So far Raspberry is my favorite. It’s like a Jammy Dodger in macaroon form. *Le sigh*
  2. Do you have any pets?
    • I did, I had two female twin cats named Von Kitty(Spazz) and Meredith. When I moved for college I was forced to leave them with a friend who has completely stolen their hearts. They are fat and happy and spend their days running around without a care in the world. But have no fear, I visit them once a month and when Anita and I move we are both getting service kittens. I personally want one of those hairless cats, do not ask me why because I will tell you then proceed to melt into a puddle from cuteness overload.
  3. If you had one wish granted, what would it be?
    • Ooooooh, this is a hard one. Hmmm, let me think. I would have to say that if I could have one wish granted it would be for my novel to be published and make it to the top seller list so that I can fulfill my dreams of being a full time author living in a three story terrace in England somewhere with K and my two closest friends. Corny, I know. But England stole my heart and I am working hard every day to make that dream of mine come true. I spent a lot of time exploring London and Cambridge last summer and I couldn’t find one thing I didn’t like. York is pretty neat too, bottom line: I want to live in the UK. That is my one wish, and the best way for me to get there is to sell some books! (At least that’s how I want it to happen.)
  4. How long have you been blogging for?
    • Not too long, about a year now. I started this particular blog my last year of college because one of my classes was amazing in every way and I had to share my experience. Blogging wasn’t something I had considered before then because I felt like I wasn’t interesting enough to blog, but so many people told me to start one, so I did! And now I get to share every adventure with you all!
  5. If you are binge watching a show, what is it?
    • LOL. I think the proper question would be what isn’t Kat binge watching. I’m a spoonie; binge watching isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life. But if you must know I am currently binge watching Arrow, The 100 and Fairy Tail. Yes, all at the same time. This is the reason I don’t get anything done…ever. Anita opened up a world of feels when she introduced me to the anime world, so in order to balance out my feelings I alternate between shows. I just finished The Flash and Supergirl last week. And when I’m feeling down I binge watch Doctor Who or Gossip Girl. Want to know who binge watched all ten seasons of Gossip Girl and Supernatural in less than a month? ME.
  6. What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in life so far?
    • This one is easy: Be kind, accepting, earnest and never settle. My grandmother told me this when I was little. In order to succeed in life you need to be kind, accepting and earnest not just with everything else, but also with yourself. We spend way too much time beating ourselves up over silly little things that we can’t see what’s beautiful about ourselves. You need to not only treat others the way you want to be treated, but to treat yourself that way as well. Being honest about who you are, loving and forgiving yourself for mistakes, faults and hardships is essential for happiness. How can you ever hope to love someone else, or allow someone to love you if you cannot love yourself? Covering up bad feelings or insecurities don’t make them go away. You cannot fool yourself into being happy. Trust me, I know. When I was diagnosed I was in denial for so long, I didn’t want to give up the glamorous life I thought I had even though I wasn’t really happy. Now that I’ve accepted who I am (chronic illnesses and all), I can focus on what matters.
  7. What made you decide to blog?
    • Growing up I was bullied, but I was also a bully. I was always told I wasn’t good enough, not pretty enough, and weird. And sadly I took that out on younger students sometimes. I never verbally abused any one, but I was a gossip and most of the underclassmen were scared of me. High School shaped who I am as a person, and when I made it to college and was surrounded by so many beautiful encouraging people I realized something: I was weird. But that’s what made me beautiful, and that’s what made me good enough to do whatever I wanted. I traveled, tried new things, did what I wanted despite being told I couldn’t or rather shouldn’t. Once I figured out that being true to myself was all it took to have a fulfilling life, I wanted to share it. I wanted to help others, not just fellow spoonies, realize that they are so, so beautiful. It changed me as a person; I still have flaws but I’m better because I accepted them. It breaks my heart to see other people struggling in life, so when my friends kept telling me I should start a blog, I listened. I wanted to do something that could make others smile when they’re sad, write comforting words to those who need to hear them, and prove to everyone who reads this blog that the only person they need to strive to be like in life is themselves.
  8. Who’s you celeb crush?
    • Ariana Grande, hands down. I don’t listen to pop/rap music but she is so darn cute! She also does her own thing, has her own style and owns her mistakes. Her music is seriously catchy too, and I can lip sync battle anytime with her hits and choreography.
  9. Who’s your role model? (can be a celebrity or someone you know)
    • This may sound strange, but I don’t really have one. Growing up I really looked up to Lindsey Stirling and my dad, but now that I’m older I’ve realized that they are just people. They make mistakes, feel pain, have bad days just like I do. I’d rather put the effort I would put into pining to be like somebody else into being the best version of me.
  10. What’s your favorite song on the radio right now?
    • Confession: I don’t listen to the radio unless its Spotify radio. And at the moment my favorite song is Legend by The Score. I’m obsessed with their new album Myths & Legends. Go give it a listen if you like Indie Rock.

That was fun! Okay…now I need to tag other blogs, so here it goes! @annewarkewriter, @meonfocus, and @wherearemypillows–here are your ten questions:

  1. If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
  2. What’s your favorite genre of books or movies?
  3. What are you looking forward to most in the next ten years?
  4. What is something you will NEVER do again?
  5. What dumb accomplishment are you most proud of?
  6. If your childhood had a smell, what would it be?
  7. Among your friends and family, what are you famous for?
  8. When people come to you for help, what to they usually want help with?
  9. What’s your favorite drink?
  10. What fictional place would you most like to visit?

Don’t feel pressured to answer or anything, but I am curious to see your answers if you choose to answer!

Enjoy the rest of your week my lovelies,




Better Late Than Never 

I just realised that it’s Thursday and I didn’t post on Monday. I apologise. A lot has happened this week, I had some job interviews, an article I wrote was published in a local newspaper, my best friend came into town.  Needless to say, I’ve been a little busy. Also Fibrofog has hit me hard this week. But I looked fabulous so who cares right?? 

I found a million reasons to hate the way I looked in this picture. I guess that’s one of the reasons I wasn’t hurrying to write this post. I’ve been forced to do a lot of soul searching this month. Figuring out who I am, what kind of career I want, and most importantly–am I going to let my illness get the better of me. 

I’ve been using my lack of employment and my illness[s] as an excuse not to make up my mind on a lot of things. I’ve enjoyed my impromptu vacation of sorts but I’m bored. And I lack the motivation to do something about it. I kept telling myself that I’m not physically capable of doing what I want. But that is a lie. I may not be right now but I will be. 

The outfit above was purchased in my favourite city: London. Just last year I was prancing down Oxford Street without a care in the world. So much has changed but I am determined to make it back to the UK. 

Everything was bought at H&M in London. Except my bag. I got that in the states recently. I don’t normally carry purses. In light of recent events, I have made some changes to my fashion go-to’s bc medications don’t fit in my collection of small hip bags. 

Have a wonderful weekend my loves. And remember, love who you are ❤️ 



Sea Salt Sprays and the Andromeda Hoodie

Happy Memorial Day! I live in the states so it’s tradition to spend the weekend outdoors poolside and grilling if you can. Which is exactly what Anita and I did. 

I’ve been having some trouble with my anxiety as of late. It’s been harder to control it naturally, my essential oils and calming teas just weren’t cutting it anymore. I talked to my doctor about it but she suggested a new medication that I had been trying to avoid. So my soon to be roommate invited me to spend Memorial Day weekend with her and her family for a much needed weekend getaway. 

I was a little eerie about traveling especially after starting two new medications but I was equipped with my huzi designs infinity pillow, tummy friendly snacks and a brand new playlist courtesy of Spotify. We packed up after my sisters graduation and set out to Anita’s parents house where I was welcomed with open arms. 

I napped in the hammock, played video and board games with her brothers, lounged in the hot tub and slept on this ah-mazing tempurpedic mattress topper that was so soft yet firm. It was pure bliss. 

I spent the whole weekend in my expensive Italian bikini which unfortunately isnt pictured below for obvious reasons but I have been waiting for an opportunity to feature my favourite new hoodie. The sky was pretty cloudy so when we weren’t in the pool or the hot tub I sported my Andromeda Iniative zip up hoodie because I’m a huge nerd. 

Also, since both their pool and hot tub is a salt water system, my hair was in heaven as well. I didn’t have to worry about my new blonde locks turning green from chlorine. I simply sprayed my favourite sea salt spray in and worked some surfers paste through the ends for some perfect carefree beach waves. 

I really love this hoodie because it’s big and roomy but not so big as to where it’s in comfortable and frumpy. Unfortunately ThinkGeek doesn’t make hoodies any smaller than a medium (so I was told at Comic Con) but I’ve always liked my hoodies to be big on me. This one tends to slide down my shoulder so I look like an Ariana Grande wanna be but who cares. Anita’s family has two dogs and a cat so currently it’s covered in pet hair but I feel it adds a certain air of reality to the picture, no? 

As for the Not Your Mothers line, when I was in Phoenix and L.A. I tried everything from Bumble and Bumble to Organix and I just couldn’t find a brand I liked. A friend of mine swears by this line so I tried it and I am never going back. I liked the other brands but I found I constantly had to keep adding salt spray to my hair to keep it wavy then my hair would have a light film of product on it. 

The Not Your Mothers line has a ton of great products that are affordable and of great quality. I’ve since recommended it to my friends and they all love it as well. I have natural surfer waves thanks to my dad and I feel that these products bring out the natural waves beautifully. 

I had a wonderful weekend with Anita’s family and I hope all of you enjoyed your holidays as well. ❤️ 

With love,