Summer Holiday and Wedding Looks

Hello Loves! 

It’s been a long week, but a good one I guess. First the Fourth of July then a wedding and today is my Papa’s birthday so I was up early ready to head to my hometown. 

I thought I would share some of my outfits from this week as an introduction to the post about my ‘Spoonie Emergency Kit’ that gets me through these hot(and cold) Southern days. 

I live in Texas unfortunately, so it’s pretty hot here–and humid. Having to be outside in the sun and the heat is awful in and of its self, add having a few chronic illnesses and you’re practically living a nightmare. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve, and a wardrobe that gets the job done. 

For the Fourth I opted for a crop top, shorts and a flannel. I knew I’d be outside most of the day and unable to lay down anywhere so I wore a crop top that doubles as a bra. Less layers, less sweat. I added a flannel so I’d have something to sit on if I needed to or something to cover my shoulders so I wouldn’t burn. I of course was lathered in baby sunscreen but the sun is brutal. As for my hair, well I’ll let you see for yourself. Enjoy this picture of me and Jar Jar Binks.  

Messy double buns with a red bandana. Oh, and my Star Wars Vans. I kept my makeup minimal, I used BB cream instead of foundation and neutral eyes with water proof mascara. The sun would give my cheeks a nice red tint so I skipped the blush and contoured my cheeks with bronze BB cream instead of my normal contour powder palate. 

After the Fourth it was time to head to San Antonio for Anita’s sisters’ wedding. We were invited to the bachelorette party which was at a gay bar where we enjoyed a drag show and some Karaoke. That night I was a little extra, I don’t get the opportunity to go out much mostly because I prefer to stay in and play video games on a Friday night. 

I will admit the leather skirt was not the best choice as I was sweating my non existent balls off, but damn did I feel fierce. I also wasn’t expecting the bar to be an outside bar. The shirt was a simple chiffon material that I got from a boutique some where, the same place the skirt was purchased. I wore my most comfortable (and my favourite) heels, did my full coverage makeup routine and added some touseled waves then hit the town! I didn’t wear any jewelry because after getting into that skirt and doing a full face of makeup I was lazy. But sometimes no jewelry can look classy too. Look at those roots, someone needs to get back to the beauty salon and get a touch up!! LOL. 

The wedding outfit was my favourite. I don’t usually wear bohemian style clothing, but it was the perfect style for an outdoor summer wedding. 

The skirt I purchased at that same boutique. It’s my absolute favourite! Or it was before it closed down, moved then got renamed. It still has some good pieces but it got a little too country chique for my tastes. The top was another gift I recently acquired, I was originally planning to wear it with some Levi cut offs but it ended up being a nice contrast to the skirt. I wore some nice jewelled sandals to complete the look, my hair was natural and pulled back into a half up fishtail braid and I went for a single gold choker necklace to complete the look. This coral dip hem skirt is one of my favourite pieces, I can style it so many different ways! I usually wear a loose white graphic tee with it to give it an edgy look, or a crop top for a casual summer look. I don’t do lace very often but I’m glad I did this weekend. 

On Wednesday I’ll put up the post about my ‘Spoonie Emergency Kit’ along with some ideas about how to choose what sort of things you should put in yours. 

I hope all of my US readers had a wonderful holiday and that my UK (and everywhere else) babes are enjoying their summers. I hear it’s pretty warm in England–stay cool and drink lots of water!! 




Two Spoonie’s Go To Comic Con 

It’s no secret that I’m a hopeless nerd. And what’s the ultimate goal of a nerd/geek? To make it to comic con! 

Now when I nerd out. I nerd out HARD. I’m talking cosplay, meeting celebs and going to every Q&A I can make it to. I’m also very out going on my good days. So naturally I make loads of friends at these places. This year however, I’m afraid I didn’t go all out like I normally do. With my recent diagnosis I wanted to take it easy. I did dress up but my costumes were pretty laid back compared to my past costumes. I went one year in full eleven armour! 

This year, my friend, and fellow spoonie, Anita and I booked a hotel room in Dallas, stocked up on pedialyte and crackers, packed our bags and drove three and a half hours to Dallas where we had the time of our lives! Sadly some of the celebs we had wanted to see didn’t come out but we made loads of new friends. 

I was surprised at how energetic I was. I was hurting, yes. But I think with everything going on and all the excitement the pain was put on the back burner. We went prepared for the worst. And although the first day I got HORRIBLE blisters on my feet–I was relatively okay. I did have one small panic attack Saturday when I got swept away by a crowd. But I found a quiet corner to decompress in until the crowd thinned. 

So for day two I wrapped up my feet, stuffed them in my standard issue federation boots and pushed on. I went as an original series star ship captain for day two. Then a gender swapped eleventh doctor for day three. I met Jennifer Hale, Hillywood, Alex Kingston and a few pro cosplayers. I spent more time going from booth to booth talking with vendors. I finally found someone to make me a custom corset! It will be reversible so I can use it for two costumes! I also found someone who showed me how to make ME armour from Eva foam. That will be my next project. 

Aside from the major crowd and the feet blisters, Anita and I were please with the Dallas turnout. In past years it’s been disappointing (especially since I’m used to Phoenix and San Diego Cons). 

Here are some pictures of awesome costumes we saw! Maybe even a few of me 😜 

I wish I would have taken more pictures.  But I’m sure you can find loads on the Dallas Fan Expo Website. 

Untill next time my loves 

As always, 



Missing London

This morning I awoke to a brilliant sunny morning and I hated it. Why is the sun ALWAYS out? What ever happened to rainy winters? It’s still fall, but apart of me feels that the sky should be gray just on principle.

I also grabbed my custom London Fog mug I picked up in a pottery shop in Bristol this morning for my tea and I suddenly realized why I was so blue. For months I’ve been talking about going to London, and nothing here (other than my new job) has gone according to plan so I just don’t see why I’m still here. I find myself talking about England all the time, the weather, the people, the food…every thing! I to this day cannot believe that a city captured my heart the way London did. Now, even in Phoenix I feel lost, like I don’t belong.

I’ve been looking at grad programs in the UK but sadly most are research bases and I don’t do research. I’m a hands on learner. So I may have to settle for a US grad program and speed through it and just get a kick ass job in England somewhere. Mulan’s dad tells me that MI6 is hiring (LOL).

Everything about the UK has always fascinated me, and being able to go there and make friends was amazing. I really felt like I fit in there opposed to the country town I live in where everyone runs around in cowboy boots, saggy buckle jeans and a knock off Ralph Lauren shirts. (Seriously, that’s not even attractive at all!) There are many things I love about my home town[s], but sadly none of them felt me. I loved being in Phoenix, but it was too hot. I haven’t tried out Portland, Seattle, Boston or New York for very long but I definitely didn’t get the same vibes from any of those beautiful cities.

I know I ramble on about England a lot, and it’s because my heart aches for it. Yes, my family is here but the only times I remember ever being truly happy was when I was away on my own. When I was in Phoenix last summer, and in LA and then as I traveled in Europe I was, completely, irrecoverably and thoroughly happy. I was independent, walked everywhere, felt safe and I had my phone switched off to save battery for all the pictures I was taking and so it wouldn’t constantly try and use signal for things (international data is expensive!). The tube is dirty-but fantastic and I never ran out of things to do! Even in Phoenix there was always a cafe with live music, an art gallery or bookstore I could go browse. I was never bored. Here, my  problem is that I come home, I bathe, then I watch Netflix/attempt to write then I go to bed. On days off I venture out to do things but I have to drive 45 mins each way.

Let’s face it. I wasn’t meant for the country. I need the city. I need London (or any similar suburb).

Can a single, young royal male read this and whisk me away? I don’t need much… just a small flat and wifi.

JK guys, I’ll get there on my own! There’s plenty of cyber jobs to be found. I may even break down and work for a private company or do forensic accounting. Who knows… the world is at my feet!



I Bought A Tea Pot!!

You all know how obsessed with tea I am, and since I returned to the states from England my obsession has grown! Oh how I miss my college mates in York… I never thought I would find a place I loved more than Seattle and Scottsdale. I always knew I didn’t belong in Texas, but I think the problem is that I don’t belong in the states! #LondonerForever

Any who, the entire time I was in London I searched, and searched, and searched for a damn tea pot and couldn’t find one I liked. I’m really not picky, but I knew what I wanted and after searching every well known antique shop, Harrods, Debenhams and a few shabby tea shops all I found were floral, Chinese or wacky ones. I just wanted a plain colored tea pot that would fit in nicely with the mixed matched tea cup collection I had back home. True, I was really on the look out for the whole set, but I learned quickly that when one says ‘tea set’ they get steered to the children’s section at Hamley’s.

So I of course settled for the toys I found in the seven story toy store, hopped on the tube and called it a day. After that we went to Phantom of the Opera and BBC studios so my tea pot woes were long forgotten. It was only when I returned home that I realized I forgot to buy the one thing I had set aside almost a hundred pounds for!

I trolled the internet for hours, went antique shopping here in the states, even called my grandma in Scottsdale to keep an eye out at the estate sales she loves to attend. Why are there so many cooky tea pots to be found!? Polka dots, ones with Alien heads on the handle, weird blue and green floral designs on china, it was endless! Then one day L took me to The World Market. HOW HAD I NEVER HEARD OF THIS PLACE BEFORE?

They had everything, tea, tea pots, even Jammie Dodgers! (Well, they’re currently out of stock so I’ve been forced to request a care package from my mates in York, but they do carry them!) I finally found a plain white tea pot that has a little tea infuser on the inside for loose leaf tea. I bought a big box of Barry’s tea and some loose leaf Earl Grey and quickly headed over to the canned section for those British beans I fell in love with then rushed to the check out before I found something else I ‘just had to have’. I am so happy with my haul and my tea collection now feels complete. I had a little tea party with my sisters in their new house to celebrate! They love tea just as much as I do and I have plans to buy them their own stash if I decide not to move in with them. (Oh, by the way, my mom offered to let me move in with them so I could save money. Weird, huh?)

I will now be making weekly trips to this wonderland of authentic British food for scone mix and biscuits because I go through them like wild fire! I take them to work and have them with my tea on my breaks. I know, I’m absolutely hopeless but I just can’t help it! Someone gave me a cook book of British and Irish recipes with a home made Jammie Dodger recipe inside and I WILL try it. Any one know how long these things last? Because I bet I could make enough to hold me over until my care package arrives.

Stay tuned for all the evident disasters that are in the not so distant future as I try to bake Jammie Dogers, Shepard’s Pie, various pasties, and other delightful recipes found in the British cookbook. I’ll post pictures of the tea pot when my fancy-schmancy serving tray arrives 🙂

Till next time, my loves.



Sunday Afternoon in Hyde Park 

Today I spent the majority of the day in the park. I started at speakers corner to listen to some classmates give speeches then wandered over to the grassy area to enjoy the sunshine. 

Writers block hit me hard just before I left the states so instead of enjoying the London air I’ve been doing touristy things trying to take my mind off of all the catching up I’ll have to do when I get home. 

But sitting in the park was just amazing. I watched a family play freeze tag, a group of friends play football and I even whitnessed an engagement. I guess the wind blew away whatever thoughts had been taking over my mind because all of a sudden I was overcome with this sense of joy and peace. I finally knew how I was going to finish my novel and I also had some random inspiration for a collective work I’ve been working on with some friends. 

It’s my last day here, and I just wanted to enjoy it. I’m glad I took the time to sit and bask in the sun while it was out. There’s just something about listening to good music in the park with a cup of tea that makes life feel great. I’m awfully sad I’m going home tomorrow. But fear not London, I shall return! 

I do feel awful though, I’ve been getting so wrapped up in whatever else I’ve been doing I haven’t been contacting home. I got a nasty message from my father last night. I don’t think he realizes that I’m exactly like him. He gets so busy, driving from state to state I often have to send him a short text just to make sure he’s alive. I’m extremely independent and already feel like I belong here, so I just sort of forgot I wasn’t at home. I’m not the type to get homesick–I like being out on my own. So I do apologize for not communicating well, even with all of you. I use the lack of wifi as an excuse but I have found myself just sitting in the hotel lobby at night drinking peppermint tea just watching out the window when I could have been writing or phoning home. 

Morning Tea and Croissants 

Hello WildeKats!!

I’m so sad I havent been able to blog or write as much as I wanted to. I finally found this adorable cafe with strong free wifi while I wait on some of my friends to climb St. Pauls Cathedral. The spoonie in me said that was a horrible idea so here I sit with free wifi and morning Tea. 

I just absalutly love London. Any one who knows me knows my heart belongs in the city and it was meant for the U.K. I had a full conversation with this fellow on the underground and he said that he would have never known that I was from the states. I have this uncanny ability to mimick the accents of those around me and I’ve watched enough Doctor Who to sound like a true Brit! That five minute convo convinced me that I need to stay here forever. 

Most of the people I’ve met have been absalutley wonderful, especially the police. I have yet to meet a London Bobbie who wasn’t more than happy to help with directions, give information, or reveal their favorite pub. 

As hard as I have tried to integrate myelf into the London society, I broke down and did all the touristy things as well. The London Eye, the Tower of London, Oxford Street, the British Museum, a Harry Potter Tour including a stop at Platform 9 3/4, Borou Market, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, the Shard… I did it all. LOL.  I also saw Phantom of the Opera Live…It was FANTASTIC in case you were wondering. I also went to the supermarket and bought a crap ton of biscuts to take home. hehe

All in all I’ve had a blast. I absalutley love London. I’ll be back in the states on Monday but dont worry London, I’ll be back!

Jet Lag, Blarney and Radio shows

Hellllooooooo from Ireland! 

We landed in Dublin on Monday and immediately after deboarding the plane were taken on a walking tour of Dublin. Ten jet lagged, starving and grumpy American young adults aren’t the most pleasant group to take on a walking tour of Dublin but we survived!! We started at Trinity College and ended at the Dublin Castle before we hopped on the coach that took us to the hotel in GreyStones. I have taken the liberty of giving nicknames to everyone accompanying me on this trip, as per usual. 

Ireland is beautiful. The journey to Blarney castle was the most unpleasant trip I’ve ever been on but the scenery made it somewhat enjoyable. Not to mention Blarney it’s self was just fascinating. And yes, I did kiss the Blarney Stone and no I didn’t slip on the stairs. The motor coach to Blarney was just awful tho, we left early in the morning and spent four hours getting there because…traffic…, the seats were uncomfortable and we weren’t even allowed to eat or drink. Mullet Man kept making animal noises and remained quite upbeat about the ride, so it wasn’t a completely horrible drive but I guess we’re just so American we get grumpy when things don’t go our way. 

It’s a lot colder than I had anticipated but I came prepared. The wind is what gets to you so if your planning on visiting Ireland bring a beanie or something to keep your ears warm-especially if your staying by the sea. The coffee and tea is just amazing and there’s this cute little Vegitarian restaurant called the Happy Pear that is a MUST. A few of the students jumped off the pier into the ocean because the hostess at our hotel said that it was the only way to get the full GreyStones experience. I stayed happily dry up on the rocks, I refuse to risk pneumonia. 

This morning I was interviewed by a radio station about my college experience and spent the day exploring the town. I even bought rich tea biscuits and a mug from Blarney Castle so I could sit by the window and feel… Well…British. I’ve yet to meet a rude person, save the security personnel at DFW, and the food is amazing. We’ve only just begun our adventure here in Ireland and have a completely free day tomorrow-SHOPPING!-and with only two days left in this beautiful country it’s going to be a bittersweet goodbye. 

In case I don’t get to blog again, the wifi here is pretty spotty, it’s off to England next. And I will be posting pictures as soon as I can. 

I love you all!